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Stars in the same outfits at the same event - how did they get out?
Stars in the same outfits at the same event - how did they get out?

A terrible dream of all star beauties is to appear on the red carpet in the same dresses. However, no one is immune from such curiosities. So our heroines found themselves in a similar situation. Read about how they got out in our article.

Irina Shayk and Natasha Poly


That's what girlfriends mean - even outfits are randomly chosen to be the same. Despite the fact that the cut of the dresses of the models was slightly different, they looked like twins on the red carpet!

Pink and Shakira


The shiny Balmain mini dress is so good that two stars couldn't resist at once and put it on at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. Seeing each other, the singers laughed, hugged and went to take joint photos - they got out of the awkward situation beautifully.

Sara Sampaio and Emily Ratajkowski

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Irina Shayk and other stars who like to be naked

Admiring the naked Irina Shayk, we, perhaps, will not stop for a long time. Perfect proportions, luxurious waist and long legs, sexy look … Still, of all the supermodel's looks, the most spectacular are the most minimalistic and “naked”.

Models Sara Sampaio and Emily Ratajkowski were not taken aback either. And even though the girls' outfits were the same, all the eyes at the 2015 Sport Illustrated party were focused only on them. And dividing the public's attention into two beauties is not a problem!

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver


While some stars are racking their brains where to find a unique outfit is not like everyone else's, others boldly go to the red carpet in identical dresses. For the premiere of You Again, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver dressed the same - in this way they made a reference to their heroines, who, according to the plot, are bitter rivals.

Julianne Hough and Olivia Munn


Another coincidence on the red carpet helped the actresses to attract the attention of the press. Many even began to suspect that the same outfits are such a PR stunt. However, both Julianne and Olivia refuted such arguments.

Jamie King and Nicky Hilton


Let the famous blondes and took to the red carpet in the same dresses, but each beat the outfit in its own way. Jamie relied on a loose fit, natural make-up and sleek, gathered hair, while Nicky emphasized her waist with a belt, curled her curls, brought her eyes brightly and emphasized her lips with a juicy pink gloss.

Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Stewart


And in this case, the stars deliberately dressed the same. Julia Roberts and her stylist Elizabeth Stewart came out in similar costumes to show that they are connected not only by work, but also by a strong friendship. By the way, in order not to look quite like twins, the girls diluted the images with handbags of different shades.

Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen


At the premiere of the joint film "Ingrid Goes West" the actresses appeared in identical dresses. The girls played a sincere surprise on the red carpet, however, as it turned out later, this performance was planned in advance. Bad example is contagious …

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston


But Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston deliberately dressed in similar dresses not in order to attract attention - they already had enough of it, but to troll the journalists. In the press, the singers were actively exposed as rivals, so they decided to play those on the MTV VMA in 1998. The audience laughed, and so did our heroines.

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