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"Goodbye, my doll": the bitter love story of Alain Delon and Romy Schneider
"Goodbye, my doll": the bitter love story of Alain Delon and Romy Schneider

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider were one of the most brilliant couples of the twentieth century. Their love story aroused admiration of the public, but only in private with each other, they understood how painful kisses can be, and how much unhappiness their passion brings to everyone around …

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon not only played in the movies, but also experienced love for real. A beautiful Austrian woman and an ardent Frenchman loved each other so that sparks flew everywhere. But, alas, the couple broke up, unable to stand the test of loyalty, fame and distance. Like many before them, Alain and Romy suffered, and the world watched their romance.

The beautiful story ended with the actress dying away from the love of her life, and Alain, like a true Frenchman, dedicated a letter full of tenderness to her. Read how it was in our material.

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon: the story of dating

The film "Christina", where Alain Delon and Romy Schneider became not only on-screen, but also an official couple, changed their lives. Conventionally, the love of Alain Delon and Romy Schneider began with the fact that Romy herself chose an actor as her partner, according to a stupid photo. Then there was a meeting in the summer of 1958. Another novice Alain was waiting for the Austrian movie star Romy at the Paris Orly airport: he was worried, and she recognized him, but (contrary to later statements) did not fall in love. The man was "everything is too much": Alain was too young, too proud, too handsome.

the love story of Alena Delon and Romy Schneider

None of this pair wanted to concede: Delona and Schneider were expecting a beautiful, but tragic love story


Valeria and other stars who have the status of mothers with many children

Singer Valeria is a mother of three adult children who were born in a marriage with producer Alexander Shulgin. But the heirs practically do not communicate with their abuser father. The singer's sons - Artemy and Arseny - got married one after the other. The elder's wedding took place in Switzerland; only the closest relatives of the couple were present at it. The youngest celebrated the grand event on a grand scale - all secular Moscow was invited to the celebration (except for his father Alexander Shulgin). Valeria's daughter is building a personal brand under the pseudonym SHENA.

A little later there was lunch at the Lido. Romy was accompanied by a prim mother, and Alena was a friend, but communication did not work out: the ladies knew only German, the men - French. Delon knew only one phrase "Ich liebe dich" and even tried to whisper it in Romy's ear, not attaching importance to it.

Then the future partners were taken to Brussels for the Cinema Ball. The trip brought Romy and Alena closer together, so that in just a couple of days the girl moved to unfamiliar Paris to her beloved. Alain Delon also fell in love with Romy Schneider: he met his "Austrian bun" (as he affectionately called the actress) with a huge bouquet of red roses.

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon: films and personal life

Romy Schneider was already beaming at that time: the young Austrian actress had already played the Empress Sissi in the series of the same name, after which she immediately became a star. Delon was just beginning his career and was not very famous. Alain often heard from managers that he was too handsome to become an actor. His fee during the filming of Pierre-Gaspard Yui's French melodrama "Christina" was five times less than Schneider's. So different and at first glance not suitable for each other, these two did not even notice how their love on the screen suddenly flowed smoothly into real life, which turned into constant showdowns and scandals. But it happened later, and at first there was happiness.

In Paris, the lovers rented a large apartment in Paris, and on the weekend they left for the suburbs, where Delon rebuilt the old estate. They received friends, walked the dogs, and rode horses.Romy kept a diary and described their life together: the photos of Delon and Schneider were perfect, but the reality was not so beautiful - temperamental young people were too different. Either they bathed in love and fun, then Delon rolled up scandals with smashing dishes and assault. Life without conventions and the mysteriousness of her lover over time began to weigh on her, especially when Delon's career began to develop more rapidly. He could leave Romy alone and go out with friends, throwing after: "Darling, but nobody is holding you!" But nobody really held her.

Romy Schneider wrote about Alain Delaunay in her diary: "In Paris, I met the real Alain, a prickly, impulsive young man who wore jeans and a shirt, was always late for shooting, ran around the city in his Renault, and told me incredible stories." …

Romy and Alena were considered the most beautiful people of the generation, all eyes were riveted to them, but the test of fame turned out to be beyond the strength of the couple. A love story turned into pain

Romy and Alena were considered the most beautiful people of the generation, all eyes were riveted to them, but the test of fame turned out to be beyond the strength of the couple. A love story turned into pain

Things got worse when Alain starred in René Clement's film "In the bright sun", receiving a fabulous fee - thirty-five million francs. He was then named the successor of Gerard Philippe and became a star.

