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For the truth: Kate Winslet and other stars who have declared "war" on Photoshop
For the truth: Kate Winslet and other stars who have declared "war" on Photoshop

The fashion for "honest", untouched by retouching pictures literally captured Hollywood. Actresses, singers and models not only do not hesitate to upload their photos in the style of "a la nature", but also resent when they "conjure" over their pictures in Photoshop. At this rate, the beauty standards that glossy magazines have imposed on us for so many years are about to become bad form and sink into oblivion …

In our selection of famous beauties who said decisive "no" to Photoshop!

Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet is one of the few Hollywood actresses who advocate natural beauty. The star openly declares her dislike for plastic surgery, exhausting diets and exaggerated beauty standards. Keith adheres to the same principles regarding photo shoots. When in 2003 the actress starred for the cover of GQ magazine, her figure was processed beyond recognition: they removed the extra pounds, narrowed the hips and waist. In 2013, the situation repeated itself: Kate's face on the cover of Vogue magazine looked like a mask. After these cases, the actress decided to protect herself: from now on, signing an advertising contract or filming for magazines, Kate adds a clause to the contract: no photoshop.

Gigi Hadid




Beyoncé and other stars who don't communicate with their parents

The singer's father Beyoncé constantly offended her mother, Tina Knowles. Everyone around him knew about the man's betrayal. In 2009, it became known that the man had a child on the side. Tina Knowles filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2011. Beyoncé officially announced that her father no longer represents her business interests and stopped all communication with him.

Gigi Hadid is tired of enduring attacks from journalists and bloggers who speak unflatteringly about the girl's forms that are too appetizing for a model. I had to write an open letter to the envious: “Yes, I have breasts and hips, but I am considered a regular size model. Your comments and attempts to "narrow" my forms with the help of graphic editors will not force me to change my body."




Singer and actress Zendaya Coleman was outraged by the way her photographs were handled in Modeliste magazine. In her Instagram, the girl posted the edited photo next to the original one and asked the glossy "monsters" not to create far-fetched beauty standards. “Today my new photos would come out and I would be shocked. The photo editor has worked very hard on my body. This is what makes women notorious and creates unrealistic ideals of beauty. Anyone who knows me knows that I am for honest and pure love for myself … Thanks to the publication for removing these images and paying attention to the issue of retouching."

Lady Gaga


Several years ago, during the Glamor Woman of the Year awards ceremony, accepting the coveted statuette, Lady Gaga erupted in sharp criticism. The star was outraged by how much her photo was retouched for the cover of the publication: “My skin looks too perfect and my hair is too smooth. Believe me, when I wake up in the morning, I don't look like that at all."




Singer Beyoncé was extremely outraged when she learned that the leadership of the brand, for which she posed in swimsuits, plans to properly retouch her photo, namely to reduce the appetizing star shapes. Beyoncé managed to defend her body: the color, brightness and contrast of the frames were changed, but the volumes remained intact.

Keira Knightley



Before agreeing to shoot topless for Interview magazine, Keira Knightley insisted that her body not be edited in Photoshop. After the photo session, the actress gave a frank interview in which she was outraged that photo editors were constantly “correcting” her breasts.

Gisele Bundchen



Gisele Bundchen starred in the advertising company BLK DMN without makeup, without styling and categorically refused to further edit the pictures in Photoshop.“I believe that women should look realistic and fresh, which, unfortunately, is not shown in fashion shooting,” the supermodel explained her decision.

Cindy crawford


“I believe that the main thing is to learn to feel comfortable in your own body at any age. This is what makes you attractive and gives you confidence. This is what others see,”commented Cindy Crawford on the scandal that erupted last year. It was like this: an allegedly unretouched photograph of Cindy appeared on the network, which received a positive response from millions of people from different parts of the world. In fact, it turned out that the photo was specially modified in Photoshop. After the passions had subsided a little, the supermodel's boyfriend posted a photo of Cindy in a swimsuit, taken on a smartphone: in the picture, the model demonstrates a toned body without the terrible folds and cellulite that were on the scandalous "photo toad".

Lara stone



In 2015, model Lara Stone posed nude for System magazine. What is noteworthy, the pictures of the model were not processed in Photoshop and showed everything as it is. “Every woman who has given birth has flabby arms and sagging breasts. This is the case. Now I'm just trying to accept it,”the top model commented on her bold step. The shooting found a special response and "sisters in arms" Lara - women who recently gave birth.

Lily Aldridge


Victoria's Secret

In one of her interviews, the Victoria's Secret Angel admitted: “I sincerely do not like Photoshop. When people retouch your photos, then you realize that they are not you at all. All natural beauty of a person disappears. For example, I have a gap between my teeth, and it is often removed, but I like it, I love my teeth."

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