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Just fire: the stars are reddened. We did it right
Just fire: the stars are reddened. We did it right

Red has not been in vogue for a long time, but these stars decided that a fiery shade was what they needed. Well, it turned out cool!

Just fire: the stars are reddened. We did it right!

The redhead is back in vogue following the huge success of Queen's Stroke. Which of the stars decided to change?

Ashley Benson


On June 24, Ashley posted her new photo on Instagram with the caption "I always wanted to be red."

Dua Lipa


The next day, June 25, Dua Lipa joined the I Am Fire campaign. No, this is not a wig. For the Versace campaign, Dua dyed her hair.

Rumer Willis

Image Image

Gigi Hadid and other stars who converged and diverged

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik started dating in 2015. And then they parted several times: according to rumors, the reason for the breaks was Malik's numerous betrayals. However, at the beginning of 2020, the couple reunited once again, and since then they seem to have an idyll. And the lovers are raising a little daughter, whom they are in no hurry to show to the public.

“I also want to be a beauty,” Rumer wrote on Instagram and showed a new image - she has red hair. And it turned out great!

Sophie Turner


Sansa Stark is redhead again. Yes, it's just an Instagram story, but we've seen everything!



On May 30, the star posted a sexy selfie with bright, candy apple red hair. Wig or dye? It doesn't matter, but it looks cool.



In the summer - by fire: the singer posted a photo with copper hair on Instagram, and she really looks good!

Gigi Hadid


On June 27, the model shocked fans by posting a photo with a hat and bright orange hair. Wig or Reality? It's not clear yet, but we like it!

Charlize Theron


Charlize dyed for her role as Lady Lesso in Netflix's School of Good and Evil, but we hope the fiery hue stays with her after filming is over.

Emma Chamberlain


Tint dark hair to red is a great solution. Emma looks very good, don't you agree?

Chloe bennet

Chloe Bennett dyed her hair red in late March to prepare for her role as Blossom on The Powerpuff Girls. If only I left it …

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