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How to wear rings correctly: some interesting tips
How to wear rings correctly: some interesting tips

Accessories can tell a lot about their owner, which is why it is so important not only to find your own style, but also to make the right choice. We will tell you how you can wear rings on your hands according to the version of astrologers and palmists.

How to wear rings correctly: some interesting tips

Rings never went out of style to go back in on a triumphant march. However, this season this accessory is receiving special attention from designers and stylists. Many women wear rings not only as an addition to an outfit, but also as a talisman or a memorial symbol.

At the peak of popularity - vintage rings, massive rings in a brutal style, jewelry with transparent crystals, or many rings at once. The choice of current models is truly huge, it all depends on taste preferences. But there are a few more important points that are important to consider when choosing rings.

From time immemorial, rings were considered magical talismans, because they directly broadcast the owner's temper and spoke of his individuality. In addition to the fact that the hands are always in sight, they also have a huge number of active points that are responsible for the work of internal organs. Incorrectly selected rings can affect the state of health up to the appearance of severe migraines or metabolic disorders.

And the point is not only in the position of the ring on a particular finger, but also in the materials from which they are made. Minerals, metals, alloys and precious stones affect the human condition in different ways. For example, it is believed that wearing silver rings is good for your health! They help stabilize the emotional state and heal chronic headaches; and gold rings have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and help reduce blood pressure.

In alternative medicine, there is a theory about the relationship between the color of jewelry and the state of health: according to some sources, if a silver ring begins to darken on the hand, then its owner may be sick with something. Astrology and palmistry have long been studying the influence of rings on character and fate, and you should also familiarize yourself with how and on which finger it is best to wear certain rings.

How to wear rings on your hands

The ring on the right hand is a reflection of the current position, and on the left is a reflection of the desired one. By the way, the opposite is true for left-handers.

Little finger


In astrology, it is believed that the energy of Mercury is responsible for the little finger. This planet is the patron saint of creators. Artists, writers, actors and other creative personalities can wear rings made of any metal on their little finger to fully reveal their talents. Small rings made of semiprecious alloys or high-quality jewelry will look great on this finger. Give preference to green and yellow stones and minerals.

Ring finger


The ring finger is the personification of the Sun and the artery of love, as it was called back in ancient Egypt. It was there that the tradition of exchanging rings as a sign of love and fidelity arose. Nowadays, on the ring finger you can find not only an engagement ring, but also any other ring. An ordinary ring on the ring finger emphasizes the positive attitude of the owner: a miniature one displays inner harmony, and a catchy and large one is a symbol of an extraordinary personality.

Pay attention to rings with original designs to avoid curious questions about marital status. On the ring finger, oblong stones or multi-tiered rings look great.

Middle finger


The patron saint of the middle finger is Saturn, the planet of leaders and social activists. The middle - the longest finger - is always in the spotlight, so the rings should match the position: bright and even slightly pretentious. On the middle finger, you can wear a talisman ring or a memento that deserves to be in the most noticeable place.Palmists recommend wearing silver rings or several of the same (by analogy with the rings of Saturn).



In astrology, the index finger expresses the power of Jupiter. When chosen correctly, the ring can help unleash leadership potential and increase influence over other people. Rings on the index finger are most often worn by politicians and media personalities. You should not wear silver on the index, but gold and jewelry are quite. Blue, blue, purple are Jupiter's favorite colors. And for the sake of style, do not forget about accessories made of plastic, wood and other materials: an original designer ring is much more interesting than a banal gold ring with cubic zirconia.



The thumb is identified with the power of Mars, the planet of warriors, logicians and strategists. If these qualities are not enough for you, then feel free to buy a thumb ring. A ring or ring worn over the thumb strengthens thought processes and helps build willpower. Choose turquoise, blue and green stones, but astrologers advise not to get carried away too much: it is better for women to wear jewelry on other fingers, since a large one takes away female energy from an astrological point of view.

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