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Moisturizing and protecting the desired color: choosing CC cream
Moisturizing and protecting the desired color: choosing CC cream

Moisturizing, protecting, toning, masking imperfections - and this in one tool? Everything is real if it is CC cream. We will tell you why you should buy it and how to choose it.

Moisturizing and protecting the desired color: choosing CC cream

CC-creams appeared on the cosmetic market only in 2010, thus their history goes back hardly 10 years. So little, and at the same time during this time they have been registered in almost every cosmetic bag. And this is quite expected, because hardly any other remedy can mask minor skin imperfections so effectively and at the same time imperceptibly. But the multifunctional CC-cream not only hides, but also moisturizes and protects from the sun - there are so many useful things in one product.

The “ancestor” of CC-cream was BB-cream, which, in general, performs similar functions. What, then, is the difference between BB cream and CC? The main difference between CC-cream is the additional possibility of correcting complexion, from which it got its name. CC stands for color correction or, in some versions, color control. The base of the products is very similar, the difference may be minimal, but CC-cream may contain pigments of several colors, which have a kind of retouching effect - they even out the skin tone and make minor redness or spots of other colors almost invisible.

Of course, if the color swings are strong, the CC cream may not cope with the task, it is intended for light correction, giving the skin a healthy color and radiance. However, CC-cream has no equal in disguising the little things. An added bonus - CC creams are usually quite light and delicate in texture, they do not interfere with the skin's breathing and are generally less comedogenic than “full-fledged” foundations. The CC foundation is well suited for those who prefer nude makeup, naturalness and freshness - it is not noticeable on the face at all, but its effect is visible. Owners of any skin type can use such a cream, since even the densest CC foundation does not clog pores, so there will be no extra pimples or blackheads. On the contrary, many CC creams contain anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Of course, these advantages could not but lead to the fact that CC-creams appeared in the lines of almost all manufacturers - from the most budget segment to the premium class. Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Lumene CC foundation, even chain manufacturers have CC creams - Mary Kay, Faberlic, Giordani Gold from Oriflame. Korean CC-creams are very famous, and this is completely not surprising, because the development of the first means of this type was carried out in South Korea.

All in all, CC Cream really deserves to be on every cosmetic shelf. This is a universal remedy that can restore youthfulness and an even tone to the skin in literally seconds - and for the whole day. And if you have not yet decided which product to buy, we suggest looking at the rating of CC-creams from Cosmo.

Best CC creams: Cosmo's choice

Aravia Protective CC Cream SPF-20

A cream with light sun protection - not for hot, cloudless days, but fine for everyday use. Does not roll, masks minor imperfections well, removes redness, small age spots, moisturizes well. It may not work for oily skin (you need to try it), but it works well for combination skin. Available in two shades.


Holy Land Correcting Cream SPF 50

This cream, on the other hand, is suitable for summer and late spring - it has a very high sun protection factor, so the scorching rays of your skin will hardly be scary. Contains vitamins and antioxidants, nourishes the skin, not only masks fine wrinkles, but also smoothes them. According to reviews, it copes perfectly with its tasks - moisturizing, protecting and toning.

Holy land

Yu.R, face cream correcting

This is a Korean cream, and that says it all - manufacturers from the country - the ancestor of CC-creams have tried to make their products as pleasant to use as possible. Three shades, high SPF protection, comfortable application, many herbal extracts in the composition, including extracts of medicinal plants - with this cream the skin not only looks, but also becomes well-groomed and healthy.


Bourjois CC Cream

Three shades of CC-Cream from Bourjois let everyone find their perfect tone. Manufacturers indicate that this product contains three pigments of different colors, each of which performs its own function - masking or giving the skin freshness. Very economical, does not clog pores.


Payot, CC-cream for the face, soothing, reducing redness

This cream is available in one universal shade that suits both whites and dark-skinned girls, adjusting to different tones. It hides redness well, soothes, does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. For oily skin, you may need an additional base under this CC cream.

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