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Diet for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks
Diet for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks

Diet for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks depends on your eating habits and rhythm of life. The main thing is to switch to fruits, vegetables and kefir.

Diet for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks

Diet for slimming hips and slimming abdomen can be composed in different ways depending on your preferences and rhythm of life. The main rule is to refuse heavy food in favor of fruits, vegetables and kefir.

Abdomen and hips - problem areas

Fat deposits in the abdomen and thighs are one of the most popular reasons why women go on a diet. A diet for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks is relevant for girls and women of all ages, because due to the peculiarities of our nature, fat deposits are formed in these areas and provoke the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise for slimming hips and abdomen

Losing weight in the hips, abdomen and buttocks is very difficult, and the diet must be accompanied by physical activity. A diet for the abdomen will be effective only in combination with physical activity: twisting a hula hoop and exercising for the press. A diet for the hips should be accompanied by wraps and massage, a diet for the buttocks with strength training (squats and leg bends).

Diet for the belly of the buttocks prohibits …

What are the restrictions on the menu for the hips, buttocks? Of course, losing weight on the belly is impossible without giving up simple carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex according to how they are absorbed by the body. Complex carbohydrates are broken down slowly and provide the body with the energy necessary for active life. Complex carbohydrates are found in cereals, legumes, corn, and coarse pasta.

Simple carbohydrates are broken down almost immediately after consumption and, in the absence of active physical activity, remain in the form of extra centimeters in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Simple carbohydrates are fast food (which is why it satisfies hunger so quickly), wheat flour baked goods, sugar, sweet fruits and, by the way, milk.

The diet for a flat stomach and slimming hips prohibits the use of all of these foods. Milk can be replaced with fermented milk products. This will not only make your diet easier, but will also benefit your future abs and buttocks. One of the reasons for excess weight in the abdomen and thighs, in addition to the high calorie content of the daily menu, is intestinal dysbiosis, which kefir and yogurt are actively fighting against.

Diet for the sides and hips: eat right

"Incorrect power supply" is not only errors in the menu, but also the power mode. The habit of eating with dirty hands or not washing food before meals leads to the fact that the intestines are gassed and swollen. A flat stomach diet, supplemented by regular probiotic intake, will produce results - both internally and externally.

A diet for the abdomen and thighs requires that you closely monitor how and what you eat. If in your daily diet there are only healthy and wholesome foods, this is not a guarantee of a flat stomach. Many of us eat on the go, swallow poorly chewed food, and talk while eating. This is bad, because in this way you swallow air, which visually enlarges the waist and stomach.

Make the process of eating a ritual during which you cannot rush and be distracted. You will help yourself not only physically, but also psychologically. After all, a diet for the sides and hips implies a fairly strong restriction in food, and by stretching your lunch, you help yourself to get enough and get rid of hunger.

Diet for a flat stomach and abs

If you dream of a flat tummy, you cannot do without training for the abdominal muscles, because a flat tummy depends not so much on the diet for the press as on the tone of the press.

Trained upper, lower, and oblique abdominals will hold your stomach or intestines, even if you allow yourself to eat too much. Without exercise, the stomach can sag even after eating an apple or cabbage salad, which, due to the high fiber content, tend to swell in the stomach.

To lose weight on the abdomen, pump the abs every morning, doing the exercise 16 times for each muscle group. For the upper press, raise the torso (it is not necessary to rise completely and in no case "break" the neck), for the lower press, press the legs bent at the knees to the chest; legs hanging to the sides. Within a month, regular exercise and diet for the abdomen will give noticeable results!

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