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Fashionable women's coats 2021 - key trends of the season and ideas for stylish looks
Fashionable women's coats 2021 - key trends of the season and ideas for stylish looks

The fall season is beginning, which means it's time to think about fashionable outerwear. If you do not yet know which women's coat to buy for the fall, we will help you make the right choice! In our material, we will tell you about the key trends of the season, as well as share tips on how to choose a coat according to your figure and what to wear with it.

Fashionable women's coats 2021 - key trends of the season and ideas for stylish looks

A coat is a versatile type of outerwear that easily fits into a variety of styles. It looks great both in tandem with a classic pantsuit or a feminine dress, and in a pair with sweatpants and a sweatshirt. The main thing is to choose the right model that fits organically into your wardrobe. Contents of the article 1. Fashionable women's coats 2021 1.1 Length1.2 Style1.3 Colors and prints1.4 Material2. How to choose a coat according to a figure 2.1 Hourglass2.2 Pear2.3 Apple2.4 Rectangle2.5 Inverted triangle3. Ideas of fashionable looks with a coat 3.1 Minimalism in beige tones 3.2 Sport chic 3.3 In the style of the 70s 3.4 Contrast of textures 3.5 Basic tones 3.6 New classics 3.7 Oversized Hide

This season, designers offer us many variations of coats: quilted, leather, fur, oversized, long and short, bright and basic, with or without prints - you just have to choose!

Fashionable women's coats 2021



A stylish version of an autumn women's coat is a cropped model of a free cut. Yes, exactly free. Tight short coats look out of date and make the image cheaper. We chose a double-breasted model with a classic English collar. The coat looks stylish as part of business looks, and also organically complements any basic jeans and sweaters. Choose a chunky knit hat and a laconic shoulder bag as accessories.

Finn flare

Long coat for women is a trend that has moved from the last fall-winter season to the current one. It can be midaxi or maxi length. Such a coat can be easily put on over any dress or skirt. Plus, long coats go well with relaxed, minimalistic outfits. To keep the outerwear from looking too baggy, structure the look with a bag with a rigid frame and textured shoes (embossed leather ankle boots will do).



A style that suits everyone - a robe coat. If you don't know what kind of women's demi-season coat to buy, choose a camel-colored coat with a belt. This style will not only emphasize the waist, but will also help to form an expressive silhouette. A robe coat can be thrown over a knitted suit, romantic dress, business suit - in all cases it will look appropriate.


Things "from a man's shoulder" are still relevant. Pay attention to the laconic oversized coat. Street style stars wear similar models with wide leg pants and platform shoes, relaxed jersey pants and chunky trainers, knitted midi dresses and boots with heels.


The drape cocoon coat for women has already become a classic of the autumn wardrobe. The style is suitable for both slender and overweight girls. In addition, the cocoon coat allows you to create fashionable layered looks and wear your favorite oversized sweaters and cardigans.


For a classic fit, choose this elegant navy double-breasted midi coat. The model looks stylish with formal trousers and heeled ankle boots. Choose a felt hat or cap as an accessory.

Colors and prints


A win-win option is a beige coat. We chose a double-breasted belt with a classic English collar. The coat will easily fit into both business and relaxed casual style.


If you are looking for something bright, then take a closer look at a laconic coat in a trendy green color.This shade is harmoniously combined with the entire autumn color scheme: burgundy, orange, dark blue, black, gray and so on.


A strict straight coat in a small cage is an ideal choice for fans of business style. The model looks organic with banana trousers and shirts, discreet dresses, dark jeans and basic jumpers. For accessories, a neutral bag with a rigid frame and leather gloves are suitable.


For relaxed casual looks, an oversized coat in a large cage is suitable. It can be easily combined with almost anything: from strict skirts to wide jeans and sneakers. If you wish, you can tie it up with a leather belt - this will accentuate your waist and make your silhouette more expressive.

Top Top

Houndstooth is a print that never goes out of style. An elegant classic-cut coat in the "paw" will be an excellent completion of images with feminine dresses and skirts. You can also combine it with jeans and rough boots, trousers and pointed ankle boots.


