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I'm not going to workout! 14 reasons to skip a visit to the fitness club
I'm not going to workout! 14 reasons to skip a visit to the fitness club

Even people who are highly motivated for sports have moments when most of all they want to curl up in a ball under the covers and not go out anywhere. Here is a list of excuses for yourself.

I'm not going to workout! 14 reasons to skip a visit to the fitness club

1. There is no pure form

And there is even nothing to replace - the T-shirts are also in the wash. Or not dry yet. So the trip is canceled.

2. In the hall, you met your ex

He did not recognize you, but now it is not clear whether it is worth going further there with the risk of bumping into this comrade.

3. You are too tired

Moreover, studies say that if a person does not get enough sleep, he is drawn to eat, not work out. So you better get some sleep.

4. You got angry at work

It would seem that it's time to go to the gym and there furiously work out on all the simulators. But one study says that exercising actively with anger increases the risk of heart problems. So watching the series in a relaxed atmosphere is exactly what the doctor ordered.

5. You have severe menstrual pain

It started back in school, and it was even funny. Now they have intensified, and even getting out of bed is not so easy.

6. You are late for your group class

Everyone has already adopted the yoga pose named by the trainer, froze - and then you rush in and interfere with everyone. It's not worth it.

7. There is a naked man in your bed

And how can you get up and go to the gym when you don't have to go anywhere?

8. You drank too much coffee

And now it has become dangerous to exercise intensively!

9. You forgot your headphones at home

It is possible without them, but the girls on the neighboring simulators are always chatting.

10. Muscles ache after yesterday

You can't even really bend down, what can you say about full-fledged classes!

11. You have too much work

If it doesn't mean talking with mom and cat, you should postpone your visit until tomorrow.

12. Need to carry new shoes

And if after that you go to the hall - all the small calluses will come out and remind you of yourself.

13. It's raining outside

And on the way you will definitely get your feet wet. What kind of sport is this?

14. I just don't feel like it

And I want, for example, to drink a couple of cocktails. Life flies by so quickly, how can you do it all?

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