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Fashionable joggers for the cold season - where to look for the best models and what to wear with them
Fashionable joggers for the cold season - where to look for the best models and what to wear with them

Designers continue to incorporate sportswear into our everyday style. The last couple of seasons we have seen a large number of joggers in different variations - from classic knitwear to leather, velvet and silk. Today we will tell you which models will easily fit into any wardrobe and what to combine them with.

Fashionable joggers for the cold season - where to look for the best models and what to wear with them

Joggers are comfortable and stylish pants that will be an excellent alternative to classic pants. Depending on the fabric and texture, they can be worn to the office with a strict shirt, and to parties with shoes and translucent blouses. We will tell you which models are in trend and share ideas on what you can wear joggers to look stylish. Contents of the article 1. Fashionable joggers - 2021 1.1 Basic1.2 Sports1.3 Leather1.4 Cargo1.5 With arrows1.6 Joggers1.7 Prints1.8 Denim joggers2. What shoes to wear joggers 2.1 Sneakers2.2 Shoes2.3 Rough boots2.4 Chelsea2.5 Loafers3. What top to choose for joggers 3.1 Hoodie3.2 Bright sweatshirt3.3 Bra and jacket3.4 Trench3.5 Oversized shirt3.6 Bodysuit with cutouts4. How to wear joggers in different styles 4.1 Satin4.2 Denim4.3 Knitted4.4 Leather Hide

Fashion Joggers - 2021


Basic joggers are a versatile option for every day. These can be models made of cotton, wool, cashmere, synthetic knitted fabric. They look stylish in tandem with oversized hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as an oversized sweater. So you can go shopping, walk or go out of town. Accessories and accent shoes will help to make the image more trendy and adapt it to the urban environment. Famous women of fashion, for example, complement knitted sets with high coarse boots or chunky sneakers with thick soles, laconic leather shoulder bags and sunglasses with pointed corners.

Mango Nike Baon


For those looking for a fitness uniform, or simply looking for a sporty style, we advise you to pay attention to sports joggers. It can be soft, cozy jersey pants or raincoat models. Such options look cool with anoraks, sweatshirts, bombers, windbreakers. As for shoes, sports joggers can be complemented with trainers, sneakers, rough boots. Feel free to add neon hues to your look to make it more vibrant and trendy.

PUMA Finn flare


Leather things are still relevant. If you haven't mastered this trend yet, now is the time! Take a closer look at fashionable women's leather joggers. You can easily fit them into everyday and business and evening looks. For example, in the office, they are appropriate with a classic shirt or a feminine blouse and a formal jacket. In everyday life - with pointed ankle boots with heels and a chunky-knit cardigan. If you're going to a party, create a contrasting look: complement the leather joggers with an airy blouse in translucent fabric, graceful pumps and a velvet handbag on a chain.

Softy Befree Rinascimento


For streetwear, choose cargo joggers. They have gained particular popularity among street style stars who prefer to combine them with rough tractor-soled boots, bright crop tops and oversized bomber jackets, jeans or leather jackets. Also, joggers with patch pockets look cool with chunky white sneakers and cozy sweaters. Over the top, you can throw on a long trench coat, a leather raincoat or a relaxed-cut coat.

Nike Befree

With arrows

The arrows on the trousers create additional vertical lines in the image, thanks to which the legs visually become longer, and the silhouette is stretched. They also add texture to the image. We wear them with our favorite sweaters and jumpers, cozy hoodies and sweatshirts, loose shirts and basic T-shirts. These joggers will be a great addition to everyday and home outfits.

Stradivarius O'stin


Women's joggers without elastic bands on the trousers made of suiting fabric will be an excellent replacement for classic trousers. Feel free to wear them to the office with feminine blouses and pumps, formal shirts and patent leather loafers, basic turtlenecks and elegant elongated blazers. Give preference to noble colors that fit organically into the business dress code and harmonize well with the basic shades.

French connection DuckyStyle


Joggers with prints look cool. It can be a small cell or a thin vertical strip, tie-dye, abstract patterns. Such models will perfectly fit into street style looks. For example, tie-dye pants can be worn with a basic white tee, a vintage-style denim jacket, and retro sneakers. More discreet joggers in a checked or striped look will organically fit into the looks for every day and in the office.

