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Fashionable ombre: hair coloring with dark roots
Fashionable ombre: hair coloring with dark roots

Ombre coloring is one of the brightest trends in recent years. Stretching the color from dark roots to light ends refreshes the hairstyle and makes the look memorable. If you decide to change your image, pay attention to the stylish gradient coloring.

Ombre (French for "shadow", "darkening") combines two contrasting colors with a smooth or sharper transition between them. This technique revolutionized coloring. If previously grown dark roots were considered a sign of neglect and bad taste, now they have become a fashionable accent.

Blonde on short hair with dark roots


Dyeing according to the scheme "dark roots, light ends" on short hair is a real challenge for the master colorist. After all, the short length of the haircut does not allow you to create a smooth stretch of color, so the contrast is quite pronounced. But if the coloring is done successfully, it will highlight the girl's personality in the best way.

Coloring "dark roots + light ends" on long hair

Image Image

Charlize Theron and other animal welfare stars

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The ombre below the shoulders looks incredibly impressive. The large staining area allows the hairdresser to showcase his skills. The gradient from dark roots to light ends visually increases the volume and density of the hair, makes the facial features more clear and expressive.

Colored hair dyeing with dark roots


Hair with dark roots and light ends can also be dyed in bright colors. This hairstyle will suit confident girls who like to draw attention to themselves.

Classic ombre


When performing traditional dyeing with roots darker than the rest of the hair, the master uses two similar tones with a smooth transition. This option looks calm enough and allows you to refresh the image without radical changes.

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