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Where to buy a fashionable leather jacket and what to wear with it - we analyze the main trends
Where to buy a fashionable leather jacket and what to wear with it - we analyze the main trends

A leather jacket has long been an integral part of every girl's basic wardrobe. It will help to set the right mood for the image, and will also become an excellent tool for fashion experiments with styles and textures. We wear it with jeans, cozy joggers, and romantic dresses. If you have not yet decided on the choice, read our material! We will tell you what models are in trend now and where to buy the most fashionable leather jackets of the season.

Where to buy a fashionable leather jacket and what to wear with it - we analyze the main trends

A leather jacket, be it a biker jacket or a laconic jacket, is a versatile wardrobe item that goes well with almost all things. Throw it over a romantic openwork dress and you have a trendy bow in contrast. Add it to a basic knitted suit, and the ensemble will immediately become more characteristic. Need to wear something over your evening dress? Here, too, a leather jacket will help you out. Contents of the article 1. Fashionable leather jackets 1.1 Classic biker jacket1.2 In the style of the 80s1.3 Flight leather jacket1.4 Oversized1.5 Leather jacket-shirt2. How to choose and buy a good leather jacket 3. How to wear a leather jacket 3.1 With a mini skirt 3.2 With leather trousers 3.3 Casual 3.4 With a long dress 3.5 With shorts 3.6 Monochrome 3.7 With wide trousers Hide

Go for a relaxed fit this season. It can be a coarse oversized jacket or a regular cut with a dropped shoulder line. The options with voluminous sleeves also look interesting - they add dynamism to the images and make the silhouette expressive. If you want something concise and elegant, then the leather shirt-cut jackets we wore last fall are for you. So, let's figure out which women's leather jacket should be bought this season in order to be the most fashionable.

Fashionable leather jackets

Classic biker jacket


If you are looking for a versatile outerwear for the fall, we advise you to buy a genuine leather jacket in black. She looks great with jeans, and with romantic dresses, and with formal trousers, and with elegant pleated skirts. A classic black biker jacket adds edgy and boldness to any outfit, even if you're wearing a simple jersey suit and trainers.


For those who want something brighter and brighter, we suggest buying a caramel-colored leather jacket. She will diversify the autumn wardrobe and will not overload the image. This model looks best in tandem with white jeans, a cream sweater and suede ankle boots with a stable block heel - you get a trendy casual look in which you can go to the office, to a cafe with friends or for a walk.

80s style


Do you want to create an expressive outfit? Then you should buy an 80s style leather jacket for women. Volumetric sleeves, a dropped shoulder line, a belt that emphasizes the waist - this leather jacket looks organically with both trousers and skirts. For example, you can wear it with a flared midi skirt and classic pumps if you're going out on a date. To the party - with a slip dress and rough boots, for every day - with vintage jeans and leather Cossacks with heels.


A more eye-catching 80s-style genuine leather jacket. Pair it with more neutral bottoms and shoes for a balanced look. For example, it can be tight skinny jeans, matte leather trousers or a plain skirt. If you're not afraid of daring combinations, wear a jacket in tandem with a colorful floral midi skirt or flared jeans and platform ankle boots.


A jacket on a belt with voluminous sleeves "will make" any look. Western fashionistas wear it with midi skirts and high boots, leather flared trousers and platform ankle boots, flying maxi dresses, basic jeans and chunky-soled sneakers.

Flight leather jacket


For relaxed looks for every day, we advise you to buy a flight leather jacket with a slightly loose cut with dropped shoulders. Street style stars wear it with delicate satin dresses and rough boots, jersey pants and chunky sneakers, basic jeans and vests. Thanks to the cut, the jacket will allow you to create stylish layered looks that have not gone out of fashion for many seasons in a row.


For something lighter, go for a cream leather oversized jacket. In early fall, pair it with romantic floral mini dresses and high boots, and when it gets really cold, pair it with black bell-bottomed jeans, a chunky knit sweater and pointed ankle boots.


Finn flare

Leather oversized jackets are still in vogue. Our first favorite is the long, loose-fitting jacket at the waist in dark brown. Combine it with a chunky sweater with a throat, straight jeans and boots with thick soles - you get a trendy warm bow for fall. Do you want to play on contrasts? Then wear a jacket over a flowing floral midi dress and jockey-style boots.


