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Will never go out of style! Choosing the best tote bags for any occasion and look
Will never go out of style! Choosing the best tote bags for any occasion and look

Tote is a handy roomy bag that can be used to go to the office, to the theater, or on a date. We will tell you what models are in trend now and where to buy them.

Will never go out of style! Choosing the best tote bags for any occasion and look

The tote bag is a versatile accessory that will easily blend in with any style of clothing. The main thing is to choose the right model. Tote-bag can be taken with you to work, study, on a trip or shopping - it will fit everything that a modern girl needs. Contents of the article 1. History of appearance 2. Fashionable tote bags 2021 3. What to wear with a tote bag 3.1 In the style of a school uniform3.2 With a trouser suit3.3 Total-black3.4 In an oversized style3.5 Fashionable base3.6 Bright bow on every day 3.7 Sweatshirt + jeans 3.8 With a knitted suit 3.9 T-shirt + jeans Hide

What is the difference between a tote bag and a shopper? At first glance, it may seem that these are the same models of bags, but this is not the case. A tote, unlike a shopper, holds its shape better and can be not only square, but also semicircular, trapezoidal. The shopper always has one compartment, while a tote bag can have several of them, plus a few more small inner pockets. Shoppers always have only two short handles, and tote bags may have a removable shoulder strap.

Let's talk about trends. Both leather and suede tote bags are trendy this season. For a more relaxed look or for out-of-town trips, opt for a knitted tote bag. As for the colors, here focus on your taste and wardrobe, but if you are looking for a universal option for every day, rely on basic shades.

So that you don't get lost in all the variety of models, we suggest looking at photos of trendy tote bags.

History of appearance

The appearance of the tote bag is usually attributed to the 17th century, but in historical depictions we can see its variations in many cultures much earlier. Then these were ordinary textile bags for things. Nevertheless, if we are talking about the term "tote-bag", then its etymology ("carry with you") dates back precisely to the 17th century. The first tote bags were worn at the waist and decorated with various embroideries and precious stones, which symbolized the high social status of the owner.

A new wave of popularity for the tote bag came in the 40s of the last century, when a famous brand L. L. Bean in 1944 released an ice bag made of hard canvas - roomy and practical. It didn't take people long to realize that a bag like this could be used for more than just carrying ice. Thus, the tote began its journey as a utilitarian accessory, which gained great popularity among housewives in the 50s, who used the tote as a bag for groceries.

Previously, it was a purely utilitarian grocery bag, but in the 60s the tote bag found new life thanks to the designer Bonnie Cashin, who gave her a new, more elegant and feminine shape. The bag was made of leather, had a stylish design and several colors. It was then that women drew attention to her as a new item of women's wardrobe.

In the 80s, textile bags presented by the legendary bookstore The Strand became a real hit of the then street fashion in New York. They were made of canvas and had a decor in the form of quotes from books.

An important milestone in the development of the tote bag was the meeting between Jane Birkin and the CEO of Hermes in 1983. During the conversation, Jane complained that she could not find the perfect travel bag that would be smaller than a suitcase, but larger than a regular women's handbag. This is how the Hermes Birkin bag was born and has become an iconic model in the history of fashion.

Now tote-bag is one of the most popular models of bags, which does not lose its relevance from season to season. Designers experiment with materials and decor, and we get a huge selection of models for every taste and color.

Fashion tote bags 2021


A small tote bag made of genuine leather is a versatile everyday accessory that will easily fit into both business and casual looks. The bag will organically complement a strict trouser suit, a feminine dress, and basic jeans with a T-shirt. In addition, it is in perfect harmony with almost any outerwear: from a denim jacket to an elegant cashmere coat.


A women's tote bag in embossed leather with tote handles for the modern business woman. Elegant, laconic, without unnecessary details, roomy - it will become an indispensable accessory in everyday life. Try wearing it with a vest, straight jeans and a long blazer, or complement a romantic bow blouse and high rise wide leg pants. The bag keeps its shape well, which adds chic and elegance to the outfit.


For flowing lines and loose silhouettes, opt for a black soft leather tote bag. It will fit perfectly into relaxed bows in the style of Scandinavian minimalism. For example, to the office it can be worn in tandem with a white oversized shirt and men's cut trousers, in everyday life - with a knitted midi dress and a long trench coat.

