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BB cream - rating of the best beauty products for all skin types
BB cream - rating of the best beauty products for all skin types

BB cream is an indispensable link between moisturizer and tone. The best BB cream is able to correct complexion, moisturize the skin as much as possible and protect it from dangerous UV rays from the sun. In fact, the Korean product can be considered a multifunctional beauty product that will help save space on the shelf with cosmetic products. How to choose the right BB cream so that it fits perfectly to your skin - read our article.

BB cream - rating of the best beauty products for all skin types

Are you still confusing BB cream with his younger brother CC cream and don't know where to find your perfect beauty product? All the answers are already here. Contents of the article 1. What is BB cream and why is it needed? 2. How does BB cream differ from CC, DD and EE creams? 2.1 CC creams 2.2 DD creams 2.3 EE creams 3. How to choose a BB foundation for different skin types? 3.1 The best BB cream for dry skin 3.2 The best BB cream for oily skin 3.3 The best BB cream for combination skin 3.4 The best BB cream for mature skin 4. The best BB creams for everyday makeup 4.1 Korean Erborian BB cream4.2 Holika Holika BB moisturizing cream4.3 Missha BB cream 4.4 Secret Key BB cream4.5 BB cream for dry skin L 'Oréal Paris4.6 Belita-Vitex BB cream for all skin types 4.7 Garnier BB cream for normal skin 4.8 Shiseido BB cream for dry skin 4.9 Korean BB cream for problem skin The Saem Saemmul 4.10 BB Smashbox 5. How to apply BB cream? 5.1 Use the palm of your hand as a palette 5.2 Use a flat brush to apply 5.3 Blend the BB cream in a circular motion 5.4 Touch up specific areas of the face after applying the cream Hide

Despite the fact that BB-cream is a very popular product on the cosmetic market, many girls still have questions: how to use it correctly, how does it differ from a regular foundation and what types of skin is it used for? We have tried to collect all the details to satisfy your interest.

What is BB cream and why is it needed?


A multifunctional beauty product appeared in South Korea. Any BB cream solves several care and decorative tasks at once - it protects from the sun, moisturizes, mattifies, tones and soothes the skin of the face. Of course, the set of qualities depends on the specific tool. The best BB cream, according to the girls who use this cosmetic product, not only "retouch" the skin, but also take care of it.

The main differences BB cream from regular foundation - a product marked BB has a lighter and weightless texture, and also falls into the category of not only decorative, but also care products. Essentially, BB Cream is a combination of a skincare product and a foundation fluid. If, when buying a BB cream, the question is - which one is better to choose, then, first of all, it is important to focus on your skin type: dry, oily or combination.

It is important to note that most BB creams do not contain a sufficient level of SPF, so we do not recommend substituting them for traditional Sanskrin. In addition, beauty junkies know that sun protection only works if you apply a certain amount of the product - at least one teaspoon. Now imagine how your face will look with a thick layer of foundation? The question is rhetorical. So be sure to use Sanskrin as a separate product. The best BB cream for you is the one that does not make a mask out of your face, give preference to the product that is suitable for your skin, and not the one that manufacturers constantly advertise. Decorative and care cosmetics with SPF can be used as an additional layer of sun protection.

BB creams are the first on the list of multifunctional products that have taken over the world. They can be matched to any type of skin - from dry to combination.Also on the beauty market, you can find BB creams that partly help to solve not only basic, but also specific skin problems. A good BB cream for the face not only hides imperfections, but also nourishes, moisturizes and cares for the skin.

BB creams are suitable for those who prefer light coverage and natural skin tone.

As for the cons of BB creams, you won't find a wide variety of shades in Korean lines. If you have a complex skin color with an unusual undertone, you should turn to Western brands. They are more active in developing the color palette of products. A good BB cream should be selected only taking into account the characteristics of your skin, because the one that suits your girlfriend may not suit you at all.

How does BB cream differ from CC-, DD- and EE-creams?


Every year, new products appear on the beauty market, which, it would seem, should simplify our life, but in fact, they only complicate it. The best BB cream can replace several cosmetic products that you regularly use. You just need to know some of the features of its use. Of course, the intricacies can be figured out without professional education. Here's how BB cream differs from CC, DD and EE creams.

CC creams

While BB and CC creams are similar, there is one notable difference that makes each product unique. CC Cream is short for Color Correcting. The beauty product is designed to correct complexion, namely to mask redness and yellowness. Unlike BB Cream, CC Cream works as a color corrector, not a foundation. The best Korean BB creams do an excellent job of correcting complexion while masking skin imperfections.

Advanced CC cream formulations may contain active anti-aging ingredients. For those who suffer from redness, age spots or acne, CC creams are ideal. BB or CC cream - which is better? Practice will tell you which remedy is ideal for you. It is only worth mentioning that after applying the BB cream, a refreshing effect is felt; this cosmetic product does not dry the skin at all, unlike, for example, foundation.

DD creams

DD Cream stands for Dynamic Do-All, or Daily Defense, which translates as "daily protection." DD creams are similar in texture to BB creams, with beauty products solving different problems. DD-cream is distinguished by more serious SPF-protection and a high concentration of moisturizing components in the composition. Initially, the DD-marked beauty product was released for areas of the body that often dry and flake. In this format, the cream was not successful, then the manufacturers changed the concept and released DD-cream for the face. DD creams are best for mature and dry skin. The foundation can be applied up to medium coverage. But by choosing the best BB cream, you get the opportunity to preserve the naturalness of the skin. The best BB creams for aging skin do a much better job of refreshing facial skin than DD creams, because BB cream also cares for the skin.

