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Eh, it's gone! How to fix a zipper on your clothes with your own hands
Eh, it's gone! How to fix a zipper on your clothes with your own hands

Sometimes it happens that clothes fail at the most inopportune moments: a broken zipper can cause delays and other troubles!

Eh, it's gone! How to fix a zipper on your clothes with your own hands

If this does happen, do not rush to get upset, because there are several simple life hacks that will help you fix a zipper on a jacket, bag, backpack or favorite jeans with your own hands in a matter of minutes. Contents of the article 1. How to fix a zipper on a jacket 2. How to fix a zipper if it breaks 3. How to prevent future breakdowns: basic maintenance rules 4. How to fix a zipper using a drinking straw 5. How to fix a quick-release zipper if it breaks? 5.1 Method One 5.2 Method Two 5.3 Method Three 5.4 Method Four 5.5 Method Five 6. How to fix a zipper lock: install a new part 7. How to fix a zipper below if it breaks Hide

If you know that lightning can break, it is best to take precautions in advance to prevent annoying damage. But even if everything has already happened, the matter can be corrected. It is enough to arm yourself with a few useful tips to quickly fix a broken mechanism.

How to fix a zipper on a jacket

How to fix a zipper on a jacket

Need to fix your jacket's zipper urgently? Read in our material how to do it

Zipper on clothes, it is a zipper, or a snake, is found on almost any product. From time to time, it can diverge or fray at the very base below, which is why it becomes unusable. It is not always possible to take a thing for repair, so it is important to know how to fix a zipper at home.

If the zipper diverges, you must start with the slider, which has ceased to fasten the edges, squeeze it so that it closes.

You can repair the slider in the following ways:

  • gripping firmly with pliers or hammer. To do this, put a jacket or other item with a broken zipper on a flat surface with the "dog" down, try to fasten at least halfway and press the slider firmly with pliers or with a hammer;
  • gentle up and down movements so as not to spoil the slider;
  • replacing the parts of the old zipper with new ones. You can buy them at any sewing store;
  • securing the naughty runner with fishing line or strong threads, fixing the ends so that they do not interfere with the closing movement.

How to fix a zipper if it breaks

How to fix a zipper

If the zipper is open, it can be repaired with pliers.

  • If the zipper diverges due to broken or missing teeth, try rearranging new teeth with another zipper or purchase new ones. This is a jewelry work, but you can do it yourself with the help of nail scissors and tweezers.
  • If the teeth on the metal zipper are deformed, but remain in place, try to return them to their original position with a hammer: put the product on a flat surface with the zipper up and gently tap on the place requiring restoration.
  • If the slider moves up and down with difficulty, lubricate it and the zipper itself with oil. The method is suitable for hard leather or plastic products, as greasy stains may remain on the fabric. Instead of oil, you can use wax or candle wax, they have the same sliding properties.
  • A soft pencil shaft can also help repair the zipper by walking the lead over the zipper.
  • Use liquid glue to secure the zipper's plastic base. Using a cotton swab, apply a small amount of glue to the base of the zipper and press down on the latch. High-quality household glue should "grab" the detached base of the zipper, improving the function of the fastener.
  • To fix a zipper on a jacket that has come off at the bottom of the fabric of the product, sew it with threads along the edges or pin it with safety pins to fix the position.

How to prevent future breakdowns: basic care rules

It is important to follow basic garment care to prevent damage to the zipper or prolong the life of repaired parts.

  1. Protect the zipper from sand, dust and other foreign particles. They clog the slider and deform the teeth, so you need to keep the zipper clean. Clean the parts with an old toothbrush lightly greased with vegetable oil or paraffin to ensure the slider glides smoothly.
  2. A nylon or plastic zipper cannot be ironed and dried on too hot batteries: high temperatures harm products made of these materials. Iron from the wrong side or use a thin fabric.
  3. When machine wash, use the delicate cycle or turn garments inside out before placing them in the drum.
  4. Do not fasten things forcibly, make sure that the zipper does not pinch the fabric and timely foreign objects and pieces of fabric.

How to fix a zipper with a beverage straw

If the base of the clasp is damaged, you can use a plastic cocktail straw. The repair is done as follows:

  1. Remove loose threads with a zipper;
  2. Remove the retainer;
  3. Cut a piece of tubing about a centimeter long;
  4. Cut a piece of the tube lengthwise and put it in place of the retainer;
  5. Bring the structure to the fire, holding it with pliers;
  6. The plastic will heat up, and you can crush it into the desired shape

How to fix a quick detachable zipper if it breaks?

How to fix a zipper

Scissors, a screwdriver and pliers will help you quickly revive a broken zipper

Method one

The easiest answer to the question of how to fix a zipper if it diverges is to use pliers. Simply squeeze the slider between the prongs of the fixture and pull towards the closure. This will help the fastener return to the grooves. Try not to press the attachment point too hard to avoid damaging the mechanism.

Method two

If the zipper has parted, and only one half of the zipper remains on the zipper, use regular scissors. Find the bottom position of the slider and cut the fabric horizontally between the teeth in this place. This little notch will prevent the zipper from opening below. Put on the torn off half of the dog with the zipper in the notch area and zip it all the way.

Method three

A loose zipper can be repaired with a screwdriver. Slide the tip of the tool into the groove on the top of the slider to widen the hole. Insert the free edge of the clasp into the flare and squeeze with pliers.

Method four

Place where the zipper came apart, brush with clear nail polish and zip it up.

Method five

If all else fails, there is only one option - to replace the slider /

How to fix a zipper lock: install a new part

Before installing a new dog, you need to remove the old one. This is done simply: you can break it with pliers, all the same, the lock is no longer useful.

We share simple life hacks on how to replace the slider on the clasp.

  • So that the teeth easily enter the groove, thoroughly lather the zipper.
  • On an all-in-one zipper, the slider is replaced after removing the lower stopper, and on a detachable zipper - the upper one. To remove the stopper, you need to pry it from the inside with a flat screwdriver, and then unbend it with pliers. After installing the carriage, the part is put back.
  • When repairing a metal zipper without a stopper, remove several lower links, change the dog and put a stopper instead of the removed teeth.

When choosing a new slider, pay attention to the number engraved on the part so that it fits exactly with the zipper.But even if the numbers are the same, products from different manufacturers may differ, so it is best to take an old zipper with you to the store and pick up a new part on the spot.

The following designations will help you choose the right lock at the time of purchase:

X - two-way cast zipper;

L - does not unfasten at the end, single-lock;

H - two-piece one-piece zipper;

D - the clasp opens at the end, two-lock;

A - one-piece zipper;

B - detachable single-lock zipper;

C - detachable two-lock;

How to fix a zipper

When choosing a new slider in the store, pay attention to the engraving on the old

How to fix a zipper at the bottom if it breaks

  • If the material on the zipper is loose and prevents it from closing, cover the leaky area with glue. Better to take one that dries quickly and apply it a little at a time.
  • If the zipper on the jacket just came apart, gently squeeze the zipper with pliers.
  • If the pin comes off, you can make a new one from a cocktail tube using the technology that we described above.
  • A torn tab can temporarily replace a paper clip.
  • It is better to have a badly damaged fastener replaced at the atelier.

We also found a cool video on how to fix a zipper in 1 minute.

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