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A woman with impeccable taste: 10 Coco Chanel fashion rules that are relevant today
A woman with impeccable taste: 10 Coco Chanel fashion rules that are relevant today

Coco Chanel went down in history not only as a fashion designer who created one of the iconic fashion houses, but also as a woman with impeccable style.

A woman with impeccable taste: 10 Coco Chanel fashion rules that are relevant today

We decided to recall the 8 main fashion tips of the Great Mademoiselle, which are still relevant in our time - take note!

Don't be afraid to wear jewelry

Chanel has always emphasized that she wears exclusively jewelry, and considers women generously "hung" with millions of dollars worth of jewelry to be vulgar. We, of course, will not be as radical in judgments as the great fashion designer, but we agree with her about jewelry - today you can find many brands that produce high-quality jewelry (not from precious metals) that will serve you for a very long time and will fit into any fashionable image …

Don't go overboard with accessories

Koko was sure that the perfect image becomes only when you take off the last accessory that you put on. And we are in full solidarity with her in this - this is exactly the case when it is better not to overdo it.

Be elegant

You can be too smart, but you can never be too elegant, Chanel repeated. By elegance, the fashion designer meant not a love for boring and conservative things, but a good cut, high-quality materials, and delicate taste.


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Convenience comes first

Chanel believed that convenience and comfort are much more important characteristics than color, style, and even fit of a thing. The designer paid no less attention to practicality.

Don't turn into a man

Despite the fact that it was Koko who introduced women's trousers into fashion, she always noted that in no case wants women to start dressing like men and urged not to try to imitate them.

Careful with miniskirts

Chanel hated mini-skirts, considering this length to be one of the most non-complementary for female legs - the designer was sure that the mini mercilessly “cuts” even the most beautiful and slender legs in half.

Of course, you should not give up the mini at all, but when buying a short dress or skirt, you should be as attentive and self-critical as possible, and pay attention to how not only the hips, but also the knees look in combination with such a length, as well as how the mini “behaves” in motion (does not lift up, does not slide, etc.).

Do not stay on the same place

Style can and should develop, Chanel believed, and she was absolutely right. Nothing stands still, and even if you are sure that you have found your ideal image, you can and should experiment with it - the ideal option would be to stay true to your style, regularly introducing something new into it. It is not always easy, but the result will exceed your expectations!


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Don't be afraid to copy the image you like

But with this point, you should be more careful - it is one thing to wear clothes of unknown designers, for which they were inspired by the cult creation of the famous fashion designer, and it is quite another to buy fakes. The first is absolutely normal, the second can be safely considered a real fashion failure.

And do not be afraid to repeat the images of the stars you like - you can always bring something of your own to the outfit that inspired you, and even if you decide not to change anything, a similar outfit will look different on you anyway.

Remember the relevance

“Be a caterpillar during the day and a butterfly in the evening,” Koko said. A woman needs different dresses - both in order to fly and in order to crawl, because the butterfly does not go to the market, and the caterpillar does not go to the ball.

Use perfume

Coco Chanel considered perfume to be an invisible, but unforgettable and unsurpassed fashion accessory that notifies the appearance of a woman and does not allow her to be forgotten when she leaves. And to apply perfume, Coco said, you need to where you want the man to kiss you.

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