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The healthiest cereals: the best cereals for health and slimness
The healthiest cereals: the best cereals for health and slimness

Porridge is one of the traditional dishes of the original Russian cuisine. Our ancestors did not eat it every day for nothing, because cereals are a source of energy and a storehouse of valuable microelements. The healing product has firmly entered the daily menu, and therefore today we will tell you about the most useful cereals.

Everyone knows about the beneficial properties of cereals. This dish has a special place in the diet due to its satiety, taste and ease of preparation. Various cereals are an integral part of proper nutrition. Today we will talk about which cereals are the most useful.

The healthiest breakfast cereals

The task of a proper breakfast is to help the body wake up and recharge. For this, cereal dishes are perfect, so we have compiled a rating of the most healthy cereals for the body.



It shouldn't surprise anyone to have oatmeal on this list. According to reviews, it is she who leads the list of the most popular breakfasts.

What is oatmeal good for?

Nutritionists have hailed oatmeal as one of the best breakfasts. This is true, but only partially. In fact, the healing properties of oatmeal are revealed only under certain conditions.

Whole grain porridge is considered the most useful. It is an unpolished natural product rich in complex carbohydrates. The most useful porridge is obtained from such cereals, but its preparation takes a long time - from 30 minutes to an hour.

Oatmeal is also sold in the form of peeled flakes. Such porridge has less fiber, but it is prepared in just 15 minutes and is suitable for dietary nutrition with gastritis, ulcers and pancreatitis.

Instant oatmeal is not the best breakfast option. It will not bring any particular harm or benefit to the body. If you are losing weight, it is best to skip the oatmeal bag altogether, as it contains a lot of sugar and high-calorie additives.

And yet, what is oatmeal good for? This popular cereal contains a range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals:

  • B vitamins for brain activity and balance of the nervous system;
  • phosphorus for the absorption of vitamins, normal cognitive performance and energy;
  • potassium for cardiovascular health;
  • magnesium to combat stress;
  • fiber for good digestion and fast metabolism.

Millet porridge


Millet porridge is rarely cooked at home, but meanwhile it has many excellent properties, and it is simply very tasty.

Why is millet porridge useful?

Millet has long been used in Russian cuisine. This cereal can be used to make one of the healthiest cereals with a unique set of trace elements:

  • vitamins B2, B5, B6;
  • amino acids: valine, leucine and tretnin;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium.

Millet porridge helps to cleanse the body and reduce blood sugar levels. It also has a beneficial effect on the skin and has a low allergenicity. If you do not like porridge, you can make a side dish or even a dessert from millet. It goes well with meat, vegetables, cheese and fruits.



Today semolina is undeservedly forgotten, and just a few decades ago no one doubted its benefits.

Why semolina is useful

Semolina is often included in the menu for gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, even in the acute stage. Semolina porridge has enveloping properties and reduces the effect of acid on the stomach walls.

Semolina porridge helps to cope with fatigue, so it is suitable for a complete diet with increased stress. It stimulates brain activity, reduces stress and anxiety levels.

The most useful porridge on the water is buckwheat


Breakfast cereals are usually prepared with milk. Of course, oatmeal, millet and semolina are much tastier in this form. However, there are cereals that are literally made for boiling in water, for example, buckwheat.

Buckwheat is primarily associated with crumbly cereals, and not a viscous gruel, so it is much more often used as a side dish, and not as an independent breakfast dish. Buckwheat is the leader among the healthiest cereals on the water. It contains phosphorus, zinc, iron, vitamin B6, folic and pantothenic acid. Buckwheat has a low glycemic index, which is why they love to include it in various diets for weight loss.

The most useful porridge with milk is corn


Corn porridge is rarely eaten, but we strongly advise you to pay attention to it. Corn porridge is suitable even for those who suffer from gluten intolerance - celiac disease. In addition, it is rich in iron and phosphorus, which speed up the metabolism, stimulate the production of enzymes and saturate the body with oxygen.

For those who are not worried about their weight, we have prepared a delicious recipe for oatmeal with dried fruits.

New items among cereals

Bulgur to boost metabolism


This cereal is not as common in the diet as oatmeal or buckwheat, but it is also very useful. Bulgur is made from young wheat: its grains are dried and refined. They store beta-carotene, magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium and iron, as well as vitamins B, E and K. Bulgur is distinguished by the content of dietary fiber, it perfectly cleanses the intestines, accelerates the absorption of vitamins and increases metabolism. Also, this cereal promotes the outflow of bile, which helps the liver.

Quinoa - a source of protein


Quinoa is a cereal from a plant of the amaranth family. It contains 14% crayon, which is rare for cereals. Quinoa contains B vitamins, phosphorus, folate, potassium, sodium, manganese, selenium, and magnesium. The UN named this cereal as a source of high quality protein and dietary fiber with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

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