Stock up on handkerchiefs: the most touching love stories of 20th century celebrities
Stock up on handkerchiefs: the most touching love stories of 20th century celebrities

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, John Lennon and Yoko Ono … The idols of their time, whose love stories unfolded before the eyes of millions. We remember the most beautiful love stories of the last century.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall


Humphrey has been married four times! In the fourth and last greatest American actor, he married Lauren Bacall. All the wives of the Master of Broadway were actresses. Humphrey met the future love of his life in 1943 at an audition with director Howard Hawks.

Both claimed the lead roles in the film "To Have and Not to Have" based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway, only Lauren at that time was a little-known model from the Harper's Bazaar cover, and Bogart was a world star with a difficult character and a ring on her finger. Humphrey began to look after young Lauren very carefully, because at that time he was still married to the painfully jealous Mayo Meto. The lovers saw each other on Bogart's yacht, rehearsed roles together in a cafe and on the site. A strong emotional connection was established between them: Lauren attracted the middle-aged Bogart with her sincerity and poise.

Finally, after ending his previous relationship, Humphrey married Bacall, whom he affectionately called Baby. It happened on May 21, 1945, but the marriage did not interfere with the careers of both, and the actors starred in several more films together. In 1949, they had a son, named Stephen after the hero of their first film work. In 1952, the star spouses became parents for the second time: their daughter Leslie was born. This was the greatest couple in the history of cinema: they did not compete, did not quarrel, but simply loved each other in front of the whole world.


Jane Birkin and other stars who fell in love at first sight

"Beauty and the Beast" - this is how their contemporaries called their union. Birkin was only 19 years old when she arrived in Paris without speaking French. From an early marriage, Jane already had a young daughter, Kate, and she needed to support herself and the child, so she quickly agreed to a role in the film "Slogan". The composer Serge Gainsbourg, already famous at that time, was a partner in the picture - a man with a difficult character and typical manners of a star. On the first evening, Jane invited Serge to a slow dance, he moved very carelessly and timidly. Then the girl realized that behind the external arrogance there was a very vulnerable nature. That evening, they walked the streets of Paris, went into a couple more establishments, and then ended up in that hotel room of Serge, where he usually took his mistresses. However, Gainsbourg soon fell asleep, and Jane went to a nearby store and bought a couple of cassettes for him. After that evening, there was no need to play out the passion between the characters in the film, Birkin and Gainsbourg were already madly in love with each other.

In 1957, Humphrey died of esophageal cancer, and at his funeral, Lauren lowered a golden whistle into the coffin recalling that famous line from their first film: "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?.." Humphrey Bogart got the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni


Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni first met in 1970 on the set of Nadine Trintignan's film It Only Happens to Others. It was not love at first sight, the relationship of the couple developed gradually, to which they were pushed by external circumstances. Both at that time had a hard time breaking up: Marcello had just broken up with actress Faye Dunaway, and Catherine had completed an affair with director François Truffaut.

The Franco-Italian story began at the moment when the director of the film, Nadine Trintignan, left the star couple in an empty apartment alone with each other for a deep immersion in the images of the heroes.The couple existed in real life on the same conditions as in the movies: both were isolated from the outside world, completely absorbed in mutual feelings. After seven days of imprisonment in the name of art, the actors were born completely different people who managed to love each other not only on the screen, but also in real life.

Mastroianni soon divorced his wife, but Catherine rejected his marriage proposal, preferring to remain independent. Both actors had numerous fans and admirers, but they were passionate about each other, despite the constant attention from the outside. And although the couple had a daughter, Chiara, this did not calm the freedom-loving Catherine Deneuve.

The beauty left Marcello Mastroianni the way she left her other equally great men: unexpectedly and in the midst of a romance. As the elderly diva now declares, she thereby saved herself from the pain of parting. The love story of this couple still excites the hearts of millions.

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider


One of the most sought-after sex symbols of the last century, he was famous for his love affairs with the first beauties. An affair with Romy, an actress of Franco-German descent, frayed both nerves and went down in history as one of the most effervescent and painful.

It all started with the filming of the film "Christina": Delon, who was not yet known to anyone, met twenty-year-old Romy Schneider at the ramp of a plane that had arrived in Paris. At that time, the young beauty already had a retinue of suitors and was widely known thanks to her first roles in films, and therefore the relationship of the couple at first was by no means smooth: the ruffled and cocky Alain Delon tried to conquer the cold and satiated with early success Romy. The girl had to break off relations with her family and move to Paris on her own. There she began to share a modest hotel room on the banks of the Seine, along with the rising star of cinema, young Delon.

The actors got engaged in March 1959, but their life was restless: the wayward Delon envied the success of his chosen one, rolled up scandals for her, while Romy, in turn, was ardently jealous of his film partners. Their romance ended after Delon's betrayal with actress Natalie Barthelemy.

Romy Schneider married playwright Harry Mayen. Both side marriages did not last long: after the filming of the movie "Pool", feelings between Delon and Schneider flared up again. Alain divorced his wife, plunged into a series of light-hearted novels, Romy survived her husband's suicide, the death of her beloved son, became addicted to alcohol, but still loved Alain Delon. Both maintained a scandalous relationship throughout their lives, unable to break with each other forever.

