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Good for the heart, helps to lose weight: 5 reasons to drink coffee every day
Good for the heart, helps to lose weight: 5 reasons to drink coffee every day

Every day, the inhabitants of the planet drink at least a billion cups of coffee. This drink is the second most popular drink after water. Someone drinks coffee exclusively with milk and sugar, someone - only instant 3 in 1, some connoisseurs buy exclusively grain coffee of certain varieties.

Good for the heart, helps to lose weight: 5 reasons to drink coffee every day

There are really many coffee lovers, but what do we know about this drink? It turns out that coffee is good for the heart, protects against diabetes and helps you lose weight. In general, a real healing drink, and not just a brown liquid that you drink in the morning when you can't wake up.

Good for the brain and improves memory

Coffee improves brain function. Moreover, it causes both a short-term effect, which appears soon after a cup of coffee, and a delayed one, which manifests itself in avid coffee lovers several years later after regular consumption of the drink.

First, let's look at the instant effect: only 100 g of caffeine, which is exactly what a standard cup of coffee contains, noticeably activates the brain. It is scientifically proven to solve problems at work and cope with complex tasks much easier.

Studies involving older people also confirmed the benefits of coffee: people who drank 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day at the age of 30–35 were 65% less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease and dementia after 60.

Helps to shed extra pounds

Caffeine is well known to us as a component of many fat burning cosmetics. But as an ingredient in a drink, it can bring certain benefits to those who lose weight. Scientists have found that caffeinated coffee can speed up metabolism: calories are burned faster and are not stored in strategic areas as fat stores.

But there are limitations. This only works for those who drink coffee occasionally, and are not an avid coffee lover. Those who like to drink coffee cup by cup may develop a kind of "immunity" to the components of the drink, and therefore the "caffeine effect" will be less pronounced.

Improves heart function

The main argument of opponents of coffee is that the drink cannot be considered useful for the heart and blood vessels, since it causes an increase in blood pressure. This is really possible, but not everyone feels the same effect from drinking coffee.

In most cases, the pressure rises by a couple of points, which is not critical and has practically no effect on well-being and health in general. People who drink several cups of coffee a day do not feel any changes at all - their bodies are already accustomed to caffeine, and therefore the pressure from drinking coffee does not change. Scientists have calculated that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of stroke by 20%, by the same amount. and the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in general.

benefits of coffee

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Protects Against Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, the occurrence of which is associated mainly with lifestyle characteristics, and not with a genetic component, is becoming more common. Now it has ceased to be exclusively a disease of people of mature and old age; it is diagnosed in young people, adolescents, even small children.

In this form of diabetes, insulin does not work properly - blood sugar levels do not drop, but remain constantly elevated. Some of the most common health problems that people with diabetes have are amputations, blindness, and heart problems.

Each cup of coffee reduces the risk of developing this form of diabetes by 7%, and experienced coffee lovers who have been drinking at least 4 cups daily for many years are 2 times less likely to develop this disease than those who never drink coffee. …

Fights depression

Depression, a feeling of constant fatigue that does not disappear even after a long rest, severe anxiety and lack of vital energy. These are the symptoms that people who are depressed face.

Coffee can provide invaluable support here too. It turns out that those who drink at least 4 cups of this drink every day are in the group of minimal risk of developing depression - the probability of its occurrence in avid coffee lovers does not exceed 20%. Exactly how coffee works in this case is still unknown, but researchers suggest that it is because of the interaction of caffeine with neurotransmitters that control emotions and mood in general. A similar effect, by the way, can be expected when drinking tea.

How much coffee can you drink per day?

How many cups of coffee a day will benefit, and how much will harm your health. Scientists have no clear answer. It is believed that a person drinks a lot of coffee if he drinks at least 4 cups of drink a day - as we can see, scientists have found many advantages and this approach.

On average, one 200–250 ml cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine. Consuming more than 1000 mg of this energy component daily is still not recommended. This can provoke a rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and seriously disrupt sleep. In this case, there is no need to talk about the benefits of coffee, a drink in such quantities will definitely harm health.

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