The Pursuit of Happiness: Easy Running Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch
The Pursuit of Happiness: Easy Running Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

We've explored 5 mobile apps that will help you fall in love with running and cover your first distances.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Easy Running Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

Summer has finally come to us, and with it the running season has opened. On Sunday, May 28, Moscow will host one of the largest races in Russia - the charitable Green Marathon "Running Hearts". Even if you did not manage to register, you can still run with meaning: for this you need to install the Nike + Run Club mobile application and register on the website.

Each kilometer covered by registered users on the day of the race in the Nike + Run Club app will be equal to 50 rubles. Athletes with different levels of physical fitness can take part in the race by registering at a distance of 4.2, 10 or 21 kilometers. And you can prepare for the selected distance using one of the running apps for iPhone or Apple Watch, which we have selected:

Nike + Run Club

With the Nike + Run Club app, you'll find everything to help you run better and more often, including GPS tracking of your runs, personalized workout routines that adapt to your goals and progress, and limitless motivation from your friends. In other words, we will help you achieve your goals and make your journey more interesting.


Join the 30 million community of Runkeeper users who have already turned their iPhone and Apple Watch into a personal pocket trainer. View detailed statistics for pace, distance, workout time, and heart rate. Hear your coach's music and instructions through headphones in the form of built-in audio replicas. Take pictures during your workouts, save them and show them to your friends.

5K Runner

Get in shape in a matter of weeks and learn to run from 1 to 5 km without difficulty! Thanks to this application, more than 4 million people have started to lead a more active lifestyle and achieved their goals, which means you can too! Train for just 30 minutes 3 times a week and after 8 weeks you will easily run your first 5 without difficulty.

Slimming jogging

The key to effective weight loss is the right combination of exercise and healthy eating. With our app, you will get your interval running training plans and meal plans with recipes for delicious and healthy meals. Burn as many calories as possible using workout plans with intervals of running, walking, and accelerating. Choose the plan that's right for you based on your goals and fitness level. Just 3 workouts per week will be enough to start losing weight. We've taken care of everything for your weight loss, so you can concentrate on running regularly and eating well. Our application will do the rest for you.


Set yourself a goal to be better than yesterday! Just pick your favorite activity and Runtastic makes any sport workout more effective and fun.

The free Runtastic tracker app accurately measures time, speed, distance, altitude difference, calories burned and many other parameters of your workouts so that every run, every ride brings maximum benefit and pleasure. Get more exercise with your iPhone and Apple Watch!

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