Diva passed away at 43, exhausted by depression and suffering from the effects of alcohol and antidepressant abuse. A medical examination confirmed the version of suicide, but the press wrote about death due to heart failure. The inconsolable Alain took three posthumous pictures of his ex-lover, with whom he does not part to this day.

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg


"Beauty and the Beast" - this is how their contemporaries called their union. Birkin was only 19 years old when she arrived in Paris without speaking French. From an early marriage, Jane already had a young daughter, Kate, and she needed to support herself and the child, so she quickly agreed to a role in the film "Slogan". The composer Serge Gainsbourg, already famous at that time, was a partner in the picture - a man with a difficult character and typical manners of a star.

At first, young Jane suffered from incompatibility with Gainsbourg. She even wrote letters to her brother about how obnoxious this arrogant Frenchman was. However, on the first evening outside of work, the couple danced for several hours in a row without further continuation at the hotel, which was familiar to the ladies' man of Gainsbourg. From that day on, the beautiful Jane and the charismatic Frenchman became inseparable.

Their romance was accompanied by endless shocking and scandalous antics: once Serge, suspecting his beloved of treason, began rummaging in her purse, for which he received a cake with custard right in her face. After a well-aimed throw, Jane broke free, ran headlong along the Boulevard Saint-Germain and jumped into the Seine on the way. Getting out of the water in a dress from Yves Saint Laurent, wet to the thread, the actress took her lover by the hand, and both calmly went home.

There were many such stories on the account of the Birkin-Gainsbourg couple, because both had an indomitable disposition and excessive ardor. Soon the couple had a daughter, Charlotte, who became the greatest actress of our time. But after 12 years of relationship, Jane left Serge, tired of his drunkenness and constant showdown.

Surprisingly, both have maintained a close friendship and creative understanding, even despite Jane Birkin's next marriage. Serge died in 1991, but until the end of his days he did not lose touch with his former lover, who remained the greatest love for him forever. Their joint hit song "Je t'aime … Moi Non Plus", recorded in 1969, remains one of the most sensual love songs ever since.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono


The legendary musician of the most popular band of the last century and the avant-garde artist have lived together for 14 years. At the time of their fatal acquaintance, John Lennon was only 26 years old, and Yoko Ono - 33. The musician visited her London exhibition for the first time, but the incomprehensible art did not arouse either understanding or delight in him. John was a family man: his wife Cynthia and their little son were waiting for him at home every day. But the musician's family did not become an obstacle to the development of his romance with the artist.

Having met Lennon, Yoko Ono immediately began to send him strange messages, to which the wife of the star closed her eyes, because the popular John had a lot of fans, extravagant antics were not a rare occurrence. But Yoko did not intend to retreat, and John quickly surrendered.

The marriage with Cynthia was dissolved, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married, completely absorbed in each other. The honeymoon of the newlyweds passed in a horizontal position: the lovers practically did not leave the room of the Amsterdam Hilton, clearly confirming the famous motto of John "Make love, not war." There was no end to the paparazzi: the public was outraged by the tumultuous romance of the two creative luminaries, but the spouses themselves did not seem to notice anything around. Their love was the beginning of the end for The Beatles: the guys from the group hated Yoko, believing that she deliberately destroys what Lennon had created before her.

In 1973, John changed It, but was forgiven, and this again convinced him of the ideality of the chosen one. The couple soon had a son, Sean, but the family broke up in 1980 following the death of John, who was shot by a distraught fan. Many blame Yoko for his death, who irrevocably bewitched him more than music could. The artist reacts to all attacks in her unshakable style: “We just loved each other. The rest is pop history."

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love


Kurt and Courtney met in 1990, when Nirvana had already won the love of thousands of listeners around the world. Courtney at that time also began to study music and vocals, having put together her own group. In addition, she dreamed of meeting a young musician, despite his overwhelming popularity and crowds of numerous fans.

They met at the club a couple of minutes before Nirvana's performance. According to eyewitnesses, Courtney, wanting to be remembered by the obstinate soloist, threw a sharp phrase, which provoked a brawl. After that odious meeting, both crossed again a year later at a concert in Los Angeles. Due to a series of endless tours, it was not at all easy for the gloomy star and the girl with a rebellious spirit to see each other alone, but the spark ran literally at first sight.

Their story became the loudest novel of the twentieth century.Unfortunately, the talented Kurt and his eccentric darling fell into dependence not only on each other, but also on drugs, which became the leitmotif of their life together. Scandals and stormy reconciliation replaced each other, the newlyweds lived as if on a powder keg of their own feelings.

In 1992, the couple had a daughter, Francis, and Kurt proved to be an unusually caring father. However, the depression associated with years of drug use accelerated the death of the talented musician. In 1994, the body of Kurt Cobain was discovered by an electrician. The blond idol of millions committed suicide with a hunting rifle, but Courtney was also under the shadow of suspicion of the premeditated murder of her husband. Shortly before Kurt's death, the couple often quarreled over money and an endless series of attempts to get off the needle.

Nobody knows what actually happened. “Now I feel happier than ever. Finally, I found a person who is exactly like me. And it doesn't matter who it is - a man, a woman, a hermaphrodite or a donkey. The main thing is that we are suitable for each other "- this is how Kurt Cobain spoke about his most beloved woman - about Courtney Love during his lifetime.

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