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How to dress after quarantine: 4 win-win bows for May
How to dress after quarantine: 4 win-win bows for May

Among quarantine outfits, workshops and seminars, the question is increasingly being asked: where will you go first when it's over? We have chosen four leisure options, which are especially lacking for everyone, and have prepared an outfit appropriate for each occasion.

How to dress after quarantine: 4 win-win bows for May

Out of town picnic

G-SHOCK - 6900 rubles,

G-SHOCK - 6900 rubles, Panama Novaya 4200 rubles, Hoodie CLOVER Herbarium 2800 rubles, Shopper FOS CLOTHES 490 rubles, Pants Thread It_6 890 rubles

Once isolation is over, everyone will need a change of scenery. An excellent solution is a short trip to nature, which requires a stylish but practical look. And don't forget about the matching headdress.

Spontaneous travel

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Pants YMKASHIX 0VELVET SERIES - 3,800 rubles, Vans UltraRange EXO sneakers - 8,790 rubles, VASILYOK Herbarium socks - 350 rubles, Vans X Leila Hurst Backpack - 5,290 rubles, SVIRISTEL Circle Of Unity T-shirt -1200 rubles, Watch G- SHOCK GMA-S140NC-5A1ER - 10 540 rubles

We managed to yearn for travel. The more pleasant it is to dream of future adventures. Better to be ready to take off! It is enough to get comfortable shoes, a high-tech wristwatch and a beautiful roomy backpack, where you can put everything you need in case you decide to go on a spontaneous journey!


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Vans Super ComfyCush Era sneakers - 7,990 rubles, Dress Egor Novikov - 6,000 rubles, Suspension Headphones Asher Ney - 18,800 rubles

Many of us miss our parties, but everyone has their own favorite format. If your fancy outfits have become associated with an online bar and Zoom hangouts, then change them to a simple but catchy look and complement it with embellishments.

Outdoor workout

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MURMURIZM socks - 400 rubles, Top sports MARKOVICH - 3,500 rubles, G-SHOCK GMA-S140MC-1AER watch -10 990 rubles, Sports shorts MARKOVICH - 5 990 rubles

One of the lockdown trends is home workouts. Very soon, the useful can be combined with the pleasant, doing sports on the street. From now on, the main criterion is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. We choose catchy accessories and beautiful things, because now there is a great chance to catch the eye of passers-by.

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