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Pedicure failed: stars with faulty feet
Pedicure failed: stars with faulty feet

Celebrities do not always look perfect from head to toe: if you lower your gaze a little lower, you can see what, it turns out, many famous beauties forget - "expired" pedicure.

Elizabeth Hurley

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Corns, dry flaky skin, white bloom and the absence of any nail treatment - all this does not leave the best impression of Liz's legs, especially in combination with elegant silver stilettos on thin straps. Some kind of cognitive dissonance!

Anna Lynn McCord

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White varnish has ruined more than one beauty image with its untamed character - such a color can emphasize any, even the smallest, scratches on the coating. This is exactly what happened to Anna-Lynn McCord, who ventured out onto the carpet with a white pedicure and did not look behind him. Chips appeared on the corners and free edge of the nails, which were treacherously highlighted by the snow-white coating.

Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten Dunst and other stars who chose extreme places to have sex

The actress's romance with Jake Gyllenhaal was very stormy. According to the Spider-Man star, they made love wherever possible: in the dressing room, in the car and in the bathroom. But most of all, Kirsten remembered the incident on the beach. He and Jake succumbed to the rush of passion on the trunk of the tilting palm tree. The actress admitted that she felt good.

Kristen Dunst's legs are screaming: "We have not been touched by the hands of the master for a long time!" Looking at the corns, old calluses and rough skin of the heels, it's hard to believe that their owner is a Hollywood star, and not the woman next to you on the train.

Britney Spears

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Britney Spears has ended up on the list of stellar sluts, so we're not surprised that there isn't a pedicure. Again and again appearing burrs, pigmentation on the nail plates and the uneven shape of the nails do not teach the singer to be disciplined in the matter of caring for the legs. It's a pity, because he can afford it!

Lindsey Lohan

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Sometimes Lindsay Lohan's legs look like the star does not know about the existence of a pedicure. Dressed in red shoes with a large bow, she seemed to be hoping that the voluminous decor would distract attention from her nails. Alas! The bright shade of the shoes only emphasized the yellowness of the nail plate, giving it a painful look. The situation was made worse by the dirty black stripes on them.

Angelina Jolie

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Elegant Angelina also does not always update her pedicure on time and allows herself to walk with chips. During filming, the actress is rarely seen with a bright coating, but when there is a short time-out, she does not miss the opportunity to paint her nails with a classic red varnish. And then, as luck would have it, the paparazzi catch her!

Paris Hilton

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Nude shades are very insidious: when applied, it seems as if "if it peels off a little, it's not scary, no one will notice." This tempting "if" let down the heiress of the Hilton dynasty, who also sometimes neglects a pedicure. So, the star came to one of the events in expensive gold sandals, with which the almost completely peeled pale pink varnish was already very discordant.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence was let down not only by uncomfortable sandals, but also by the lack of a pedicure. In photographs from one of the events, her legs do not look so well-groomed, and this is because there is no coating on the nails, which hardly corresponded to the reception status. Although when did Jennifer follow the rules?

Kate moss

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Not only did the narrow shoes squeeze the elegant foot, but their small size forced the toes to slide off the edge of the shoe, thereby further revealing the model's raw nails. I wonder what color Moss chooses when it comes to the nail master?

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