Shadowboxing: 10 Ways to Beat Your Laziness
Shadowboxing: 10 Ways to Beat Your Laziness

We all procrastinate, procrastinate, and get lazy, and that's okay. But what if laziness has overcome you and prevents you from fulfilling your plans? We have 10 ways to defeat her!

Shadowboxing: 10 Ways to Beat Your Laziness

Correct morning

Sleep at least eight hours a day, and when you wake up, try not to jump out of bed right away. Lie around for a few minutes, stretch, think about a new day. Do not be lazy to exercise: a five-minute set of the simplest exercises will help you stay awake all day. A contrast shower is a great way to wake up the body, give it energy and vitality. Breakfast is the key to the right start to the day. Make sure it is light: cottage cheese, cereals, fruits, cereals and juices.

Action plan

In order for things to go well and quickly, you need to put everything you have planned on the shelves. Make a plan of action for the nearest future. Make long-term and short-term plans. Remember, big things need to be broken down into stages. This way you will give your head time to reflect and rest.

No distractions

Most often, it turns out that people spend a huge amount of time making tea and coffee, viewing mail, updating social networks, looking at a new collection of clothes on their favorite website and other unimportant nonsense. When you do this kind of thing, you don't notice how precious time allotted to work is running out. Try not to be distracted by such trifles and concentrate on your work.


Take breaks. After 20-30 minutes of work, sit in silence or breathe some fresh air for five minutes. After such a break, you will be able to evaluate the work done with a fresh mind.

I'm fine fellow

Set yourself a condition: for example, if you do what you planned, you will reward yourself with buying a new dress. The amount of remuneration depends on the work done, so everything is in your hands!

Do not tighten

Kill laziness even before it manifests itself. The most important thing here is not to be mistaken, whether it is laziness or ARI, for example. Weakness, blues, drowsiness? If there are no obvious signs of the disease, other than the above, then this is definitely laziness. Rather, we get down to business so that she does not completely take over our mind and body!


Do something that will remind you of the value of your work. For example, your goal is a car. Decide what it will be, put his photo on the desktop screensaver on your computer or phone. Make printouts that remind you why you are doing your job. You can also buy yourself a book with expressions of great people about goals, dreams and motivation. Open it when you feel that you are relaxing, quotes and aphorisms will certainly breathe strength into you.

Time management

The art of knowing how to plan your time will help you buy a free minute for a cup of coffee. We live in a modern world in which there is no place for the concept of “missing the deadline”. Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to have time to complete a given amount of work in one hour or one day, and this is where time management skills come in handy.


Meditation makes the willpower parts of the brain work, improves memory and concentration. Constant 5-10 minutes of meditation a day works wonders! It's very easy to master it now: there are many applications that allow you to set the time and format: choose just sounds or music, or add a voice that all the time reminds you to focus on breathing, and not immerse yourself in thoughts.

Simplify your first step

Very often we cannot get down to business, because the task before us seems enormous and overwhelming.A picture of the apocalypse arises in my thoughts: here you are, overgrown with hair to your heels and aging, many years later you are still sitting at a quarterly report or a strategy for promoting a company on social networks.

Break it down into small steps. Make every task small and easy to achieve. For example, you can start by creating a document and a cover page. A "butterfly effect" awaits you - small things ultimately add up to a grandiose result!

Fulfilling your duties, you go to the goal, to the dream, which is getting closer every day. For the sake of this, you can try. At the end of the horse, do not forget to do fasting days, in which you can calmly walk in the park with your dog, watch a movie or lie in bed all day looking through old photographs. But do not get carried away, because laziness is an insidious thing!

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