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T-shirt is dry and does not smell at all: how to use deodorant correctly
T-shirt is dry and does not smell at all: how to use deodorant correctly

The choice of modern deodorants is varied: stick, crystal or aerosol - it's up to you. In this material you will find information about the properties of each of the deodorants and discover the secrets of how to properly use a deodorant so as not to sweat. After reading the review, you will be able to choose the one that is right for you.

T-shirt is dry and does not smell at all: how to use deodorant correctly

The use of deodorant has become a part of our life. But not all of them are equally useful! When choosing, take into account your skin type, the degree of perspiration and the composition of the product. Contents of the article 1. How to properly use a deodorant 2. How to use an aerosol deodorant 2.1 Pros of a spray deodorant 2.2 Cons of a spray deodorant 3. How to use a stick correctly (solid and dry deodorant) 3.1 Pros of a stick deodorant 4. Roll-on deodorant: how to use it correctly 4.1 Pros of roll-on deodorant 4.2 Cons of roll-on deodorant 4.3 How to use roll-on deodorant: step-by-step instructions 5. How to use crystal deodorant or mineral deodorant correctly 5.1 How to use Thai crystal deodorant correctly 5.2 Pros of mineral deodorant 5.3 Cons of mineral deodorant 5.4 How to use mineral deodorant 6. How to use deodorant cream correctly 6.1 Pros of deodorant cream 6.2 Cons of deodorant cream 7. How to use powder deodorant correctly 7.1 Pros of powder deodorant 7.2 Cons of powder deodorant 8. Dabomatic deodorant: what is it and how to use it correctly? 8.1 How to use a deodorant-dabomatic 8.2 Advantages of a deodorant-dabomatic 8.3 Disadvantages of a deodorant-dabomatic Hide

Deodorants can be divided into natural, which are made from natural minerals, and powerful antibacterial agents. The former are usually harmless to the environment, the composition of the latter is more aggressive, but they still cannot be called dangerous.

How to properly use deodorant

The main rule when choosing a deodorant is that it should not cause allergic reactions. If you experience dry skin, itching, rashes and painful sensations, you should immediately stop using the selected product. If everything is fine, consider simple tips on how to properly use crystal, roll-on and other deodorant. Believe me, there are differences.

  • Deodorants of any type are commonly used to eliminate sweat odor. That is, the deodorant kills bacteria that decompose in the sweat zone. And antiperspirant deodorant blocks sweat secretion and has bactericidal properties.
  • Pay attention to the composition that is written on the label of the deodorant: aluminum salts and parabens are not held in high esteem by doctors and cosmetologists.
  • The marking on the label “24 hours”, “48 hours”, “72 hours” means the life of the deodorant, during which time the sweat glands will be narrowed.
  • It is correct to apply the deodorant only to the previously cleansed skin of the armpits, in some cases to the groin area, but in no case touching the mucous membrane.
  • Deodorant can be used before visiting a bath, sauna, beach. In hot weather, you can simply use a deodorant, in cold weather - an antiperspirant deodorant.
  • Choose natural fabrics, they prolong the feeling of freshness of the body after applying the deodorant, even at high physical activity and in hot weather.
  • If your skin is not prone to dryness and breakouts, then you can use alcohol-based deodorants daily.
  • Deodorants with strong antibacterial ingredients are best used in an emergency.

All these recommendations on how to properly use deodorant are not only suitable for women, but also useful for men.

How to use aerosol deodorant correctly

How to properly use deodorant

1. To properly use the spray deodorant, it is important to apply it to dry, clean skin.

An aerosol deodorant, or spray, controls mainly the odor of sweat, not the perspiration itself. The density of the aerosol deodorant coating is low, and the deodorant spraying process itself cannot be called beneficial for your body and the environment.

Knowing how to properly use your deodorant spray is important to avoid irritation. Spray aerosol spray 10 centimeters from underarms, use after washing on dry skin. It is not recommended to apply deodorant after shaving or in the presence of skin lesions.

Pros of a deodorant spray

  • does not leave a film, is not sticky,
  • does not stain clothes,
  • regulates perspiration.

Cons of Deodorant Spray

  • most often contains alcohol, which dries and irritates the skin,
  • requires special storage and transportation conditions due to explosion hazard,
  • high consumption.

