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Cleansing face toner: 5 options for every day
Cleansing face toner: 5 options for every day

Every woman living in a big city should have a tonic for the face, because somehow it is necessary to cope with constant dust and dirt. We will tell you why you still need a tonic and how to choose it.

Cleansing face toner: 5 options for every day

In everyday life, our facial skin is constantly tested. This is house dust. And dirt from the street, and various harmful fumes and gases, especially if you live or work somewhere near a busy highway. And you shouldn't forget about makeup, of course, even a light daytime make-up clogs the pores and leads to the formation of comedones and blackheads. Perhaps, somewhere in the village, a multi-stage facial treatment procedure is not required, but in the city you cannot do without it - at least everyone needs a facial cleansing, and even those who do not use makeup at all. One of the most important components of this procedure is a facial toner.

What is a face toner for?

The key function of the tonic, in accordance with its name, is to tone the skin, refresh it. In addition, the tonic helps to remove all those impurities that remained after using the cleanser, as well as the remnants of this tool itself - and, of course, prepares the skin for applying the cream. Thanks to the tonic, the cream penetrates deeper into the skin, which means that its components work more effectively, contributing to the healing and refreshing of the skin at the highest possible level. Without a tonic, the cream will work almost only on the surface of the epidermis. In addition, tonics help to bring the acidity of the skin back to normal. Not everyone uses mild cleansers, alkaline, such as soap, are very common, and after them you must definitely use a tonic or lotion, otherwise the skin will have to restore the protective acid layer for a long time on its own.

Now tonics are not only additional cleansing and restoration, they are also a portion of nutrients that the skin is never enough of. With the right choice and application of the toner, the skin condition can improve significantly.

When to use tonic

The place of the tonic in the care is between the cleansing and the cream or make-up base. It is optimal to use it twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. There is no need to wash off the toner: this product does not leave a film, does not clog pores, does not pollute the face, after which our skin remains in the state in which it could be without constant exposure to dirt and dust.

The best facial toners for all occasions: options from Cosmo

The choice of tonic, like any other product, depends on your skin type in the first place. Some tonics are closer to lotions in composition, they contain alcohol, and if you have dry skin, this most likely will not work for you. But the skin prone to problems, the formation of acne, acne, inflammation just needs a deep cleansing tonic containing antiseptics, and the alcohol base will be in place here. Many toners contain beneficial antioxidants that slow down skin aging, herbal extracts and other ingredients that fight infections, moisturize and even tone. In summer, it is better to buy light refreshing tonics, in winter - a slightly denser consistency, which will not only cleanse and refresh, but also moisturize and protect the face from the harmful effects of the weather (and also help the cream do this).

Look at the composition, choose by skin type and action - and you definitely won't be mistaken. Here's what we chose:

Teana, T2 Facial Toner

Ideal for hot weather - instantly refreshes, removes excess sebum, creates a feeling of coolness. Also use it if you are tired after a hard day - it will create a feeling of relaxation, fill the skin with the vitamins it needs.


TM ChocoLatte, Biotonic for the face "Alive"

This is a cleansing toner for problem skin: it heals well wounds, burns, any minor damage to the skin, promotes its regeneration.If you get irritated after epilation or shaving, or have chronic skin damage, this tonic will ease your condition.

TM ChocoLatte

Natura Siberica, Cleansing Facial Toner "Youth Stimulator"

This tool is perhaps the "strongest" in our rating, it washes away almost any makeup, returns a natural even tone to the face, smoothes minor irregularities, stimulates the metabolism inside the skin, which allows it to recover faster.

Natura Siberica

The Body Shop Tea Tree tonic

Tea tree oil has many beneficial properties: it can fight inflammation, stimulate regeneration, and so on. Thanks to him, this cleansing toner is suitable for both oily skin, and for mixed or problematic - all these problems tea tree oil will easily solve.

The body shop

The Body Shop, Aloe tonic

Aloe Vera Purifying Facial Toner helps fight aging, leaving the skin visually younger and softer, it appears firmer, fresher and as if glowing. In addition, aloe heals wounds well, so if you have any microdamages on your face, choose it.

The body shop

Of course, these are not all possible options. There are good cleansing facial toners from Garnier, Avon, and many other brands. The main thing is that the tonic suits your skin type and improves its condition, and which brand will be on its packaging at the same time is not so important.

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