Expert opinion: why you need a coach
Expert opinion: why you need a coach

Technologies are developing rapidly: now each of us has access to fitness trackers that are synchronized with smartphones around the clock, a huge number of video workouts on the Internet, and even online consultations on fitness and nutrition 24/7. However, we are sure that only professionals should be trusted to take care of your physical condition. A recognized expert in the field of fitness and simply beautiful Maria Abakumova tells about the reasons.

Expert opinion: why you need a coach Maria Abakumova

Maria Abakumova Coach of OLYMP and ALEX FITNESS clubs. Certified instructor in strength, aerobic and mind & body areas. Presenter of international fitness conventions.

Define goals and check compatibility

Decide for yourself what exactly you expect from training and be sure to take into account the individual characteristics of your body. Want to look like the fitness bikini star from a sports nutrition ad or just shed some extra pounds for beach season? Or maybe your dream is to do a split or are you tired of back pain? The correct choice of the coach will depend on the correct task!

When choosing a coach, make sure that he suits you in character and that you are comfortable communicating with him. If, for example, you are annoyed by an illiterate speech, and the coach has a vocabulary like a "man-eater", it is hardly "your man". You will not get either pleasure or results from such training.

A plan that really works

A professional trainer will conduct the necessary tests and draw up a training plan taking into account your characteristics and wishes, and, of course, taking into account your initial level of physical fitness. Only such a plan will be effective! We all want great results in a week … but it is important to understand that the path to a dream figure is not as easy as we would like.

And so you and the coach follow a clearly outlined training plan, you get the first results, they inspire you, you are ready to move on, but at some point you realize that you are tired….


"Magic kick" or "when your strength ends"

I hardly know people who are able to motivate themselves on a daily basis and in any situation. We all get tired, we get stress at work, and minor troubles at home add gloomy colors to the overall picture, and then each of us begins to feel sorry for himself. A coach is exactly the person to whom you can turn for help, ask for advice. Do not hesitate: a good coach will always listen, help you find a solution and will not allow you to turn off the right training course!


Everything's under control

Several trainings have passed and now you are already full of confidence that you yourself know everything and can …

Have you ever thought that your feelings while performing this or that exercise can be subjective? You repeat the complexes found on the Internet, and it seems to you that you are doing everything right, but in fact, you make gross mistakes that will ultimately lead to injury. And this happens due to the lack of the correct motor skill, for the formation of which time and constant control of the trainer are needed!


Fighting the attitude "I know everything myself" or "everything is on the Internet"

Before leaving a personal trainer, think about whether you have a sufficient knowledge base to train on your own? Can you choose the correct and appropriate information from all the variety of information? Sometimes I read articles on the Internet or watch videos like "iron press in 15 minutes" and my hair stands on end! And even if you find the material you need, soon you will have more questions than answers. Therefore, it is better to work with a person who will give compelling reasons why it is better this way and not otherwise.Well, if you are a supporter of the idea "the less you know - you sleep better," all the more you should trust the professionals and save a lot of time on Internet surfing!)

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