Simple and stylish: 4 interesting jeans combinations that are easy to repeat
Simple and stylish: 4 interesting jeans combinations that are easy to repeat

How to wear jeans so as not to look boring and corny in them? Let's take a look at some interesting combinations from celebrities.

Wide leg jeans with large cuffs look cool on their own. They look even more stylish on Naomi Campbell in combination with a voluminous black top. If you want to repeat such a set, please note that it is better to choose the same color for jeans and a top. The top should be long enough, almost like a tunic that covers the thighs. Sandals, shoes or ankle boots on a platform with a massive, stable heel will successfully complete the look.


Unusual jeans can be the highlight of your look. Celine Dion chose a flared model with white accents and fringe at the junction of materials. For such a bright bottom, the singer chose a calmer top: a gray sweatshirt with a hood and a black down jacket with unusual slits on the sleeves. If you want to repeat this look, make sure that the unusual details are sufficiently balanced by the simpler clothes.

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Celine Dion and other stars who grew up in poor families

Celine is the youngest of 14 children! A huge family lived in a very small house, but the lack of money and space was compensated by parental love. “Not to say that we were poor, but at the same time we had no extra money. Our home in Quebec was very, very, very small, but it was filled with love and mutual support. What else do you need? " - the singer admits.

Victoria Justice decided to go for flare jeans and create a hippie-inspired look with them. An unusual coat with faux fur trim and a brightly printed T-shirt made great friends. If you want to put together such a relaxed set in our winter conditions, pay attention to light faux fur coats with long piles and sweatshirts with funny inscriptions.


Despite the fact that tight-fitting jeans are no longer so relevant, they can still create a successful and non-trivial image, as it happened, for example, with Chrissy Teigen. She tucked blue jeans into tall brown leather boots. And on top, she put on an interesting two-layer coat, in which a plain outer jacket is combined with a thinner cape in a small cage. For a look in this style, you can use a combination of a coat and a thin cardigan with an asymmetrical hem.

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