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How to straighten hair without an iron or hairdryer at home: 7 easy ways
How to straighten hair without an iron or hairdryer at home: 7 easy ways

Thermal exposure and chemical straightening methods can damage hair over time. Even if you can't live without straight hair, you don't have to mutilate your curls every time. There are alternative methods for safe straightening. How to quickly straighten hair without an iron and a hair dryer? Choose any method and experiment at home.

How to straighten hair without an iron or hairdryer at home: 7 easy ways

If your hair is tired of harmful manipulations, it's time to try “healthy” straightening methods. 7 quick and easy techniques to straighten your hair for a long time at home.

How to straighten your hair without an iron and a hair dryer at home?

Method 1: soak in milk

At first glance, a strange way, but worth trying - the protein in milk will make the structure of each hair healthier. How to properly straighten your hair with this product? Pour fresh, slightly cool milk into a cup and hold the curls there for 10 minutes. Then put a shower cap over your head and leave the milk on your hair for another 30 minutes. Then wash off the drink with regular shampoo and dry your hair naturally. Comb through your curls gently as you dry.

Method 2: "Toga"

"Toga" is not a shamanic spell, but just the name of the Latin American technique of hair straightening without a hairdryer and ironing. Residents of hot countries have come up with their own way of how to quickly straighten their hair without a curling iron. Wash your hair first, then dry your hair naturally, gently combing through the curls. The final stage is to dry your hair completely, wrap it around your head and fix the structure with invisible ones. Get straight and shiny hair in the morning.

Method 3: elastic bands for every 3 centimeters

Before going to bed, make a simple structure on your hair. Part your hair in half and secure in two low ponytails. Then distribute elastic bands from the beginning to the end of the ponytail, retreating by 3 cm. In the morning, carefully remove all elastic bands and comb through your hair. Voila - now you know how to quickly straighten your hair without ironing.

Method 4: straightening with curlers

Surprise - even with curlers you can straighten your hair. The method will suit everyone. If you've been looking for a technique on how to quickly straighten curly hair, you've found it. In addition, this straightening option will help create volume in your hair. How does the method work? Take a large diameter curler and curl your hair. This should be done immediately after shampooing. Plastic curlers with Velcro will help to achieve smooth, even transitions.

Method 5: natural mask

There are several natural hair mask recipes that actually work. The instructions for use are universal for everyone - leave the mask on your hair for 30-60 minutes, and then rinse.

Option 1 of the mask: Mix 240 ml of whole or coconut milk with a tablespoon of honey.

Option 2 of the mask: add 1 egg to 470 ml of milk.

Mask option 3: Mix 240 ml of coconut milk with 5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch until smooth.

Method 6: homemade lamination with gelatin

This method is also called home lamination. The procedure is recommended to be performed 1-2 times a week, but after the first time the hair will become smooth. To do this, take one tablespoon of gelatin, pour it with three tablespoons of water. When the gelatin has absorbed the liquid, melt it in the microwave or in a water bath and add half a tablespoon of the balm. The mask should be applied to the hair, bypassing the root zone, and held for 40-60 minutes, putting a hat on your head and wrapping it in a towel. After that, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and dry it naturally.

Method 7: rinsing with vinegar

Vinegar can be found in many popular hair beauty recipes. It makes hair shine, removes grease and even makes hair softer. The culinary product will also help with hair straightening. It will weigh down the curls and make them flawlessly smooth, even if your hair tends to frizz.

How to use vinegar to straighten? Just mix a tablespoon of the product with a quarter glass of hot water, leave for 20 minutes, and then apply it to your hair for about half an hour. Then wash your hair with a little shampoo and dry your hair as usual.

Hair straighteners without curling iron and hairdryer

Use not only natural products at home regularly, but also professional products. Don't expect instant results, but hair will become silky and shiny over time.

  • Straightening Serum - Apply it to wet strands from root to tip along the entire length, and then dry naturally.
  • Smoothing cream - it resembles a greasy hair mask. The application technique is the same as for the serum - we apply the product to wet curls.
  • Bond oil is commonly used to gently straighten hair. It must first be rubbed in the palms and applied along the entire length. Or limit yourself to just the tips.
  • The straightening spray works great on both wet and dry strands. We distribute the product from roots to ends and gently comb the hair until it dries completely.

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