"I Cured Acne With Diet": A Real Story
"I Cured Acne With Diet": A Real Story

For many years Laura tried to fight acne with cosmetic products and procedures, but as a result, she was helped by a radical change in her diet.

"I Cured Acne With Diet": A Real Story

“I will not bore you with a story about how many creams, ointments, procedures I have tried and how I sobbed at night, believing that I was doomed to walk all my life with ugly pimples on my face and not only. I once came across an interview with Dr. Berkowitz, in which he mentioned that in many cases acne is caused by hormonal causes, however, general tests do not show the problem. I have a ghostly hope.

I made an appointment and immediately got tested: a general blood test, blood for sugar, blood for hormones. It turned out that I have increased testosterone, a terrible iodine deficiency, and the sugar in my body breaks down three times faster than normal. My diagnosis was reactive hypoglycemia. In a letter explaining the analyzes, the doctor wrote:

“Low iodine content triggers a long chain of consequences. The body stops producing enough thyroid hormone, which is responsible for metabolism. The balance of other hormones changes: estrogen dominance, low progesterone and high testosterone levels occur. This provokes the early appearance of wrinkles, inflammation, irritation and - mainly - acne. We have to completely change your diet to bring the system into balance."

I said goodbye to breakfast smoothies: I could no longer overuse fruits and foods containing gluten. I had to switch to foods rich in fiber, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. I was ordered to eat strictly 3 times a day, and in an emergency I was allowed one small snack. The body took time to digest everything qualitatively, so the option "eat often and a little" was not for me. I rarely ate a little, but high-calorie food. The doctor insisted that I eat bread, but low-carb, advised me to completely eliminate lactose, allowing only goat cheese as a source of protein.

What did I eat? Chicken, red fish, beef, eggs, green salad with olive oil, avocado, hummus, seasonal vegetables, nuts, legumes. Sweets were completely prohibited, like dairy and flour, fruits were allowed once a week and no more than 1 piece. It was very hard for me. But after three weeks, the blood sugar level returned to normal, I felt a surge of strength and energy, I began to sleep better, digestion improved, and the doctor said that we can proceed to the next stage: correcting the iodine level. We corrected it with medication, so I will not tell you what drugs and in what dosage I took, it all depends on the tests and is strictly individual. I can only say that it took us about a month to normalize the iodine balance (all this time I continued to follow the diet).

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A week after taking the last pill, my period should have started, which meant - expect a splash of acne. Usually 3-5 days before the X hour, my chin swelled up with red bumps, and if it was a bad month - similar "beauty" appeared on the cheeks and forehead. I waited with doom for these "guests" every month, and suddenly realized that this time nothing had happened. My skin remained clear. It did not dry out and did not "get fat", comedones disappeared, and the redness around the nose (I have vessels close to the surface of the skin) turned pale. My boyfriend said that I looked rested, like after a vacation, and my mother asked if I had injected Botox in my forehead, because the wrinkles that went across my forehead were noticeably smoothed out.

After three months of a happy life without acne, I snapped and at a friend's birthday party I ate first a couple of slices of pizza, then a few cakes and happily ate it on my birthday cake.Nothing happened! Then I forgot to take lunch from home and had a snack in the office canteen of macaroni and cheese. And bought myself soda a couple of times. 5 days before menstruation, three bumps were swollen on the chin. I panicked and ran to the doctor …

In general, I will have to follow a diet all my life, and once every three to four months donate blood for sugar and hormones. It's a shame, but - honestly - I'd rather live like this than suffer from acne."

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