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Have waved! 8 Russian artists taller than 190 cm
Have waved! 8 Russian artists taller than 190 cm

Effective appearance is very important for a public person. The tall stature and powerful physique of some Russian celebrities has served them well and helped to be remembered by the viewer. Let's see which of the artists is the highest.

Maxim Averin - 192 centimeters


The famous "Capercaillie" Maxim Averin was born into the family of a seamstress and a decorator. Averin's father worked at Mosfilm, which determined the future path of his son. Already at the age of 6, Maxim played his first role.

The future successful actor received his education at the Shchukin School, graduating with honors. After that he was immediately invited to the troupe of the theater "Satyricon". But Averin became famous not on the stage, but on the screen. In addition to "Capercaillie", he became famous for the roles of doctors Oleg Korneev in the TV series "Carousel" and Oleg Bragin in "Sklifosovsky".

Maxim Vitorgan - 194 centimeters


On account of Maxim Emmanuilovich Vitorgan, about 60 roles in films, directorial work, participation in performances of the MTYUZ. He does charity work, loves to troll haters on social networks and calls himself a perfectionist and at the same time … lazy. The recognizable image of Maxim Vitorgan - his heroic growth and brutal appearance - coupled with his acting talent ensured that he was in demand in films and on television.

Dmitry Dyuzhev - 195 centimeters


Another member of the MTYUZ troupe, Dmitry Dyuzhev, became famous not at all for his theatrical works, but for his bright roles in films. The whole country knows him as Kosmos Kholmogorov from the TV series "Brigade", but the characters of Dyuzhev from "Zhmurok", "High Security Vacation" and "Islands" had no less success.

Dmitry Dyuzhev is engaged in directing - in this capacity he worked on the set of the films "Moms" and "Champions". After the project "Two Stars", in which the actor became the winner, he became interested in vocals and now gives concerts. Dmitry is married to a girl from a family of teachers named Tatiana, the couple are raising two sons - Ivan and Dmitry.

Denis Matsuev - 198 centimeters


The famous pianist Denis Matsuev was born into an artistic family and mastered the piano from childhood. The truly gigantic growth - 198 centimeters - is apparently combined with great physical strength, sometimes critics even reproach Matsuev for the excessive strength of the sound that his piano makes during performances. The musician's treasury contains many titles and achievements, for example, he is the only pianist who has performed all three Tchaikovsky concerts in a row.

Denis Matsuev is married to the ballerina Yekaterina Shipulina, with whom they are raising their daughter Anna.

Dmitry Nazarov - 196 centimeters


Dmitry Nazarov is a real veteran of the theater scene. No joke - 40 years on the stage! But to the general public, he is better known as the chef Barinov from the TV series "Kitchen". It is with him that the actor is now associated with most viewers.

Perhaps it was thanks to the imposing appearance of Nazarov with a tall stature, a thick beard and a loud voice that he was invited to voice Hagrid from the popular Harry Potter saga. Agree, they are similar in many ways. In addition to screen work, Nazarov has one big hobby - for a long time he has been a devoted fan of the Spartak football club.

Yuri Kolokolnikov - 196 centimeters


The most famous work of Yuri Kolokolnikov is his role in the super popular TV series Game of Thrones. Fans call the actor a real master of transformation. Today Kolokolnikov's filmography includes about 70 works. But on the way to success, the actor also had to try many "roles", including the work of a waiter, courier and loader.

Dmitry Guberniev - 2 meters


Dmitry Guberniev in his youth was going to build a sports career, but these plans were canceled out by an injury.Then the young man entered the coaching faculty and for some time after the institute worked in his specialty. Then he took part in the competition of sports commentators on NTV, after which he decided exactly what he would do.

Guberniev commented on such large-scale events as the Olympic Games and Eurovision, hosted many entertainment programs, but, of course, sports events are of particular importance for him. He is a two-time TEFI award winner and perhaps the most famous Russian commentator.

Philip Kirkorov - 203 centimeters


Philip Kirkorov knew from early childhood that he would become an artist. His father Bedros Kirkorov is a famous Bulgarian singer, and his mother Victoria worked as a presenter at concerts. The boy himself, from the age of five, went on tour with his dad, in high school he began to play the guitar and piano.

Philip Kirkorov graduated from the Musical College. Gnesins with honors, toured Germany and Austria and became literally a symbol of Russian pop music. Today Philip Bedrosovich is a happy father of daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin.

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