Become the Star of Fashion Week now
Become the Star of Fashion Week now

Fashion Week has just ended in New York, the first full-time since the start of the pandemic. While everyone is discussing the images of stars and influencers, the TRESemmé brand is launching its own Fashion Week in Russia. Become a member and get on the Cosmo pages!

Become the Star of Fashion Week … now!

For over 10 years, TRESemmé has been responsible for styling at New York Fashion Week and knows all about trends. This year, the brand has made it to Russian cities: TRESemmé is organizing a competition for all girls, the main prize of which is a fashion shoot for Cosmo. Your image, selected by the Cosmo stylist, will be seen on the glossy pages of the whole country!


Also, every week the brand raffles cool hair stylers and every day - gift cards to Magnit stores.

It is simple to participate in the drawing:

  1. Buy TRESemmé products in Magnit stores.
  2. Register checks in WhatsApp at +7 (903) 199 55 00. For more details, visit
  3. Win intermediate prizes (store gift cards, hair styling devices).
  4. Get the opportunity to win a street style photo session and become a gloss star.

Streetstyle trends of New-York Fashion Week

Until you become a finalist of the competition, follow the instructions on how to create a cool street-style look yourself with a minimum of energy consumption.


Bright - no, very bright - colors

The Pantone Color Institute predicted the main shades of this Fashion Week: playful fuchsia, sunny yellow, classic blue, pastel blue, pink. And you guessed it! The influencers, yearning for a normal life, delighted the eye with boring combinations.

Sloppy styling

Hair-to-hair hairstyles are definitely old school. The trend is texture, movement, disheveledness. Not to be confused with carelessness: healthy hair is always a must.


Experts know a lot about grooming, because they constantly work with models whose hair is torn by styling. Especially for damaged hair, the brand has developed the Repair & Protect line. Biotin restores each hair from the inside and prevents it from splitting. The collection includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and even varnish for gentle, but long-lasting styling.

Make-up accessories

Make-up becomes more and more invisible and strives to disappear altogether. There remains only one accent, but which one: a white art arrow, neon shadows applied with wide strokes, or gold sparkles on the eyelids.

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