How to use the stick correctly (solid and dry deodorant)

Solid deodorant also has an antiperspirant effect, it controls the production of sweat by the glands. The density of the coating is quite high: when applied, it is evenly distributed over the skin with a protective layer. It is important to learn how to use antiperspirant deodorant correctly so that it fulfills its function as a protector against excess moisture and odor. Apply it to clean and dry skin

How to properly use deodorant

Using a force stick deodorant is as easy as shelling pears

Pros of a stick deodorant

  • convenient to take with you
  • dries very quickly
  • rarely causes allergies

Cons of Deodorant Stick

  • may leave white marks on clothing
  • do not cope well with extreme conditions such as hot weather and physical activity
  • not very economically spent

Roll-on deodorant: how to use it correctly

A plastic ball distributes the deodorant substance over the skin, blocking sweat glands and eliminating unpleasant odors. It does not dry immediately, so you need to wait after application. Like a stick, roll-on deodorant can leave marks and roll off. Roll-on deodorant can even be applied to slightly damp skin.

Roll-on deodorant is one of the most popular formats. In addition to their long-lasting action and ease of use, girls also love them for a wide selection of different fragrances. Many perfume brands produce roll-on deodorants with one of their iconic fragrances. Therefore, a scented roller is the most suitable option for aesthetes.

Pros of roll-on deodorant

  • in the presence of special components in the composition, it can reduce sweating,
  • effectively eliminates the smell of sweat,
  • ease of use,
  • The deodorant roll-on formula often contains nourishing and soothing ingredients that will nourish the skin.

Cons of Roll-On Deodorant

  • dries long enough
  • may leave a sticky feeling
  • may leave marks on clothes,
  • usually contain alcohol, which dries out the skin.

How to use a roll-on deodorant: step by step guide

  1. First, shake the bottle well so that the liquid will lubricate the roller.
  2. Then apply several coats of deodorant with a roller on your underarms.
  3. Wait until the product is dry and you can get dressed.

How to use crystal deodorant or mineral deodorant correctly

How to properly use deodorant

You can make friends with mineral deodorant because of its naturalness, if you learn to use it correctly.

The natural deodorant contains potassium alum. They have antibacterial and healing properties. These funds are also called salt, because they are crystals of real volcanic salt.

A crystal deodorant can be either in the form of a stick or in an aerosol form, the only difference is in the composition itself, but still the main thing is to know how to use it correctly. Natural alum should be slightly moistened with water and treated with a damp edge on the armpits.

The deodorant stick also needs to be moistened with water and applied to the skin with a damp layer.

The advantages of the crystal are that it is quite natural, since it does not contain preservatives and harmful components. The crystal deodorant does not cause inflammation on the skin and can be used as a wound healing agent.

In addition, mineral deodorants do not interfere with the lymphatic system, are odorless and safe to apply immediately after shaving and any type of hair removal.

Cons: crystalline deodorant cannot be stored in damp places, placed on marble and granite surfaces.

How to use Thai crystal deodorant properly

How to properly use deodorant

Always close the crystal deodorant cap tightly after use.

Thai crystal deodorant is one of the safest and most ethical beauty products available. They are super economical, odorless and colorless. The crystal from Thailand does not clog pores like conventional chemical deodorants and kills bacteria that cause odor. In case the crystal breaks, the shards can be collected and melted in water for further use as intended.

Thai crystals are either whole or melted: the former are made from a piece of mineral without the addition of other components, while melted crystals usually contain extracts of fruits, roots or herbs common in Asia.

Crystalline, stone, alum, or mineral deodorant are all names for one type of product. These deodorants are usually made from the mineral alunite, which contains potassium and aluminum salts (also known as alum - hence the name "alum"). If you understand how to properly use a crystal deodorant from Thailand, you will be able to fully appreciate its benefits. Its components have powerful antibacterial activity, due to which microorganisms that multiply in a humid environment and cause an unpleasant odor are killed.

Pros of Mineral Deodorant

We will show you how to properly use deodorant salt, weighing its positive and negative sides.

  • Completely natural composition suitable for lovers of organic cosmetics, vegans, allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating women.
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe underarm skin after shaving.
  • Does not clog sweat glands and does not violate thermoregulation, which is especially important in the heat or during physical exertion.
  • Feels comfortable on the skin, does not leave a sticky film.
  • It works for a long time - up to 24 hours.
  • It is economically consumed, one crystal, even with regular use, can be enough for a couple of years.
  • Does not stain clothes due to the absence of oils and fragrances in the composition.
  • Can be used to heal scratches and other damage to the skin.

