A spoon is a lot! The real story of how to lose 90 kg in 20 months
A spoon is a lot! The real story of how to lose 90 kg in 20 months

It so happens that there are a lot of extra pounds and getting rid of them seems incredible. But everything is possible, our heroine believes, if you start and, if possible, do not go astray.

A spoon is a lot! The real story of how to lose 90 kg in 20 months

“I am 30 years old, I work as a manager in a restaurant. Once, on New Year's Eve, I made a wish - to lose weight - and lost 90 kilograms.

My history

In childhood and adolescence, I already experienced problems with being overweight, again and again tried to get rid of it, but to no avail. My maximum weight is 165 kilograms. Over the years, it began to affect my health: I developed hypertension and several other diseases related to weight.

Two and a half years ago, I decided to lose weight. I really wanted to finally change everything and not give up at the beginning.

I started by counting calories, then I added a strict form of interval eating to that: one large meal a day. Everything took place under the supervision of a doctor, and this method is not suitable for everyone! Intermittent fasting has many different options, and not all are as strict.

I love controlled fasting and the feel of it, but everyone has their own preferences. The keto diet, for example, did not work for me.

What am i eating now

Considering one meal a day, my typical meal looks something like this:

chicken with a lot of vegetables (most of all I like zucchini and potatoes), roll (something like shawarma) with turkey or beef, vegetables and sauce, fruit, something sweet: a protein bar or fruit juice ice cream.

At first it was not easy to fit all the food in one meal, but now I'm used to it, it's so comfortable for me.

My workouts

I started going in for sports after a few months: it was impossible to make many changes in the regime of life at once. At first it was walking and cardio, now I love strength training. I do it 5-6 days a week, but not very long.

What helped me

First, I learned to forgive myself for the breakdowns. If you can't spend a day or two correctly, there is no point in scolding yourself: you need to return to a normal rhythm and continue. After all, life is not only about blindly following rules.

Secondly, I went in for sports, even if I was not in the mood. I know that training brings me closer to my goal, that my friends cheer for me. If I didn’t do anything that I don’t like, I wouldn’t lose weight.

Thirdly, I spent a lot of time studying the properties of different products, and I am happy with my choice. Now you don't need to write anything down. I remember that I was very surprised that a tablespoon of some products is a lot!

I lost weight in 20 months and have kept it for almost a year. It's not easy, but definitely worth the effort. I feel more energetic and certainly much happier than before."

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