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Weddings of Prince William, Kim Kardashian and 8 more expensive weddings of the 21st century
Weddings of Prince William, Kim Kardashian and 8 more expensive weddings of the 21st century

Business, music and film stars do not skimp on holidays: if they walk, then on a grand scale. But someone manages to arrange a celebration not even of a global, but of a cosmic scale.

Shristi Mittal and Gulraja Behl

$ 82 million
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Indian investment banker Gulraja Behl married the niece of an Indian steel tycoon and the daughter of entrepreneur Shristi Mittal in 2013. The wedding took place in Barcelona and lasted three days. It cost $ 82 million to the parents of the bride and groom! The highlights of the celebration took place at the National Art Museum of Catalonia, which was closed for excursions during the holiday. A thousand guests were served by 200 chefs and lackeys from India and Thailand. About 160 thousand dollars were spent on Dom Perignon and Ruinart champagne, a six-tiered wedding cake weighed 60 kilograms.

Vanish Mittal and Amit Bhatia

$ 60 million
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Another lavish wedding in the spirit of Indian cinema is the marriage of the daughter of the Indian metallurgical tycoon Vanisha. The girl's dowry was in the billions! In 2004, the enviable bride married the banker Amit Bhatia. The wedding was celebrated in Paris for a whole week! Thousands of guests received their invitations in silver boxes, and the ladies were also presented with designer bags filled with jewelry.


Kim Kardashian and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

Who would have known about Kim Kardashian now, if at one time Paris Hilton had not introduced her to the right people! And Kim admits it. “She helped me start my career. I totally admit it! I understand that few would like to say: "I became famous thanks to Paris." But it's true,”said Kim. Kardashian and Hilton have been close friends for a long time, but at one point they stopped communicating. What is the reason is still unknown. The girls are trying to renew their relationship, but so far nothing has worked out for them.

Guests were entertained by Moulin Rouge cabaret dancers and singer Kylie Minogue. At the celebration … five thousand bottles of Château Mouton-Rothschild wine were drunk and several tens of kilograms of caviar were eaten! During the days of the celebration, more than six thousand dishes were served, and treats for vegetarian guests were delivered daily by plane.

In 2013, Vanish filed for divorce …

Prince William and Kate Middleton

$ 34 million
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On November 16, 2010, the engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William was announced. And almost immediately the date of the wedding was set. There were two dresses for the wedding: one for participation in the ceremony itself, and the other for the wedding dinner, which was arranged by the prince's grandmother, Elizabeth II.

About two thousand people were invited to the celebration at Westminster Abbey, among whom were world celebrities. For example, spouses Elton John and David Furnish, British Prime Minister David Cameron, spouses David and Victoria Beckham, photographer Mario Testino and others.

The royal wedding in Great Britain, and throughout the world, is still remembered today. For some, the celebration brought not only pleasant memories, but also earnings. For example, in November 2013, two years after the holiday, Julien’s Auctions sold a piece of eight-tiered sponge cake from Kate and William's wedding for almost five thousand dollars.

Andrey Melnichenko and Alexandra Nikolic

3 million pounds

The main shareholder of EuroChem, Andrey Melnichenko, and the former Serbian model and singer Alexandra Nikolic, got married in 2005 on the Cote d'Azur. Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston also flew there. The guests were also entertained by Julio and Enrique Iglesias.

Priya Sachdev and Vikram Chatval

$ 20 million

Model Priya Sachdev and actor Vikram Chatwal in 2006 arranged for their wedding guests a trip to three cities in India.Among those invited to the unusual wedding were Bill and Hillary Clinton, Naomi Campbell, actor Harrison Ford, "king of steel" Lakshmi Mittal, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and 600 other guests from 26 countries.

Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries

$ 10 million

The wedding of Kim Kardashian and basketball player Chris Humphries was a fairy tale: a snow-white Vera Wang dress, a $ 2 million Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring, smiling wedding guests - the perfect story for American television. Experienced businesswoman Kim sold exclusive video rights to the celebration to E! for one and a half million dollars. However, the marriage broke up after 72 days. The wife filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable contradictions." For Humphries, this was a bolt from the blue: for several months he unsuccessfully tried to return his wife, but after countless attempts he agreed to annul the marriage and large bonuses, insisting that he became a victim of the Kardashian TV show. It is still unknown if the basketball player managed to bail out the $ 7 million he hoped for. But Chris at least got money for the wedding ring: he sold it at an auction for 200 thousand dollars. By the way, Kim's next wedding with Kanye West cost a much more modest amount - three million dollars.

Wayne Rooney and Colin McLaughlin

$ 8 million

12 years ago, footballer Wayne Rooney signed a record six-year £ 100m deal with Manchester United, becoming the highest paid player in English football history. Naturally, the athlete could afford a grand wedding. Rooney decided to present a fabulous holiday to his school friend, whom he began to meet in his youth. The guests of the celebration went to the Italian coast, where they stayed on yachts. On the eve of the holiday, each invitee received a box with a tropical butterfly, which the guests simultaneously released into the air at the appointed time.

Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

$ 7 million
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The Facebook co-founder threw his wedding in the style of the fantasy TV series Game of Thrones. The ceremony took place in the forest, where medieval arches, chairs upholstered with fur, candles were placed and rabbits, goats and even one pony were allowed to walk. For 366 guests, more than a thousand bottles of wine and whiskey were bought, and tailors were paid, who created costumes for all invited.

Chelsea Clinton and Mark Mezvinski

$ 5 million
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The only daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and financier Mark Mezvinski on their wedding day closed not only the roads to the town of Reinbeck, where the celebration took place, but also the airspace to deprive the paparazzi of any opportunity to spy on the ceremony. Therefore, the details of the wedding were left behind the scenes. It is only known that the treats cost the politician's family nearly a million dollars.

Liza Minnelli and David Guest

$ 3.5 million

Liza Minnelli's wedding to producer David Guest has been compared to a Grammy ceremony. At the celebration in 2002, music and film stars gathered, guests were entertained by Tony Bennett, and Diana Ross and Mia Farrow shone on the dance floor. Best man and bridesmaid are Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor!

The wedding cake cost 40 thousand dollars, and the satin bonbonniere, which each guest received, read: "Lisa and David forever."

After a year and a half, the couple filed for divorce.

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