Cooking pear and curd cake
Cooking pear and curd cake

Spring inspires not only new loves, but also culinary experiments, which, of course, should be light and airy like spring.

Cooking pear and curd cake

The recipe for just such a gentle, low-calorie and very tasty pear-curd cake is generously shared by the HAPPINESS family of restaurants. As you know, there is never too much dessert, so the original cake will delight a large company for 12 people.

The cooking steps are simple. First you need to cook

dacauz with hazelnuts

For this you will need:

  • egg whites - 16 pcs.
  • sugar - 480g
  • icing sugar - 120g
  • peeled hazelnuts - 400g
  • wheat flour - 120 g
  • peeled hazelnuts - 200g

We fry the hazelnuts in a convection oven at a temperature of 150C for 10-15 minutes. Add wheat flour and powdered sugar to it and mix everything together. Coarsely chop the remaining peeled hazelnuts (200 g). With a whisk, beat the proteins with inert sugar in a mixer. Add the dry mixture to the whipped egg whites in portions, stirring each time with a whisk. At the end, mix the mass with a silicone spatula.

Pour the dough into a silicone mat with sides and smooth it with a palette spatula. Sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts (50 g) over the entire area

We bake the dough at a temperature of 170C for 12 minutes. It is necessary to turn the sheet over at 6 minutes. We store the dacquoise on a sheet, tightly closed with cling film.

Pears in ginger syrup

You will need:

  • conference pears - 3kg
  • fresh ginger - 96g
  • granulated sugar - 800g
  • water - 1.5 l
  • vanilla extract - 19g
  • orange puree - 145
  • lime puree - 245

First, peel the pears. We also peel the ginger and cut it into pieces. In a saucepan, mix granulated sugar, water, vanilla extract, orange puree and lime puree. Mix the mixture and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat a little and add the peeled pears. Cook under a lid over low heat for 20-25 minutes, periodically turning the pears. We refrigerate the mass to use later for assembling the cake. The syrup can be reused for boiling pears. Store pears in syrup in a container with a lid.

Next, we prepare

ginger jelly:

To do this, melt the gelatinous mass in a water bath and combine it with ready-made pear syrup at a temperature of 20C. Here you can start assembling the cake.

Choose a metal round shape with a diameter of 24 cm. Lay the sides of the mold with foil and cut out the bottom from the dacquoise with a diameter of 24 cm, while the sides should be 3.5 cm high. With the cut out dacquoise we lay the bottom and sides of the mold. We cut the pears into large pieces of 4-5 cm in size. Then put the chopped pears tightly on the dacquoise. Fill the pears with jelly. We put in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

At this time, we are preparing

curd mousse

For this we need:

  • cottage cheese 5% - 330 g
  • cream 35-38% - 200g
  • granulated sugar - 70g
  • gelatinous mass - 40g
  • lemon (zest) - 67g

Rub the zest from the lemon. Combine cottage cheese, zest, cream, granulated sugar and beat with a blender until smooth. Melt the gelatinous mass in a water bath and mix with 100 g of curd mass, then add to the main mass and stir evenly with a whisk. Use immediately to assemble the second cake.

Spread the curd mousse evenly on the pear jelly, while closing the edges of the dacquoise.

Cut the pears into 1, 5 cm pieces for decoration, 2 pieces per serving and fry with a burner. Cover with neutral gel.

Fry the hazelnuts in a convection oven at 150 ° C for 15-17 minutes until a beige-brown color is formed.

Cut the cake into 12 servings. Decorate with pieces of pears (2 pieces / 1 portion) and hazelnuts (1 piece / 1 piece).

Bon Appetit!

Don't feel like cooking yourself? Cake is already waiting for you in the HAPPINESS family of restaurants!


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