Cons of Mineral Deodorant

No matter how good this deodorant is, no matter how quickly you learn how to use alunite correctly, it also has its drawbacks.

  • Brittle material: likely to break if dropped.
  • It only affects the smell, but does not reduce the activity of the sweat glands, so do not expect dry armpits.
  • It is effective only when applied to clean skin, the smell of sweat that has already appeared cannot be eliminated.

How to use mineral deodorant

There are two ways to apply crystalline deodorant.

  1. First: cleanse the skin of the armpits, dry, slightly moisten the crystal and run it over the skin.
  2. Second, apply deodorant to clean, damp skin. Wait until the product is completely dry.

At the end of the process, rinse the mineral with water and wipe with a tissue to remove bacteria from its surface, and then close the lid tightly. Store the product in a dry place. As you can see, using a salt deodorant is easy. The product needs special care, but this is unlikely to take much time.

We also found a cool video for you on the topic:

How to use a creamy deodorant correctly

Creamy deodorants are a relatively recent invention that was immediately appreciated by girls with sensitive skin. The delicate texture does not cause itching and irritation, rarely provokes allergic reactions. It is necessary to apply the product on clean, dry skin, it can be done in three ways: with a “native” applicator, a paper towel or a special spatula, which is sometimes included in the kit.

Pros of a creamy deodorant

  • pleasant texture to use,
  • enriched with caring ingredients,
  • does not irritate the skin,
  • does not contain alcohol,
  • quite economically consumed.

Cons of Creamy Deodorant

  • short duration of action,
  • does not stand the test of heat and sports,
  • not the most user-friendly format.

How to use deodorant powder properly

Powdery deodorant is made from natural talc, like baby powders, adding plant extracts, fragrances and caring ingredients to it. Use deodorant powder as follows:

  1. Cleanse the skin and dry it with a towel or napkins.
  2. Apply a small amount of deodorant powder with your fingers or the special applicator to your underarms.
  3. This form of product does not require drying, so you can immediately get dressed.
How to properly use deodorant

Powdery deodorant contains talc, which is absolutely safe for the skin

Pros of deodorant powder

  • perfectly absorbs moisture and protects against the appearance of sweat marks on clothes
  • instantly absorbed
  • does not block the ducts of the sweat glands
  • does not dry the skin
  • valid throughout the day
  • protects against bacterial growth

Cons of deodorant powder

  • may leave white marks on clothing
  • not the most convenient format to use
  • not practical in transportation - it can easily crumble

Dabomatic deodorant: what is it and how to use it correctly?

Dabomatics are a group of powerful antiperspirant deodorants. Dabomatic is a bottle with a mesh applicator attachment. When you turn it over, the antiperspirant wets the applicator. But you cannot use Dry Dry roll-on deodorant in the same way as usual, it will be correct to study the instructions. Otherwise, the fabric will be knocked out from under the rim and there will be no sense.

You can use such funds not only on the armpits, but also, for example, on the palms and on the feet. They protect against sweat for up to 7 days, and in some cases, the effect lasts for up to two weeks. The way of using dabomatic differs significantly from the usual deodorant. To assess its capabilities as a powerful cosmetic product, teach how to properly use Dry Dry deodorant.

How to use the dabomatic deodorant

  1. Turn the bottle over so the liquid saturates the attachment cloth.
  2. Then apply the attachment to the skin using targeted movements until you have treated the entire area.
  3. You do not need to move the applicator in different directions, as is the case with other deodorants, otherwise you will break the design of the nozzle.
  4. Dabomatic should be used at night, applying to clean, dry skin about one hour before bedtime. Then the effectiveness of the remedy will be the highest, since at night sweating is inactive, and the deodorant has time to be well absorbed into the pores and sweat glands.
  5. If you do not have excessive sweating, it will be enough to use dabomatic every 7-10 days.

Pros of deodorant-dabomatic

  • effective for hyperhidrosis
  • reliably protects against odor and traces of sweat during physical activity
  • very economical consumption
  • suitable not only for armpits, but also for arms and legs
  • can rarely be used

Cons of deodorant dabomatic

  • may cause itching and burning if the skin is sensitive
  • often has a pungent odor
  • can not be used after shaving

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