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White-white: Minaj, Green, Beyonce and other stars that brighten the skin
White-white: Minaj, Green, Beyonce and other stars that brighten the skin

Lately, skin whitening procedures have been gaining popularity in Hollywood. This trend has come from Asia, where a pale skin tone is considered a sign that you are rich and successful. In pursuit of fashion, many celebrities resort not only to the help of beauty products (brightening creams, peels and masks), but also to the services of cosmetologists. Moreover, such procedures are done not only by dark-skinned stars, but also by those who know firsthand the problem of pigmentation.


Beyonce Beyonce

Judging by the photographs, over the past few years, Beyoncé's skin color has really become lighter, although she and her agent in every possible way deny this, explaining the transformation by processing in Photoshop. It would seem that this is quite likely: in the pictures, the singer's skin is either almost white or dark. However, Queen B periodically shares pictures from the beach with her followers, and it becomes clear that the star is slowly but surely moving to the "bright side".

Eva Green

eva green eva green

Eve inherited from her mother not only acting talent, but also aristocratic pallor, as well as freckles. Because of the latter, Green had complexes for a long time, tried to hide them with makeup and regularly went to cosmetic whitening procedures. Apparently, she still found a solution to the problem, since now we cannot find a single speck on her face.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Image

Beyoncé and other stars who don't communicate with their parents

The singer's father Beyoncé constantly offended her mother, Tina Knowles. Everyone around him knew about the man's betrayal. In 2009, it became known that the man had a child on the side. Tina Knowles filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2011. Beyoncé officially announced that her father no longer represents her business interests and stopped all communication with him.

Over the past 5 years, this shocking singer has changed beyond recognition, and her skin tone has become lighter by several tones. In various interviews, Niki has said many times that she is not ashamed of her natural dark complexion, and her pallor is the fault of Photoshop and filters. However, there have been rumors among her colleagues for a long time that Minaj is partial not only to plastic surgery, but also to lightening procedures.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone Emma Stone

Emma's skin is prone to the appearance of freckles and age spots, which she tried to get rid of as a teenager. SPF-50 cream, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are Stone's constant companions. However, spots on her face and body still appeared, so the Oscar-winning actress decided to resort to cosmetic procedures that noticeably whiten her skin, eliminating freckles and pigmentation.

Lil Kim

Image Image

If you think that there are two different girls in front of you, then this is not so! Everyone knows about Lil Kim's love for plastic, and any of her external transformations no longer surprise anyone. By the way, she is one of the few stars who do not deny the fact of repeated visits to the surgeon. But the singer does not talk about bleaching procedures, or rather, she explains everything with too light foundation (make-up artist's mistake) and all the same photoshop. But the paparazzi were able to catch Lil by surprise and photograph: the arms and legs of the star in the photo are very pale. Such changes have happened to her in just a few years, and this is suggestive …

Poppy Delevingne

Poppy Delevingne Poppy Delevingne

Cara Delevingne's older sister Poppy has long argued that she is proud of the freckles on her porcelain skin and will not say goodbye to them for any money. But, as it seems to us, she was a little cunning. Now Poppy's spots have become much less, and the skin tone has lightened (although it seems to be much lighter).


Ciara Ciara

The hip-hop performer stormed show business back in the early 2000s. Her skin was noticeably darker then than it is now.The star does not disclose what cosmetic procedures she did (and did she do?), But the fact that her skin became lighter by a couple of tones cannot be noted.

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