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Married in black? 10 celebrity brides who gave up white dresses
Married in black? 10 celebrity brides who gave up white dresses

Not all girls dream of a classic white dress for their own wedding - some women of fashion decide to choose a more original outfit in a bright color.

We've picked 10 celebrity brides who opted for colorful wedding gowns!

Ann Hataway


Anne did not wear a radically bright outfit and opted for a pastel lilac wedding dress. Very tender!

Elizabeth Taylor


But Elizabeth Taylor got married in a bright yellow outfit, which she supplemented with a floral wreath on her head instead of the traditional veil.

Gwen Stefani

Image Image

Sarah Jessica Parker and other stars who know how to save money

Sarah Jessica Parker was used to saving money since childhood: in a large family of a teacher and a truck driver, it was not customary to think about expensive things. Having become famous, the actress still saves a penny and teaches children to do this, not pampering them and buying clothes of democratic brands or … borrowing things from friends whose children have already grown up! And the artist prefers homemade food to trips to expensive restaurants. Fans of the star amused that their favorite in life rarely chooses expensive brands, unlike her heroine in the TV series "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw.

Gwen's dress was not entirely colored - only the hem of the outfit was hot pink.

Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore showed perhaps the most democratic outfit from our selection: the actress got married in a laconic lilac dress in linen style and without a veil.

Dita Von Teese


The wedding of Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson, of course, took place in a dark gothic aesthetic: a rich purple bride dress from Vivienne Westwood with a veil and a matching hat has forever entered the history of fashion (but the marriage of lovers, unfortunately, ended rather quickly from for Manson's betrayal).

Sofia Coppola


Sofia also opted for a minimalist lilac dress made from airy fabric.

Kaley Cuoco


The Big Bang Theory star got married in a real "Barbie dress" - hot pink and fluffy.

Sharon Stone


Sarah Jessica Parker


Shenaya Grimes


Shanaia Grimes also chose a black dress. True, the star complemented it with a completely classic bridal bouquet.

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