EE creams

EE stands for Extra Exfoliation, which means extra exfoliation. A beauty product is radically different from its counterparts. EE creams work as mild exfoliation, which means they cannot be used every day. And girls with thin and sensitive skin should, in principle, avoid products marked with EE. This is a certain disadvantage of such cosmetic products. The best BB creams do not have this effect. Together with the removal of the upper layer of the epidermis, EE-creams brighten the skin and reduce age spots.

How to choose a BB foundation for different skin types?


As with any beauty product, you have to go through trial and error to find the perfect remedy. There is no universal answer as to which BB cream will suit you one hundred percent, which is the best budget BB cream that will be perfect for you, because each person's skin reacts differently to different ingredients. All you can do is buy a beauty product for your skin type and test it.We have simplified the task and compiled a cheat sheet on how to choose a BB cream for specific tasks and skin characteristics.

Best BB cream for dry skin

The best BB creams for dry skin have an excellent moisturizing effect. Intensively moisturizing BB creams with a moist finish are suitable for owners of dry skin. Moisturizing ingredients will hydrate your skin and adjust its tone and texture. The "wet" effect will quickly hide peeling.

Best BB cream for oily skin

The best BB cream for combination to oily skin is oil-free. For those with oily skin, we recommend the oil-free BB cream with a matte finish. Such beauty products will not clog pores, provoke acne and active production of sebum. On hot days, girls with combination to normal skin should abandon dense foundations and opt for light matte BB creams. Otherwise, due to the dense texture and high temperature, the skin will begin to shine and be covered with sweat droplets.

Best BB cream for combination skin

How to find the best BB cream for this skin type? For combination skin, balance is important - you should not overdry dry skin and overload oily areas of the face. Count on lightweight moisturizing formulas to create a soft glow and minimize the appearance of pores.

Best BB cream for mature skin

The best BB creams for aging skin should contain vitamin C, which helps to rejuvenate the skin. Restore your skin to its natural radiance with moisturizing BB-creams with toning antioxidants in the composition. Beauty products with a translucent formula will provide natural coverage, smoothen wrinkles and plump skin.

Best BB Creams for Everyday Makeup

Looking for the best BB cream? We will show you which beauty product is worthy of your cosmetic bag.

Erborian Korean BB Cream

Korean BB Cream

The iconic multi-functional BB cream is suitable for all skin types. The beauty product tones the face, moisturizes the skin and provides an extra layer of sun protection.

Holika Holika Moisturizing BB Cream

Moisturizing BB Cream

The versatile BB-cream is a substitute for a thick foundation and a light basic care product.

Missha BB cream

BB cream

Missha Korean BB Cream is available in four light shades with different undertone. The product masks age-related changes well and refreshes the face.

Secret Key BB Cream

BB cream for oily skin

A beauty product solves several important tasks at once: mattifies the skin, reduces visible pores, fights pigmentation and moisturizes without overloading.

L'Oréal Paris BB cream for dry skin

BB cream for dry skin

The BB Cream's lightweight texture and moisturizing ingredients will enhance complexion and leave your skin looking radiant.

BB-cream for all skin types "Belita-Vitex"

BB cream for all skin types

The budget BB-cream from the Belita-Vitex brand works no worse than its expensive counterparts. The product can do the same: moisturize, tone and protect from the sun.

BB-cream for normal skin Garnier ("Garnier")

BB cream for normal skin

Looking for a light foundation for normal skin? Garnier BB Cream is what you need. The beauty product boasts good durability - it stays on the skin for about 12 hours.

Shiseido BB Cream for Dry Skin

BB cream for dry skin

If your skin is lacking in hydration and nutrition, try the Intensively Hydrating BB Cream. The Shiseido product contains not only nutritional, but also tonic components.

The Saem Saemmul Korean BB Cream for Problem Skin

Korean BB cream for problem skin

Redness, enlarged pores and an oily sheen? Try a Korean product from The Saem. Thanks to its light texture, the BB cream does not feel at all on the skin and does not spread throughout the day.

BB Smashbox Foundation

BB Foundation

The universal BB cream leaves the skin smooth and soft immediately after application. Both light and dark shades can be found in the brand's palette.

Which foundation to choose and which brushes to apply tone? Explore beauty trends and experiment with looks this fall.

How to apply BB cream?

Have you tried BB cream and don't understand why everyone praises it so much? We promise that with our instructions, your opinion will change. We can help you distinguish a good BB cream from one that is not quite suitable for your skin type.


Use your palm as a palette

Apply a small amount to the back of your hand. Remember that BB cream cannot be applied in large portions straight from the tube. Spread the product with light strokes. The easiest way to draw on the cream is with your fingers or a brush directly from the palm of your hand. The best BB cream for you matches your skin tone, and this is one of the important selection criteria.

Use a flat brush to apply

A good BB cream has a light texture. Use a flat kabuki brush to apply the BB cream gently. First, dot the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, and then blend them all over the face. If you want to achieve a thicker coverage, apply the cream in two layers. For a wetter finish, use a teardrop sponge instead of a brush. You can shade the product to the desired density. Just remember to wet and wring out the sponge before using.

Blend the BB cream in a circular motion

Using a kabuki brush, spread the product all over your face in smooth circular motions. A good BB cream is evenly distributed over the skin, without rolling into lumps and without forming seals. When applying the cream, alternate the patting and stroking technique. Start shading from the center to the temples. Spread the product all the way to the end of the neck so that the complexion is the same on the face and neck.

Correct individual areas of the face after applying the cream

A few seconds after applying the first layer of BB cream, you can work out in detail individual skin defects - acne, redness, circles under the eyes or scars. The best BB cream initially adheres to the skin smoother than foundation, and over time you will learn how to apply it to your face with your fingers without using a brush or sponge.

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