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How to properly organize a workplace
How to properly organize a workplace

The correct organization of the workplace increases productivity and improves mental and physical health.

How to properly organize a workplace

Take advantage of our recommendations! Contents of the article 1. How to properly organize the workplace 1.1 Free up the work space 1.2 Regularly clean on the table and in drawers 1.3 Organize rational storage of things 1.4 Allocate space for the wires 1.5 Disassemble files on the computer 1.6 Zone your work space 1.7 Ensure comfort1.8 Do not eat in the workplace 1.9 Keep supplies close at hand 2. How to organize a small workplace 3. How to organize an effective workplace at home 4. How to organize a workplace in a room Hide

How to properly organize a workplace

Free up your workspace

To think more clearly, save your workplace from all unnecessary things. Too many things are distracting and distracting. And the pile-up on the table makes it difficult to find what you need, forcing you to spend time and effort looking for the needed pen or document. Remove everything from the table that is not work-related. An exception is a couple of lovely photos or other little things that help to remember pleasant moments.

Clean the desk and drawers regularly

It is recommended to conduct an audit of the workplace several times a month so as not to bring the situation to the point when it is urgently required to disassemble the deposits of things. It is enough to devote 10-15 minutes to cleaning the table and drawers to always keep order. Here are some other tips to help you keep your workplace clean:

  • Place a waste basket under the table.
  • Place antibacterial wipes in the top drawer of your desk to wipe down surfaces.
  • It is also worth getting optics napkins with which you can process your computer screen.
  • Clean the keyboard periodically - it collects a lot of debris and dust, creating an attractive environment for harmful microorganisms. To get started, turn the keyboard over and shake the debris out of it, then clean the joints between the keys with a can of compressed air (available from an electronics store). After that, wipe the keyboard over the various grooves and grooves in the keyboard with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or another powerful antiseptic. Make sure that the wand is not too wet and that a large amount of liquid does not get into the keyboard.

Organize the rational storage of things

Various storage systems are great for helping to clear your desk. The stationery will be sorted and free up space. Find even more useful tips for storing things in your work area in our collection of life hacks for the home.

Make room for wires

So that wires from equipment and chargers do not interfere with you, attach a stationery binder to the edge of the table - let it act as a holder. For wires that do not need to be permanently connected, use a special container.

Parse files on your computer

Check the files and folders on your computer. The cluttered virtual space affects our consciousness and concentration of attention in exactly the same way as an ordinary desktop, cluttered with unnecessary things - makes us distracted and lose our mood. Be sure to set aside about an hour of time to parse files, delete unnecessary ones, and clean your mail. Experts advise, just in case, to make copies of the most important documents in the cloud service, so that in case of problems with the computer, they are not lost.

Zoning your workspace

This will help the brain to form a connection between a specific task and the place allocated for it - which, in turn, will increase work efficiency.For example, suppose you have at your disposal an area for working with and without a computer - say, a corner of the table where it is convenient to deal with papers, or, if possible, a sofa to comfortably sit with a laptop. The plus of such zoning is that you can change your posture during the day, and this has a positive effect on your health and performance.


Provide comfort

Since we spend a considerable part of the day at work, the place for it should be comfortable: a comfortable chair (ideally an orthopedic chair) so that the neck does not get numb and the back does not hurt, good and eye-pleasing lighting, the optimal table height and other details.

Don't eat in the workplace

It is extremely bad idea to eat at your desk. Some manage to dine without interrupting their work. It seems that this is how we save time by combining two things at once, but in reality we are bad at both. First, the quality of the work suffers most often because you are not immersed in it. Secondly, there is a risk of eating more than necessary and still not feeling full - the brain, distracted by other tasks, simply will not have time to recognize the signals of satiety. And in an attempt to combine work with food, we often neglect a full meal, choosing snacks that are more convenient for absorption on the go: chips, sandwiches, sweets. Separate lunch times and places can help recharge your batteries and get back to work with renewed vigor.

Keep everything you need close at hand

Think about the things you use the most and place them in an area closest to your home, such as overhead desk drawers. It is useful to have an organizer in the drawer in order to conveniently sort all the little things. The most frequently used items (for example, a pen, laptop and notebook with working notes) can be kept right on the table. Place documents in the dedicated separator tray or sort across multiple trays.

How to organize a small workplace

Is there very little space for the work area? No problem! Our tips will help you.

  • If your desk is short on space but needs additional lighting, get a lamp with a holder that you can attach to your computer monitor and thus save space.
  • Of course, with a small table, you must always keep order and remove unnecessary things in a timely manner.
  • When equipping a workplace in a small apartment, use some kind of niche. There you can place hanging shelves, a worktop and a compact shelving unit.
  • If your space is limited, try using multifunctional pieces of furniture, such as an armchair with a folding table, as a workspace.

How to organize an effective workplace at home

  • Of course, the ideal option is a private office where you can isolate yourself from all the distractions. The presence of a work space immediately sets you up for a businesslike mood and allows you to organize everything so that it is as convenient for you as possible.
  • The desktop is best placed sideways or facing the window. But you don't need to put a table with your back to the window - the light from the street will be reflected and glare on the computer monitor.
  • It is better to position the table so that the light from the window falls from the opposite side of your dominant hand: for right-handers - on the left, for left-handers - on the right.
  • Arrange the furniture so that you are not cramped and you can easily get up from the table and move around next to it.
  • When choosing a table, remember that the table top should be at the level of the solar plexus. Try to sit on it and make sure that the shoulders do not rise above normal level, and the elbows remain in a natural position.

How to organize a workplace in a room

Unable to furnish your office? Then you need to separate the working area in one of the living rooms.

  • Estimate the required size of the workplace. Sometimes you need a very small tabletop and a couple of drawers, but someone needs a little more space.Accordingly, think about where you can settle.
  • The organization of a workplace in a room can be no less functional than a separate office. One of the main requirements is a comfortable chair. You can pay attention to the furniture, which is produced specifically for offices.
  • A bureau table is a great idea for a workplace in a room. And the interior will decorate and provide you with a place to store the necessary gizmos.
  • The main criterion is that you should be comfortable working. You should not make the work area as austere as possible if you are so uncomfortable. A balance is needed between order and comfort. A favorite photograph or houseplant can help make your work more enjoyable.

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