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Fashionable solution for fall - 12 cozy hoodies and image ideas for every day
Fashionable solution for fall - 12 cozy hoodies and image ideas for every day

Hoodies have long since moved from a sports wardrobe to a casual one. We wear them with classic trousers, leather pants, basic jeans, and feminine skirts. In our selection you will find X current models that will be a great addition to your fall wardrobe, as well as ideas for fashionable looks with a sweatshirt. Get inspired!

Fashionable solution for fall - 12 cozy hoodies and image ideas for every day

A hoodie is a universal basic item that can now be worn not only with sweatpants, but also with feminine pleated skirts, formal trousers, jeans, and also worn over flying midi and maxi dresses.

In the new season, rely on models in beige and cream colors. It can be either plain sweatshirts or options with colorful prints. For example, wear this sweatshirt with light blue jeans and leather cossacks for a casual getup. Bright options for saturated colors are also relevant: grassy green, blue, light blue, pink, orange, and so on.

We figure out which women's hooded hoodies you should pay attention to, where to buy them and what to wear with.

Fashionable hoodies: photos of current models

Basic Hoodies


A universal model for every day - a laconic beige hoodie. You can wear it with joggers, jeans, relaxed trousers, or try the trendy trick of street style stars who wear hoodies underneath tailored men's jackets. Complement the duo with wide trousers, chunky sneakers and a leather bag - the trendy bow is ready!

Pull & bear

A bulky black hoodie will become an indispensable item in your fall-winter wardrobe. With it you will get both fashionable multi-layered looks, and simple bows for every day. Feel free to look for a black hoodie in the men's department. Often, this is where girls find the perfect oversized clothes.


If you are looking for something bright, choose a green women's hoodie. The model will perfectly fit both monochrome bows and color-block looks. For example, you can wear it with white jeans and leather Cossacks for a stylish casual outfit. For a more elegant look, pair the hoodie with wide leg pants and chunky soled loafers. If you want to add layers, wear an oversized shirt under the bottom.

Mark formelle

Pastel shades are still in vogue, so check out the pink hoodie. Try wearing it with light-colored jeans and white sneakers. Complete the ensemble with a chunky neck chain and a textured shoulder bag. An image in contrasts will also look stylish: a pastel hoodie + leather pants + rough boots with a tractor sole.

Oversized hoodie

Love republic

If you love loose silhouettes, go for a women's oversized hoodie. Tip: so that it does not look too baggy, give preference to models in light colors. Ideal is a beige hoodie. The model looks equally good with both narrow and wide trousers and jeans. Also, an oversized hoodie can be worn with midi or maxi skirts and worn over flying dresses.

Zip Hoodie


An oversized hoodie with lowered sleeves is a good alternative to lightweight jackets. You can throw it over a crop top and jeans, a T-shirt and joggers.


Also worth noticing are the '90s sweatshirts with a short zip at the collar. The best additions are banana jeans and retro sneakers. Jeans can be replaced with straight trousers, and sneakers with loafers - you get an extremely fashionable elegant bow, in which you can even go to the office.

Sports Hoodies

adidas originals

Whether you play outdoors, go outdoors a lot, or just prefer a sporty look, this oversized sweatshirt with a minimal design is perfect for you. Our first favorite is the white logo hoodie. You can wear it with leggings, matching joggers and chunky sneakers, jeans and relaxed elastic trousers.Thanks to the cut, the hoodie does not restrict movement during training, and the basic color and laconic design make it easy to combine the item with a wide variety of wardrobe items.


The second model is a cropped hoodie in a trendy khaki color. You can wear it not only with pants, but also with bicycles and boxer shorts. Wear a tight-fitting sports jersey or T-shirt underneath. A short hoodie will accentuate your waist and help shape a bold silhouette.

Hoodie with print

Bimba y lola

The tie-dye long hoodie is the perfect base for a bold, everyday look. It looks harmoniously with, for example, white jeans and colored trousers. Complement the sweatshirt with a chunky neck chain or cute pins.

Gloria Jeans

A hoody with a minimal lettering is a great option for those who don't like colorful prints but want something more interesting than a simple plain sweatshirt. Such a model will organically fit into everyday looks and will not look flashy.


