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Fugitive entrepreneur and secret businessman: all about the personal life of Meryem Uzerli
Fugitive entrepreneur and secret businessman: all about the personal life of Meryem Uzerli

In January of this year, the 37-year-old star of the "Magnificent Century" Meryem Uzerli will become a mother for the second time. Little is known about the child's father. The artist prefers not to talk about her personal life after an unsuccessful romance with a Turkish businessman, from whom she gave birth to a daughter in 2014.

Fugitive entrepreneur and secret businessman: all about the personal life of Meryem Uzerli

37-year-old Meryem Uzerli recently announced good news: very soon she will become a mother for the second time. It is known that the father of the child is an American who permanently resides in Germany. He is in business, but the artist does not tell how exactly. The couple, having learned the good news, thought about the wedding, but due to a difficult epidemiological situation, they decided to postpone the celebration. The artist jokes that she does not want a celebration for twenty or thirty people in masks - this is not how she imagined the holiday.

The eldest daughter Lara Meriem Uzerli gave birth to a Turkish businessman Jan Atesh. The lovers were engaged, but a few months before the birth of their daughter, they parted. The artist said that Atesh refused to recognize his daughter and help the heiress financially. Later, under pressure from the public, he changed his mind.

Dzhan Atesh was accused of defrauding equity holders in the amount of $ 100 million. He was forced to leave for the United States pending trial.

We have collected the most extraordinary facts about the actress and prepared a complete biography by Meryem Uzerli.

Unknown facts from the life of Meryem Uzerli

  • Before her first performance, which happened when Meryem was five years old, she rushed between three possible professions to which the baby wanted to devote her life. She, as one would expect, was attracted to acting, but she dreamed of a career as a policeman and a doctor. Now, when the actress who played Khyurrem Sultan in the TV series "The Magnificent Century" recalls this, she does not regret becoming an artist, since the profession gives her the opportunity to feel like anyone, even a policeman and a doctor. Moreover, she could hardly become the beloved wife of the Sultan, if she chose the path of a surgeon or an officer.
  • Already in childhood, Meryem established herself as a talented and very capable girl. She was a diligent student and earned a place in a school for talented children, where they taught not only general subjects, but also devoted quite a lot of time to art.
  • When her friend Meryem Uzerli, whose nationality is a German Turkish woman living in Istanbul, called Meryem and informed about the casting in the historical series, it took the girl no more than a day to pack the necessary things and move towards fate. Despite the fact that Meryem did not speak Turkish and had very little acting experience, among two hundred applicants, the directors chose her for the role, which later made her famous throughout the world.
  • To become like Roksolana, which the producers of the show saw, actress Meryem Uzerli dyed her hair red, which was the hallmark of Khyurrem Sultan throughout the series, and the girl also needed to get better - for the seductive concubine Uzerli was then too thin.
  • Jan Atesh, who for some time was Meryem's beloved, did not want to have a child, since he already had children from previous relationships. Many insiders said that he demanded that the actress have an abortion, which she firmly refused.
  • It was because of her position that the depression and fatigue from filming that came from parting with her beloved Meriem Uzerli terminated the contract with the Turkish studio and went to her native Germany, where she gave birth to a daughter.
  • The "Magnificent Century" made Uzerli a world-class star. After she freed herself from playing the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska, the actress began to vying with each other to invite foreign directors to their pictures. Meriem has graced numerous glossy covers.
  • Uzerli founded her own company that produces cosmetic products. For some time, the future actress worked as a makeup artist. She always liked cosmetics, so she dreamed of creating something that would not only be of high quality, but also affordable for all women.
  • Meryem Userli, whose family lives in Germany, does not consider herself an avid shopaholic - she does not pursue fashion and does not try to pursue new trends in the style industry. She always chooses only what she is comfortable in. Moreover, due to her changeable nature, she is not used to getting attached to things.
  • Uzerli's main hobby since childhood was books. As a teenager, she began to read works on psychology, and a little later she fell in love with documentaries that tell about the life of famous actors and actresses. Romy Schneider considers his idol Meryem Sahra Uzerli.

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