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Can proper nutrition harm your digestion?
Can proper nutrition harm your digestion?

Some of the right habits may, on closer inspection, turn out to be not so right. Let's figure out what a sensible girl shouldn't do.

Can proper nutrition harm your digestion?

Cut back on carbohydrates

Low-carb and low-carb diets allow you to lose weight quickly and keep your weight under control. Does this mean that such a principle of nutrition is worth adopting? Not really. The less carbohydrates in the diet, the less fiber - indigestible fiber that is needed for the digestive system to function. Fiber works as a natural sorbent, activating the process of natural cleansing of the body, and starts digestion. Unprocessed cereals, whole grain breads, cereals, wholemeal pasta, vegetables, and fruits are all sources of fiber. Refusal from these products can lead to an imbalance of the intestinal microflora, slowing down digestion. If you want to reduce the amount of high-calorie carbohydrates in your diet to get rid of extra pounds, do not forget to add fiber to the diet, you can use it in its pure form with a minimum of calories. Such fiber is, for example, in the dietary supplement "Phytomucil Norm". Fiber without preservatives and sugar contained in "Phytomucil" will help to establish regular bowel function, normalize its microflora. Unlike coarse fiber from some vegetables, which increase gas production, soluble fiber Phytomucil soothes the intestines.

Another important fact: the functioning of the digestive system largely depends on the quality of the microbiota - the totality of all bacteria that inhabit the intestines. The more varied our diet, the more "good" bacteria live in the gastrointestinal tract. Do not deprive your diet of a variety of foods and do not forget about fiber, which is essentially a breeding ground for "good" bacteria that suppress pathogenic microbes.


Replace animal proteins with vegetable ones

Here, too, not everything is as simple as it seems. Proteins are very important for the body, they give us a long feeling of satiety, maintain muscle mass, and provide an active metabolism. In theory, the amount of protein you need can be obtained from plant foods, primarily from legumes. But in reality, not every stomach can cope with legumes. The fact is that beans, peas, beans and lentils contain oligosaccharides that are not fully absorbed by the body: we do not have the necessary enzymes for this. Therefore, during the digestion of legumes, the digestive system works with an increased load and there may be a side effect - increased gas production. To minimize this effect, the legumes are recommended to be soaked for 3 to 12 hours. As in the case of avoiding carbohydrates, avoiding animal proteins can lead to an imbalance in the intestinal microflora. When choosing a diet, keep your gut healthy and support it with probiotics and soluble fiber.

There are only raw vegetables and fruits

At first glance, this is a good idea, because vegetables and fruits contain a lot of valuable dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. But not every stomach can handle large portions of fresh vegetables and fruits. And in fact, some nutrients are absorbed better from cooked foods than raw foods. A striking example is the antioxidants lycopene, which are found in large quantities in tomatoes. It is important to maintain a balance between fresh and cooked foods, and to closely monitor the body's response.


Reduce the number of calories by reducing the volume of food

Fans of strict diets can expect an unpleasant surprise: the less we eat, the slower the metabolism and digestion. By drastically reducing the portion size, the food will be almost completely absorbed. Because of this, peristalsis weakens, and the intestines, which are used to processing a much larger volume, may contract less intensively. The volume of stool is also reduced, and the digestive process can slow down significantly. In order not to disrupt the process of cleansing from toxins and toxins, use the same soluble fiber. Due to its ability to absorb large quantities of water, it swells in the stomach and gently pushes the digested waste through the intestines, cleansing and creating a favorable environment for beneficial microflora. If, for example, you dissolve a bag of "Fitomucil" and drink before meals, the fiber contained in it, soon filling the stomach, will reduce appetite and help normal digestion. The best part is that such fiber is low in calories, which means that it can be used as a safe means during a diet and, without reducing its effectiveness, lose 2-3 kilograms of excess weight, without harming your body, but on the contrary, helping your intestines. You can add the contents of the sachet to water, juices, yoghurts, smoothies, salads.

The biocomplex "Fitomucil Norm" contains soluble and insoluble fiber from the shells of Psyllium plantain seeds and the pulp of home plum fruits. The drug was created in the UK, does not contain preservatives or other additives, without sugar, it can be taken for a long time - there is no addiction to it. The biocomplex is approved for diabetics, recommended for the elderly.


Approach the choice of this or that style of food wisely, remember that any rejection of certain foods can cause an imbalance in the intestinal microflora, on which our health and our immunity depend. Proper nutrition implies a varied diet with quality products, and in order to cope with the problem of excess weight, it is better to contact a nutritionist who will help you develop an individual nutrition plan without harm to the body.

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