Even princesses are wrong: 4 Meghan Markle outfits that are clearly not worth copying
Even princesses are wrong: 4 Meghan Markle outfits that are clearly not worth copying

Even the most stylish women like Meghan Markle sometimes have fashion slips. Let's take a look at four times Meghan didn't dress well. And we will not repeat her mistakes.

This classic black dress with a sheer mesh top looks very cute. But the problem is that it is not matched in size and clearly does not decorate its owner. In the upper part, large folds and creases have gone from the tension along the mesh. And the cut-off waistline only emphasizes the duchess's belly, which slightly increased after childbirth. A dress with a trapezoidal or straight silhouette would look much better in this situation.


Even oversized things should have a cut and silhouette. And this khaki dress is reminiscent of the oversized and oversized nightgown that is issued in the hospital. In addition, the dress is very wrinkled, so the Duchess looks rather sloppy.


When clothes just match each other in color, this is not enough. It is also necessary to take into account the nature of things, as well as their density and the season for which they are intended. This light light dress in delicate colors clearly conflicts with a warm and very dense gray coat.

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Meghan Markle and other stars who hide real names

In Force Majeure, Meghan Markle's character is named Rachel Zane. It is interesting that the future wife of Prince Harry did not have to get used to the new name, because her first name sounds exactly the same. Yes, at birth, the girl was named Rachel Meghan Markle, and with age she gave preference to a middle name.

Nude tights are versatile. But do not forget that every woman needs to select the appropriate shade individually, to match the color of her own skin. Very dark “tan” tights look funny, but too light ones look strange.

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