In the summer, Romy and Alain went to Italy. Luchino Visconti invited Delon to star in the film "Rocco and His Brothers", and Romy took the actor with them as his bride. Only after his arrival, noting the beauty of the actress, Visconti invited Romy to take part in the theatrical production. The main conflict in the play was incestuous relationships. That is why the director needed Romy, and for the role of her brother he invited Alain Delon - so that lovers who look like brother and sister played together.

Later Delon starred in the film "Eclipse", Romy in the tape "Boccaccio-70". The premiere of the film at the Cannes Film Festival, like Romy herself, were a huge success. Alain was jealous, and Romy brought the role to life and furnished their Parisian apartment with antique furniture, began to appear in diamonds and elegant suits from Coco Chanel, with whom she was then friends.

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider: a story of love and parting

Romy's fortune at that time cannot be envied. For Delon's sake, the actress went against her parents, left her native Germany and moved to free Paris, where she decided to start everything from scratch with her beloved. But everything went to pieces.

In the mid-60s, Romy left for Hollywood, but her career there did not want to improve. In between filming, Romy flew to Europe to Alain, he was busy filming several films at once. Then the actress had only work and no personal life, and in addition to this, news suddenly arrived from Paris about Delon's betrayal with Natalie Barthélemy: Delon suddenly sent a letter with a friend in which he dryly said that he would marry someone else.

From that moment on, their life was divided into "before" and "after". Romy Schneider never became the wife of Alain Delon: for a long time it seemed to the girl that she would not be able to survive the breakup, and Delon later admitted in an interview to print media that he had lost part of himself.

Personal life of Alena and Romy without each other

Time passed, and news began to appear in the media about the wedding of Schneider and Harry Mayen, a German actor and director. Later, the actress gave birth to her husband's son David, who became the most important person in the world for a woman. Delon's personal life was also eventful. A year before Schneider became a mother, Natalie Barthelemy gave birth to a son to the actor, but the marriage with a French woman lasted only four years.

The love story of Romy Schneider Alain Delon

Harald Haubenstock, better known as Harry Mayen, became the husband of Romy Schneider. She never became the wife of Alain Delon …

After the divorce, Alain began living with Mireille Dark. Romy and Alain occasionally corresponded until they met again on the set of the movie "Pool". The couple's relationship has repeatedly experienced an emotional swing - "Bassei", a film where Romy Schneider and Alain Delon again played a romantic relationship, fueled rumors of love in real life.An enchanting reunion did not happen: after a work shift, they returned to their families, however, as you know, former love does not exist. The newspapers trumpeted: "Romy Schneider and Alain Delon together," and Harry Mayen believed. The man committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment and using Romy's scarf while suffocating. After the death of her husband Romy again had to start life anew. She later married her secretary, Daniel Biasini, with whom she had a significant age difference. They had a daughter, Sarah, but the marriage ended in divorce.

Alain Delon at the funeral of Romy Schneider

A few years later, Schneider experienced the main tragedy in her life - because of a monstrous accident, her son David dies. Romy's condition at that time can hardly be described in words, and the only one she allowed then to her was Alain. He took over the organization of the funeral and all the formalities.

romy schneider and alen delon history

Romy's adored son David Haubenstock died a terrible death: a 14-year-old boy climbed over the fence, could not resist and fell on the sharp pegs of the fence. Romy was crushed: she realized that forbidden passion cast a shadow over her whole life and ruined loved ones

The actress could not cope with the shock: contrary to the instructions of the doctors, she drowned out the pain with alcohol and medications, and her heart could not withstand the load. And just a year later, Delon came to the cemetery with a bouquet of scarlet roses to say goodbye to Schneider herself. After her death, Alain Delon published an open farewell letter to Romy Schneider with a touching headline "Farewell, my doll." He wrote: “They tell me that you are dead. Am I to blame for this? Yes, it was because of me that your heart stopped beating. Because of me, because 25 years ago I was made your partner at Christina.

Alain Delon and Rosalie van Bremen

After the death of Romy, Rosalie van Bremen became the closest person to Delon, but his broken heart did not allow him to live a happy life with his chosen one and children

After the death of the love of his life, Delon was in an unregistered marriage for several years with the Dutch woman Rosalie van Bremen, who bore him two children. In 2001, Alain and Rosalie broke up, and since then the actor born in 1935 is single again.

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