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Alginate face masks: rating of the best according to Cosmo
Alginate face masks: rating of the best according to Cosmo

What is an alginate mask and is algae really good for the skin? We answer these questions, and also talk about masks that can improve the condition of the skin in a matter of minutes.

Alginate face masks: rating of the best according to Cosmo

Alginate face masks are a separate type of masks based on alginate, a substance obtained from brown algae. The properties of alginate are unique - masks made from it have an instant lifting effect, and in addition, they have all the capabilities of other masks. Cleansing, moisturizing, rejuvenation, whitening - alginate masks can do all of this and, judging by the reviews, not bad. They are suitable for all skin types and can be applied for any problem, making them versatile.

Most often, such masks are used in salons - this is due to the peculiarities of their application, which we will talk about a little later. However, you can easily make an alginate mask at home - it is not as difficult as it might seem, and given how much money you save (in the salon it can turn out to be several times more expensive), some tricks may seem quite insignificant. But the benefits and effects of the alginate mask will surpass all your expectations - you will immediately see how your face will be transformed.

How to use an alginate face mask

The peculiarity of such a mask is that it must be applied very quickly - immediately after you have prepared it, otherwise the mask will dry out in a few minutes and you will not be able to “reanimate” it. Accordingly, all previous care procedures, such as removing makeup and cleansing, must be done in advance, you can also use a tonic or serum in advance, which will further enhance the effect produced by the components of the algae. There are two types of masks - this is either a ready-made gel that can be immediately spread on the face, or a powder. We will answer a few questions that are often asked about alginate masks.

How to dilute an alginate face mask?

If you bought a powder mask, you need to dilute it in water at room temperature (the proportions are usually indicated on the package) and stir thoroughly. Pay attention to the size of the powder particles, if they are small - this is good, the mask is of high quality, if very large - it is worth considering. It is not necessary to dilute the gel.

How to apply an alginate face mask?

There are two key rules at work here:

  1. Apply the mask in a horizontal position. That is, either you yourself lie down and apply it on your face with the help of a mirror, or you arrange a salon at home - you ask someone from your family to help you.
  2. You need to do everything quickly. By "fast" we mean swiftly or lightning fast - in general, so that the mask does not have time to dry, and it does it after five minutes. In an ideal situation, a minute after dissolving the powder or opening the package with the gel, you are already lying and spreading it on yourself.

How much to keep an alginate mask on the face?

Half an hour will be enough. Pay attention: somewhere after half the time, the powder mask will harden and tighten the skin a little. This is normal and will not cause much discomfort. Then you can simply remove it, like a film. If the mask is gel, rinse it off with warm water.

How often to do an alginate face mask?

You should not use alginate masks too often - yes, they are hypoallergenic and harmless, but there must still be some gap so that the skin has time to adapt to the new condition. The optimal frequency is considered to be from one to three times a week.

As you can see, there should not be any real difficulties with such a mask - this procedure can be carried out at home. And to make it easier for you to decide where to start, we have compiled a rating of the best alginate face masks.

Best alginate face masks: Cosmo advises

Aravia Laboratories, Colloidal Gold Alginate Mask

The mask is not simple, but golden - but, fortunately, not in price, but in action. It lifts, and soothes, and makes the skin tone smoother, and protects, and moisturizes, and so on. And the manufacturers also claim that it is specifically designed for skin suffering from stress and poor ecology - it definitely looks like something.

Aravia Laboratories

Beauty Style, modeling alginate lifting mask with milk proteins and collagen

This mask works well with the oval of the face - it lifts and shapes it according to the name. It also increases the immunity of the skin, makes it more resistant to external influences, soft and elastic at the same time. It is recommended to apply in a course of 10-12 procedures.

Beauty style

Anskin, alginate mask for problem skin

This Korean alginate face mask works quickly and efficiently - like most Korean products. It cleanses and smoothes the skin well, making problems less pronounced, including acne and post-acne.


Alginate exfoliating face mask with tea tree extract SKIN NEEDS, "L'ETUAL"

Exfoliates, moisturizes, restores, nourishes and tones - the complex effect of this mask is due to the content of both algae and tea tree oil. Tired during the day, and an important event in the evening - try this mask and you will look great.

L'ETUAL SKIN NEEDS Alginate Exfoliating Facial Mask with Tea Tree Extract

Alginate eye contour mask with collagen, damask rose and hibiscus SKIN NEEDS, "L'ETUAL"

Usually, alginate masks are not recommended to be applied around the eyes, but this mask is an exception. It is specially designed to combat puffiness and circles under the eyes and is an excellent alternative to patches.

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