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Best fashion books: what to read to develop your sense of style?
Best fashion books: what to read to develop your sense of style?

Blogger Margarita Maslova offers ideas for fashionable reading material. We buy ourselves and give to loved ones!

Margarita Maslova

Margarita Maslova Blogger

In recent years, my once crazy passion for design has faded away (I am a designer by training and worked in a profession for many years), and I plunged headlong into fashion, writing articles, my blog and photography. I am convinced that you need to either devote yourself completely to your favorite business, or not do it at all. Today I want to share with you the best, most inspiring fashion books.

Biographies of the great couturiers from the VOGUE "Fashion Legends" series


The series includes 7 editions:

  • Elsa Schiaparelli,
  • Christian Dior,
  • Cristobal Balenciaga,
  • Alexander McQueen,
  • Coco Chanel,
  • Vivienne Westwood,
  • Ralph Lauren,
  • Hubert de Givenchy.

Unique photographs and drawings from the Vogue archive of renowned contemporary photographers and illustrators accompany the texts of renowned fashion experts. Studying fashion, perhaps, cannot begin with mastering the combination of prints or trends of the current season. It is necessary to feel its development, to get acquainted with the great personalities who made history, with the styles of different eras. These books are not only easy and interesting to read, but also pleasant to leaf through, be inspired by photographs, taking one of the volumes from the bookshelf and sitting in an armchair with a cup of hot chocolate on one of the cold evenings.

Smart Wardrobe, Anushka Reese


Stylists pronounce the title of the book "Smart Wardrobe" very quietly so that no one can hear, because she is able to take their bread. The author - the founder of the Into-Mind blog - has developed a simple but effective strategy for the selection of things, created an algorithm of actions in search of an individual style, inviting the reader to go through several stages with practical exercises: analyzing wardrobe, creating "inspiration boards", choosing things for their particular lifestyle, search for your fabrics, silhouettes and prints, and much more.


If you follow the directions of the author, most girls will change their style for the better, coming to what they really like, learning to be stylish both at the official reception, and in the gym and at home.

Grace. Autobiography


Grace Coddington has been called the world's most influential fashion editor and absolutely the best stylist., - says Time magazine. “- these are the words of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, the most influential figure in today's fashion world.

In her book, Grace Coddington tells the story of her life, career, success and, of course, about a difficult but creatively fruitful relationship with Anna Wintour in a surprisingly lively, witty style.

The Art of Color, Johannes Itten


This book appeared in my library at the institute, when I was a student at the design department. I decided to include it in this article, because color, like fashion, is a way of self-expression, our message to the outside world from our inner world. All books, lectures on finding your own style contain information about textures, silhouettes and colors that suit you - and this book tells about the latter.

Johannes Itten went down in the history of culture of the twentieth century as the largest researcher of color and as a representative of an innovative generation of artists and architects - the creators of the famous Bauhaus. Itten's book "The Art of Color" incorporates the experience of his research, lectures and practical exercises, is addressed to artists, a wide range of design specialists, architects and everyone who wants to learn to understand and master the harmony of color, including, of course, stylists and people striving to comprehend the ability to combine colors in their images.

"Fashion Illustration", Anna Kiper


Anna Kiper is a New York fashion designer with a passion for illustration.This book will be useful for those who want to learn how to depict fashionable clothes from the point of view of a designer: to study the entire range of visual tools and techniques that will enrich an individual drawing style, master the construction of energetic compositions, and achieve the creation of a movement effect when depicting figures.

There are also beautiful gift editions that you can hardly buy yourself, for example, the amazing book Fashion Designers A-Z from Taschen.


In addition, in addition to reading literature, the so-called "observation" is necessary, so I recommend studying fashion publications, including applications that review seasonal collections. Will definitely help to get involved!

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