For something lighter, go for a cream leather oversized jacket. In early fall, pair it with romantic floral mini dresses and high boots, and when it gets really cold, pair it with black bell-bottomed jeans, a chunky knit sweater and pointed ankle boots.


The sage leather jacket looks beautiful and stylish. For a bold look, add a grassy green jumper, white pants and black boots. She also looks good with feminine midi dresses with a pleated skirt. On warm autumn days, you can wear it with a miniskirt, high ankle boots and a ribbed turtleneck.

Leather shirt jacket


A shirt-cut leather jacket is a stylish alternative to classic leather jackets and jackets. If you want to create a business look, combine it with an airy blouse, wide leg pants and pumps. The outfit will be completed with a laconic bag with a short handle. For a more casual, relaxed look, you can wear this jacket with jeans, a sweatshirt, and trainers.


For a touch of texture, rock the embossed leather jacket. Pastel blue will diversify autumn outfits and add a touch of romance to them. The jacket looks stylish with white jeans and light urban sneakers. For something more contrast, pair it with ripped black jeans, rough tractor-soled boots and a slim turtleneck with a tattoo print.

How to choose and buy a good leather jacket

  • Material. If you decide to buy a leather jacket "for ages", then the best solution would be to purchase a high-quality model made of genuine leather. Pay attention to the density and texture of the material and take into account the fact that over time a genuine leather jacket will become a little softer and may keep its original shape a little worse. If you buy a used leather jacket, carefully check the cuffs, the area around the pockets and elbows for scuffs; see if there are any cracks or strong creases on the jacket.
  • Price. A quality jacket cannot be cheap. This is not the case when it is worth saving on things. Of course, if you are looking for a model for one season or you liked a not quite standard jacket that will no longer be relevant next season, then in this case you can look for it in the mass market. But if you buy a jacket for everything and for several seasons, then buying a women's leather jacket inexpensively will not be an easy task.
  • Style. The key to any stylish look is how the thing sits on you. Therefore, when buying a leather jacket, an example of several styles. And remember that you will probably wear a knitted sweater or oversized sweatshirt under the jacket, so it should not be too tight or very tight. If you buy a leather jacket in an online store, study the size chart of a particular brand in order to better understand how well this or that model will fit on your figure, and not accidentally buy a leather jacket that is too large, and vice versa.
  • Colour. Give preference to classic colors: black, cream, gray, brown, khaki. You can also look at pastel shades.
  • Fittings. When choosing a jacket, be sure to pay attention to the color of the accessories. It is good if it is silver or to match the jacket itself. Such models look the most organic and harmonize well with jewelry and bags and shoes, decorated with various chains and rivets.

How to wear a leather jacket

With a mini skirt


A leather flight jacket or an oversized model is suitable for this look. When paired with a basic top and a neutral miniskirt, it creates a daring look that balances basic and rude pieces. Round off the outfit with jockey boots and a trendy bag in a contrasting color.

With leather pants


Do not be afraid to compose whole images from leather items. For example, if you bought a winter leather jacket with fur, then feel free to wear it with leather trousers and leather ankle boots or boots. If you want to add a different texture, wear a chunky sweater or cardigan under the bottom.



For those who do not want to be too smart, we offer a simple everyday look that can be played up for different occasions with the help of accessories. Take a basic tee and neutral wide leg pants as a base. Throw on a biker jacket and complete the outfit with urban sneakers and a laconic cross-body bag.

With a long dress


Leather jackets with a belt with voluminous sleeves look great with long dresses and skirts. Therefore, do not rush to put away summer dresses in the closet! For example, a black model made of openwork fabric looks stylish with a fitted leather jacket and ankle boots with heels.

With shorts


Fashionable bow for early autumn! Ideally, if it will be fully exposed in one color, as shown in the photo. And yes, do not forget about tights: bare legs in the cool season will definitely not make the image better.



A monochrome look is always a win-win option, especially if it is collected in beige tones. A bulky leather jacket will look cool with matching trousers or joggers. Rough tractor-soled boots and a bright bag will help to set accents.

With wide trousers


For relaxed silhouettes, go for an oversized jacket and wear it with full-length wide leg pants, chunky trainers, and a padded bag.

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