Befree The north face

Denim joggers

Zolla Betty & Co

Light denim joggers are a smart alternative to jeans. They can be worn with shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts and T-shirts. From shoes to neither sneakers, sneakers, lace-up boots, Chelsea.

What shoes to wear joggers



The most obvious answer to the question of what to wear with women's joggers is sneakers. It is better to choose models with thick soles so that the bottom of the image is balanced. This is the perfect tandem for everyday life. Complete the ensemble with a warm sweater, oversized biker jacket or oversized coat and trendy shoulder bag.



Can joggers be worn with shoes? Yes! The main thing is that the pants are not sports, but for example, leather, from suit fabric, corduroy, satin. Boats are great. Complete the duet with a blouse, top and jacket or jacket - a stylish bow is ready!

Rough boots


What to wear with joggers in the fall? The answer to this question is given to us by the stars of the street style, who combine this style of trousers with high, rough lace-up boots and a tractor sole. This simple combination will be the basis for a trendy fall or winter look. To complete the outfit, you can use an aviator sheepskin coat, a rough leather jacket with lowered shoulders, a down jacket or a cropped puffy jacket.



We have said more than once that Chelsea boots are a versatile pair of shoes that go well with almost all things, including joggers. For a refreshing fall look, opt for white joggers and light-colored chelsea. Complete the duo with a matching long sleeve, then throw on a contrast leather jacket over the top and complete the ensemble with a textured bag on a chunky chain.



This season's trend lists include chunky leather loafers. Minimalistic models without unnecessary decor will organically complement both leather and knitted joggers. Support formal shoes with a classic oversized shirt and an elegant bag, and put on a Cheburashka fur coat, cashmere coat or a long trench coat over it.

What top to choose for joggers



The best addition to the basic knitted joggers is the oversized sweatshirt. In such a set it is convenient to walk, go shopping for clothes (you can quickly change clothes), go on vacation out of town. If you want to add character to the image, put on a leather cloak or a rough sheepskin coat.

Bright sweatshirt


What can a girl wear with bright joggers? Try creating a trendy color block look. For example, if you have trendy green joggers, complement them with a juicy orange sweatshirt. This look will definitely cheer you up on gray autumn days and set you apart from the crowd.

Sconce and jacket


What can I wear with black joggers? We suggest using them as the basis for a sexy look in which you can go to a fashionable party. Complete them with a bralette and an elongated jacket to match. Add accents with shoes and a bag, and add a couple of chunky jewelry (like earrings and necklaces).

Trench coat


In fall, combine joggers with a matching jumper and a long trench coat for a trendy, relaxed look for every day. For shoes, rubber boots, tractor-soled loafers, city sneakers or Chelsea shoes are suitable.

Oversized shirt


If you're a fan of loose-fitting silhouettes, complement the joggers with an oversized shirt. You can wear a ribbed top or T-shirt underneath. An accent pair of shoes, a trendy bag and sunglasses of an unusual geometric shape will help structure the image.

Bodysuit with cutouts


With what to wear joggers with pockets or models in a sporty style to look fashionable? Street style stars, for example, pair them with bold, high-cut bodysuits. A massive chain around the neck will help to add sharpness to the image. On top you can wear a voluminous bomber jacket or a daring leather jacket.

How to wear joggers in different styles



Sleek satin joggers create a feminine look for every day or party. Pair them with an elegant blouse or a romantic cardigan with voluminous sleeves. Pumps, pointed ankle boots or loafers and a spectacular bag will complete the outfit.



Wear textured denim joggers with colorful blouses, polo-style long sleeves, sweatshirts, chunky knit sweaters. They will organically fit into both summer and autumn-winter looks.



Basic knitted joggers can be worn not only with a hoodie, but also, for example, with crop tops, bright jackets and graceful shoes or sandals.



If you don't know what to wear with leather joggers, try creating a trendy look with a combination of several textures. Complement them with a basic jumper (knitwear and leather look great together), put on a trench coat or long coat over it. As for shoes, sneakers, and pointed ankle boots with heels, and boots are also suitable.

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