They'll "teach you": 8 style tips you shouldn't follow
They'll "teach you": 8 style tips you shouldn't follow

Not all advice is worth trusting, is it? The stylist of Yesdress No Stress, the inimitable Stasya Kulbatskaya, advises to be more careful with what the “mother’s stylists” say.

They'll "teach you": 8 style tips you shouldn't follow Stasya Kulbatskaya

Stasya Kulbatskaya stylist Yesdress No Stress

Lately, they often complain to me that there are so many advisors / bloggers / stylists around that it is not clear how to sort out this information noise. Some come up with rules, others cancel, some advise throwing away a black dress (A real case! They say it's bad for the image.), Others advise wearing only black, some stick you in the frames of types, others promote freedom and freethinking … Everyone constantly gives examples, they say, look at others, repeat - and you will be happy. And so you look, repeat, and the result is something wrong (and this is understandable, because you do not adapt the information for yourself and the features of your figure, face, hairstyle).

Well, what can I say about this? As always and everywhere, you need basic knowledge (theoretical foundations) concerning you. And also the environmental friendliness of information (selectivity, if in our opinion).

Today I was once again sent a video with a stylist and his "chips", which supposedly will allow you to look relevant. Let's figure it out together: turn on the head and analyze.

Blogger advice # 1

… Oh, not always what is tucked in is stylish. You can tuck it in such a way that the horizontal line stops on the not very successful part of your leg and emphasizes what it would be better to hide. Nothing so-so "relaxed" … What needs to be done? Get up in front of the mirror and look for your winning length of trousers, and then make a decision whether to tuck it or not.

Blogger tip # 2

… And if the trousers are thin or with folds in the waist area that are currently relevant, can you imagine what such a dressing will lead to? No, well, if your size is xs, then what you want you can afford to tuck into any clothes (even one more person). But for the rest, I would recommend tucking in the bottom of the set, taking into account the selected fabric, and adding a vertical parallel (because any "dressing" is a drawn horizontal, go to the mirror and see for yourself; so if you tucked in a jumper, add a jacket, for example) …

Blogger advice # 3

… Oh, one blogger even came up with a rhyme about a bunny so that you get it right … Everyone who has already worked with me knows about my dislike for this kind of belts, because in most cases, clothing manufacturers add a rag version to clothes in order to save money, and often he dangles with a crumpled impotent rag that does not hold its shape. With rare exceptions, of course. Only magician Hmayak Hakobyan can tie it beautifully, God bless him, but for everyone else, this something spoils the impression of even the most beautiful outfit. Most often, I just throw out such belts, replacing them with leather ones, because they keep their shape much better.

Blogger tip # 4

… Sometimes it really looks good, but (!) Here you need to understand what kind of scarf to throw in so that you don't throw a couple (or even more) years with it. Do you understand, yes?

Blogger advice # 5

… Yeah, yeah, and a stain on your sleeve means that you are a lopsided dolphin. Here, of course, as they say - at least stand, at least fall. Roll up your sleeves when it is appropriate for your proportions and if you have a graceful wrist. And do not forget to steam the lining, so that if it is suddenly visible, it would look decent and not spoil the overall impression.

Blogger advice # 6

… Exactly! And also a cold and a bunch of other delights of life. Well, nonsense! Do not button it up, of course, if it is warm outside or you have a multi-layered image and you are wearing a jacket under your coat, for example.In other cases, I would not risk it: the vertical is great, but health is more important.

Blogger advice # 7

At this stage, I already began to laugh out loud. … At first I was locked up, and I did not really understand what was at stake. It turned out that the lady offered us to put on a denim jacket over our naked body and not wear anything under it. Well, this is a tower, I'll tell you. Firstly, her jacket in the video was short, and, of course, the belly opened up to the world. And since this is a powerful horizontal, I could not look at anything else (and in general, I thought that we had already safely survived the style of young Britney Spears). Secondly, I imagined for a moment that someone went to a cafe like this, for example. At the entrance, I had to dance somehow so as not to take off my outerwear, because striptease was not part of the plans for the evening, and then, having flopped down at the table, I could pass the standards of endurance. Well, if it's very hot, what to do? This is me to what, in my opinion, is completely strange and impractical advice.

Blogger tip # 8

And here I tore. … Yeah, wet it, as if you were caught in the rain, salt it, as if you were at sea, wind up - like, you are naturally curly (you can continue indefinitely). One thing is not clear: where is the trick and style in this?

In general, my soul, the skill of separating the chaff from the grains is the most necessary skill today. Stop already looking and reading everything and censor the information that they are trying to shove into your unprotected brain.

Your Stasya Kulbatskaya

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