Hoodies, hoodies and sweatshirts with the emblems of famous American universities are still popular. If you want to feel like a part of the student community - this option is for you. The hoodie looks good with basic jeans, leather pants, and even skirts. Throw on top of a voluminous leather or denim jacket.

How to choose a hoodie

  • The first thing to understand is what kind of hoodie do you need? Sporty, basic for every day, or an unusual hoodie for an evening out?
  • Next is the color. Here you should focus only on your own preferences and your wardrobe. Both basic white hoodies and brighter models of unusual colors or prints are relevant.
  • The size of the hoodie is especially important. The sweatshirt should not be too tight or, on the contrary, baggy and very long. Choose models according to the size of a slightly free cut, and if you want oversized, take one or two more.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the composition: the more natural fabrics it contains, the better. In a synthetic sweatshirt, you can sweat quickly, and in the cold season, it is fraught with a cold.
  • For the warm season, a basic 100% cotton hoodie is suitable, for autumn and winter - models with a fleece inner layer or fleece.
  • When choosing thinner, try to make up with him several images with those things that are already in your wardrobe. This simple life hack will help you make the right choice and save you from another unnecessary purchase.

What to wear with a hoodie

Jersey suit + coat


Last year, fashionistas around the world actively wore jersey suits with hoodies and pants. They are still relevant this season, so if you have such a set, we suggest wearing it in tandem with white city sneakers and a cocoon coat. From accessories choose narrow sunglasses, leather shoulder bag.


The coat can be replaced with a long loose raincoat in a contrasting color. Round off the look with a chunky neck chain, a leather bucket hat and a textured crossbody bag. If you want to emphasize the waist, tie the cloak with a belt.

Under a trouser suit


As we said above, street style stars use hoodies as a base for pantsuits. The combination still looks fresh, and the contrast of different styles adds a special charm to the image. You can complete the look with an elegant bag, felt hat and elegant shoes with heels.


If you want to take the look with a suit and a hoodie in a sporty direction, change your hat to a baseball cap and your shoes to sneakers.

Leather pants + hoodie


A favorite fashionable technique of street style stars is a combination of contrasting textures in one look. So, patent leather trousers will help to give character to the basic hoodie. Complete the ensemble with coarse lace-up boots or leather Cossacks, put on a voluminous leather jacket or trench coat over it.

Sports style


If sporty style is close to you, and comfort in the image is in the first place, try this image. Take an oversized hoodie as a basis, complement it with sporty leggings and chunky city sneakers. To make the outfit look appropriate in an urban environment, add something to it that will reduce the degree of its "sportiness". An oversized leather jacket, a trendy bag and a pair of accent pieces are ideal choices.



In autumn and winter, the trend for layering is more relevant than ever. Wear a hoodie over the long, loose-fitting shirt. Complete the duo with wide leg pants and an accent pair of shoes. For outerwear, use an oversized coat, long trench coat, or oversized jacket. The final detail will be a long scarf and a headpiece. In such an outfit, you will definitely not freeze!

In pastel colors


If you don't want to look like a gray cloud in the fall, try putting together an outfit in pastel colors. Yes, not the most practical option, but still it looks very stylish and will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Take a pale pink or peach hoodie as a base, complement it with cream trousers and a light coat. Dark glasses, a pair of pointed shoes and a textured bag will help to set the accents.

Color block


For those who are ready for fashion experiments, we suggest making a bright bow in the color block style. Do not be afraid to play with colors and feel free to mix not only basic, but also neon shades. A neutral raincoat and a light-colored pair of shoes will help balance this flashy combination.


If a mix of acidic shades is not your theme, then try more basic, neutral combinations with dotted splashes of color. Pay attention to the image in the photo: a black suit, a beige fur coat, a green bag and a cap - everything is very restrained, but at the same time not boring.

Hoodie + straight pants


To collect the image according to all the fashionable canons of the current season, choose a voluminous hoodie and straight trousers with slits on the legs. City sneakers, pumps or pointed ankle boots with block heels will complement the bow. If chic isn't enough, grab a trendy bag with accent d├ęcor.

Bright accent on a black background


Do you want to diversify monochrome bows in black tones? Then you will definitely need a bright hoodie. The most trending colors of the coming fall are grassy green, lavender, orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue.

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