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How to braid your hair at home: step by step instructions
How to braid your hair at home: step by step instructions

What girl wouldn't want to learn simple yet interesting looking hairstyles? They can add variety to your everyday look or transform you for an important event. Here is a guide to creating stylish hairstyles on your own.


How to braid your hair beautifully at home? Often, even the most intricate hairstyles can be replicated by yourself. And with a little skill, you will be able to braid your hair quickly, without wasting time on long preparations before leaving the house. By following our instructions, you can give a head start to stylists!

How to braid a basket of hair step by step

How to braid a basket of hair step by step

How to braid a basket of hair step by step

A basket hairstyle is always relevant for creating a feminine look. It looks sophisticated and will perfectly complement both a flowing dress and a casual outfit. Even the stars love this kind of weaving - look at Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson. We will tell you in detail how to braid a basket of hair.

  1. Part your hair in a straight part, forming two equal parts.
  2. Separate 3 strands at the forehead on the right and weave a regular braid, grabbing new strands as you braid.
  3. Now repeat the braid on the other side.
  4. Join the two braids in a basket in a circle.
  5. Secure your hairstyle with varnish.

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Scarlett Johansson with hair

How to braid your hair with a spikelet step by step

How to braid your hair with a spikelet step by step

How to braid your hair with a spikelet step by step

The nostalgic spikelet hairstyle must have been your companion at school age. Surprisingly, this weaving is still relevant. It looks great on adult women too. We explain how to braid a spikelet on hair of different lengths.

How to braid short hair

Owners of short hair (of course, not pixie or garcon haircuts) can also delight themselves with a stylish spikelet.

  1. Select a small lock of hair near the forehead.
  2. Start braiding.
  3. Add one thin strand of hair on each side with each step.
  4. Braid the spikelet to the end and secure the end with an elastic band.
  5. You can braid a spikelet in the middle or create a whole arrangement of several weaves.
  6. There is also a great option for short hair - to style the bangs with a spikelet. Looks very stylish!

How to braid a spikelet in medium hair

Medium hair already allows more freedom than short hair, so a spikelet will work well for your length. We will tell you step by step how to braid a spikelet in medium hair.

  1. Comb through your washed and blow-dried hair. We advise you to leave the strands slightly damp for weaving.
  2. Select three strands at the forehead and start braiding, gradually weaving in new strands.
  3. Thus, braid the braids all over the head, completing the spikelet with the usual classic braid.
  4. Secure the end with an elastic band, fix the hairstyle with varnish.
  5. You can make a light fleece at the roots to add volume to the hair.

How to braid long hair

Long hair is the perfect material for a variety of weaves. Long straight hair is suitable for a spikelet. If you have curls, stylists recommend straightening the strands first. We will tell you how to braid long, loose hair with a spikelet.

  1. Separate from the bulk of the hair three strands on the parietal part.
  2. Cross the strands together as if you are starting to weave a classic braid. The algorithm is as follows: connect the right strand with the middle one, then the left one with the middle one.
  3. Continue braiding, grabbing additional strands of hair each time.
  4. It is important that the strands are of the same size, then the spikelet will turn out to be even and neat.
  5. When you reach the back of the head, braid a regular pigtail and secure the end with an elastic band.

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