Order in 18 minutes: an effective time scheduling technique
Order in 18 minutes: an effective time scheduling technique

Surely it happened that you turned on your computer at work, started answering letters, then looked in social networks … And now two hours have passed, work is endless, and where the time went is not clear. Time management specialists offer many different time management options, and one of the most elegant was developed by the American Peter Bregman. Its system is simple and takes only 18 minutes a day.

Order in 18 minutes: an effective time scheduling technique

1. First step (5 minutes)

Plan your day. Before you turn on your computer, sit down and make a plan for what you need to do today. What matters will be important and what can be left for later? Of course, you can add to the list and what is not related to work, the system is easy to customize for yourself. Add everything you need to the calendar, and if there is no more space, change the priorities. Now you definitely won't want to waste two hours!

2. Second step (1 minute)

More precisely, eight times a minute (or as many as you see fit, given the daily routine). Set a timer on your phone or computer to beep once an hour. As soon as you hear, take a break from business, take a deep breath and ask yourself how that hour went. Think about what you need to keep up with the next one. Manage your time hour after hour, don't let it rule you.

This, of course, does not mean that for all 59 minutes you should, without unbending, make the world a better place! Breaks, meals, trips, walks - lead your normal life. But don't forget to think about how the time goes by.

3. Third step (5 minutes)

Turn off your gadgets and evaluate your day: what was successful, what not, what is left for tomorrow. This little ritual is good for its predictability. Every day you stop and think about what you are dedicating your life to. This means that you learn to focus on what is important and get more out of life!

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