& Other Stories

When planning to buy an autumn or winter women's coat, it is important to pay attention to the material. Take a look at the black alpaca wool blend coat for women. A versatile color, a laconic design, a loose fit, a belt that emphasizes the waist - this model will perfectly fit into everyday bows, wherever you go.


A cozy wool fleece base coat is a great choice for late fall and winter. Complement it with a chunky knit hat and a voluminous scarf. From footwear to it, coarse lace-up boots, graceful ankle boots, and urban sneakers will suit him.

Helene berman

If you want to add spice and boldness to your outfits, choose a women's leather coat. To create a balanced bow, pair it with neutral, basic pieces. For example, with simple jeans and a sweater, a romantic chiffon dress and smooth leather ankle boots.

In the style

Inexpensive women's fur coat is a fashionable alternative to down jackets and classic coats. It looks stylish with cozy knitted suits, feminine dresses and business looks. Street style stars, for example, wear it in tandem with leather pants, lace-up high boots and tractor soles, oversized sweaters.


Women's quilted coat has not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. This is a great alternative to the usual down jackets and fur coats. It is warm, can be easily combined with various accessories and shoes, and also organically fits into almost any style of clothing. You can wear it with sneakers and joggers, high boots and dresses, boots and trousers.

How to choose a coat for your figure


This type of figure is characterized by proportional hips and chest and a pronounced waist. Owners of such forms will suit almost any style of coat. But special attention should be paid to dressing gowns, double-breasted and single-breasted models with a slightly loose cut. Cocoon coats and male models will also work well, but they are not suitable for those who want to emphasize an expressive silhouette.


Girls with a pear shape usually have narrow shoulders and small breasts, wide hips, and a pronounced waist. The task of the coat in this case is to harmonize proportions and add volume to the upper body. We advise you to take a closer look at a coat with voluminous shoulders or a voluminous fur collar. A-line models that hide wide hips will also fit well.


The "apple" figure is characterized by slender legs, narrow hips, and a lush chest. The problem area is the stomach. In this case, with the help of a coat, we need to emphasize the legs and hide the belly. Therefore, short coats of a loose cut, "cocoons" and models of the A-line are suitable models.


The peculiarities of the "rectangle" figure can be called a rather slender physique, poorly expressed chest, waist and hips. You should not choose fitted coats, as well as models that are too long - they will focus on the absence of a waist. Wrap coats without a belt, straight cut models up to mid-thigh or just below the knee are suitable.

Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle girls usually have slender legs, narrow hips and broad shoulders. To harmonize the proportions of the figure, choose a coat with a flared cut.

Ideas for fashion looks with a coat

Minimalism in beige tones


This fall again the actual "beige" images. Try to collect a minimalistic look in shades of beige with a splash of pink - just what you need in the gray autumn season.

Sport chic


A laconic loose-fitting coat will be a great addition to a spor-chic look. For example, you can throw it over a sweatshirt and elasticated pants, sporty pants and oversized sweaters, a knit suit, a hoodie, and wide leg jeans. For finishing touches, use sneakers or trainers and a bag made of soft material.

70s style


The 70s are still relevant. For a look from that era, you'll need a patterned jumper, flared jeans, shallow lace-up ankle boots, or platform ankle boots. Top with a cropped plaid coat and complete the look with a small tote bag and dark sunglasses.

Contrast of textures


The combination of different textures in one look is a favorite fashionable technique of street style stars. Women's cashmere coat, for example, in combination with leather pants, chunky knit sweater and textured bag will create a trendy look for every day.

Basic tones


For those who are not ready for fashion experiments or simply prefer minimalism and basic colors, we suggest that you be inspired by the image in the photo. Only three colors are used in the outfit, however, due to the combination of different textures and cut, the image does not look boring.

New classic


How to style a short coat? You can try to fit it into a business bow. Throw your coat over an argyle jumper and leather pants. Complete the outfit with chunky-soled loafers and a tailored shoulder bag.



A trendy relaxed bow for every day. Take a large size women's coat as a basis, complement it with wide trousers to the floor and a voluminous sweater. Massive urban sneakers or pointed ankle boots and a leather bag will help to set accents. The image will look even more stylish and modern if it is fully kept in different shades of the same color.

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