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For those who are used to carrying a lot of things, we recommend buying a shopper-style tote bag made of smooth genuine leather. The trendy khaki color is more relevant than ever in the autumn-winter season. The bag looks good both with oversized clothes and with things of a standard cut. For example, it can be worn with an oversized sweatshirt and knitted pants, a men's cut blazer, and skinny jeans.


You can also buy a tote bag made of genuine leather lined with organic cotton. A striking, minimalistic accessory that will be a successful wardrobe investment for many seasons. The bag will suit both those who adhere to a business style and those who prefer comfortable everyday things.

Forever New

Looking for something textured and interesting? Check out the ruffled leather tote bag with round handles. Neutral beige color, laconic design, minimum of details - it will suit almost any look, and you can easily take everything you need with you.

Marc jacobs

The roomy Marc Jacobs tote bag is perfect for both everyday life and travel. You can take it as hand luggage on the plane or take it with you on short trips out of town. The bag has a detachable shoulder strap and a patch pocket on the back. Pair it with neutral pieces with a slightly loose fit.


Another option for a small travel bag is a nylon tote-bag with leather inserts. The bag is made in universal noble colors, so it will organically fit into any everyday bow. Another plus - the bag easily folds into a more compact format, so you can easily take it with you.

Michael michael kors

This combo Michael Kors tote in leather and heavy cotton is an accessory that's perfect for both summer and fall wardrobe. She looks stylish with romantic floral midi dresses, elegant pantsuits, basic jeans and jumpers. As for outerwear, such a bag can be worn with a classic trench coat, laconic beige coat, shirt-cut jackets.

Thomas munz

Looking for something classic and concise? We advise you to buy a women's tote bag made of smooth artificial leather in the online store. The model keeps its shape well, has three spacious compartments, an inner pocket, and a removable shoulder strap. The bag will definitely appeal to those who value quality and laconic design. It will easily fit into office outfits, as well as smart casual looks.

David Jones

This gray embossed leather tote has one large compartment and colorful accordion d├ęcor on the sides. If you wish, you can decorate it with a colorful scarf. The bag will suit both a business dress code and a casual style of clothing. The accessory has rigid handles and a detachable shoulder strap.

What to wear with a tote bag

School uniform style


A classic leather tote bag that complements your private school style look. Take as a basis a white shirt or blouse and a short sundress.Add nylon knee socks, a voluminous headband and leather loafers with thick tractor soles for the entourage (a hit of this season!). so you can go to school, to the office, and if you add smart decorations - to a party.

With a trouser suit


For a business look with a pantsuit, choose a tote bag with stiff handles. It is important that it keeps its shape well. You can keep the look in one color or include three basic shades in it - a win-win option when you want to look simple but stylish. In the cold season, throw a long trench coat, coat or faux fur coat over the suit.



How to make a black look interesting and fashionable? Just collect it from things with different textures. This can be a knitted jumper, suit pants, leather shoes and a suede tote-bag. For additional accessories, opt for a minimalist layered necklace, skinny sunglasses, and a pair of accent rings.



Tote-bag will be a great addition to an oversized look. The size of the tote bag itself can be any size. For example, you can wear a chunky sweater and wide leg jeans, and throw a loose-fitting coat over the top. Round off the ensemble with an accent pair of shoes and a textured tote bag.

Fashion base


If you're a fan of neutral staples, then the tote bag will be your favorite accessory. Pair it with a ribbed turtleneck and high rise oversized trousers. For an extra top layer, use a mens cut blazer, trench coat or a dropped shoulder coat. To diversify your look, choose a bag with an expressive texture.

Bright bow for every day


If you have a bright oversized shirt, feel free to take it out of the closet and wear it with basic jeans and a T-shirt. Support the shirt with an accent accessory or matching shoes. As for the bag, the best addition to this look would be a laconic model of a rich base color (for example, brown). It will balance and "gather" the outfit.

Sweatshirt + jeans


A simple yet stylish look for every day. Grab an oversized sweatshirt, complement it with trendy slit jeans, and complete the outfit with pumps and a suede or soft leather tote bag. On top, you can wear a bulky denim or leather jacket, a trench coat or a cropped loose-fitting coat.

With a knitted suit


A tote bag is the perfect complement to a cozy look with a soft knit suit. For outerwear, choose a voluminous down jacket, an elongated sheepskin coat or a robe. An image designed in beige tones will look stylish and relevant. Try!

T-shirt + jeans


A crocheted yarn tote bag will work with a simple T-shirt and jeans look. Complete the ensemble with comfortable shoes (like sneakers) and minimalistic embellishments.

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