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"I was so stupid": Kim Kardashian and others about the bows for which they are ashamed
"I was so stupid": Kim Kardashian and others about the bows for which they are ashamed

Many of us don't like revisiting old photos. Unsuccessful hairstyles, asymmetrical eyebrows, trashy outfits emerge, and, unfortunately, the realization of a fashion failure comes only after a while. In this top, we have collected images of stars that they are ashamed to remember for various reasons.

"I was so stupid": Kim Kardashian and others about the bows for which they are ashamed

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is nostalgic for the early days of her career. She recalled that for the premiere of the first season of The Kardashian Show, she took a dress from the Dash store where she worked. Kim didn't even rip off the tag so that she could return the fatal outfit later. “I don’t understand why there is so much lipstick and so much mascara. Decorations and a jacket on the nails are all too much together,”Kim admits frankly. Yes, the image turned out to be clearly overloaded, but one can only envy the self-irony of the star, which can come out beautifully from all situations: “I do not reproach myself, but rather, I laugh and am moved. My God! I was so stupid! This is probably my worst image in my entire life."

Gwen Stefani

Image Image

Kim Kardashian and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

Who would have known about Kim Kardashian now, if at one time Paris Hilton had not introduced her to the right people! And Kim admits it. “She helped me start my career. I totally admit it! I understand that few would like to say: "I became famous thanks to Paris." But it's true,”said Kim. Kardashian and Hilton have been close friends for a long time, but at one point they stopped communicating. What is the reason is still unknown. The girls are trying to renew their relationship, but so far nothing has worked out for them.

Gwen Stefani's image has changed dramatically throughout her career. The singer plunged into a time when she did not have stylists and she was happy with every given thing.

Gwen connects this bright and shocking image with difficult events in her personal life: “I was confused at that time, I am 29. I am confused by my relationship. I didn't know who I was. I just got back from a long tour and became popular. I have to buy a house, I have to move out from my parents. " How often do you change your hair color when you feel unwell? But Gwen went further and not only chose a flashy hairstyle, but also put on braces: “See that pink hair and braces? This is what I was then."

However, stylish experiments can lead to unexpected and sad consequences: “I didn't get to perform then because I sang with braces for the first time. I cried for the rest of the night of the new year. Now I understand that no one listened to me and everyone was kissing. Yes!" But now the singer understands that any, even fatally unsuccessful images after a while turn out to be memories, looking at which you can smile with a shadow of sadness.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham treats all her outfits with love, she tries to justify even the obviously strange total leather image: “I think that at that time this outfit was relevant. I really think so. " However, nothing can deceive the almost impeccable taste of the model: “Although, maybe, even then it was just as funny, and I just did not know about it. It's very nice, but the pants … the pants were tight. Pants!" - and she, without anyone's clue, realizes that the pseudo-rooker outfit looks pretentious, and she laughs at it herself.

Victoria's sense of humor is definitely enviable, because she notices a detail that makes this exit even more ridiculous: "But the really strange thing is that we came to the opening of the Versace store in a pair of Gucci."



Everyone would have such a confident self-esteem as Cher, whose shocking outfits never cease to amaze now: “In this era, I could hardly have taken bad photos. All my clothes were great and I loved them very much. And in fact, I spend most of my time naked."

But one image managed to shake the reinforced concrete confidence of the singer: “Are you kidding? I don't like the dress, I don't like the hairstyle. And I don't like anything about this outfit. " This failure so worried Cher that she even refused to comment on what exactly in Curly Sue's outfit does not suit her.

Salma Hayek


Everyone had such moments when the makeup in the bathroom looked perfect, but later you won't look at the photo without tears. Salma Hayek also found herself in a familiar situation. She remembers in great detail the events of that evening: “It was Gucci Number in Cannes in 2012. What I remember is that I was super admirable and super tired. This is one of those moments when you worked all day and still have to work all night. I applied more makeup on myself. And in the end I felt like a clown."

It seems that everyone knows the feeling when, due to a tiny detail, which only you know, self-confidence is lost. What can we say about the makeup, which (for a second!) Is on the face: “And the whole party I tried to hide, simply because there was too much makeup. I went to the bathroom, tried to wash it off, but it only got worse. In fact, the makeup is good. But I did not wear such a bright make-up, with such accessories and a shiny dress. Yes, live and learn, but the party was cool."

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