Summer capsule: stylist lists 7 must-haves for a summer wardrobe
Summer capsule: stylist lists 7 must-haves for a summer wardrobe

One of the main reasons that you have nothing to wear is the wrong wardrobe. In our material, we will tell you how to assemble a functional summer capsule, and stylist Yesdress No Stress Stasya Kulbatskaya will help us with this.

Summer capsule: stylist lists 7 must-haves for a summer wardrobe Stasya Kulbatskaya

Stasya Kulbatskaya Stylist Yesdress No Stress

Someone is about what, as they say, "crummy about the bath", and the stylist about the wardrobe. Either the next six-hour analysis has completely exhausted me, or I really feel this problem of our time on myself, but again and again I come across bloated wardrobes in which 70% of things are not worn by the hostesses. How so? That's how. I heard from one lady a capacious term, which turned out to be very apt: all of us, my dears, are engaged in uniform “consumption”, and nothing else.

Instagram ladies flashing in outfits that don't repeat themselves, monthly trend reviews that dictate the rules of a game that cannot be won, the pursuit of chic looks from the catwalks keep us running to the store again and again and grabbing a bunch of everything. The heap grows, but we are not getting any smarter.

Then a specialist comes and mercilessly removes everything that does not go, is not relevant, does not sit, looks "strange", was killed by spools and numerous washes. But in the analysis of the wardrobe, I love the other moment most of all. This is when we put together the kits and the real magic begins. What I mean? At such moments, it suddenly turns out that a dress and a shirt can work as an elongated jacket, ordinary blazers with the help of a belt, accessories and "such and such a mother" (sorry) turn into those that impressed us in the last issue of a glossy magazine, and replacing the usual shoes with accent turns the most ordinary outfit into one that decorates, and does not hang limply on a hanger. ⠀

Today I am writing about what it is enough to have in your wardrobe so that you have something to assemble sets from. Without looking at your lifestyle and the presence of a dress code (this is an individual story), I will tell you what is the minimum working for me for the summer (no, no, this is not about asceticism, do not worry in advance). I’ll make a reservation right away, my age is not for crop-tops and mini-shorts, my size is not xs, I don’t have much money for branded clothes (therefore, from my dear bags and shoes more often), I walk on the ground, in a nutshell.

Item number 1. Simple and high quality T-shirts and tops

Buy tops in basic colors for versatility. White, gray, beige, blue. Black? You can also, if you really want to. I literally have a couple with a print, I love them for the ability to bring color out of print to trousers or skirts.


Item # 2. Shirts

White is indispensable. Other neutral tones are also possible, here focus on the things in your wardrobe.


Item No. 3. Dresses

For the summer, I literally have a couple, and mostly I wear them when flying on vacation. In everyday life, I prefer skirts for their much greater variability. I recommend taking a closer look at those that fit well - monochromatic, without active decor. Then, adding accessories (jewelry, belt), changing shoes and using a blazer, it is very easy to drive from work to a glass of something refreshing in the nearest cafe.


Item number 4. Classic jeans and trousers

Blue, straight, perfectly fitting, with a standard or slightly raised fit. Also irreplaceable are light (the ideal choice is beige) comfortable trousers (cotton with the addition of something or linen looks best if the legs are wide). You can find cropped trousers and open your ankle - burn! No? Well, nothing, you can tuck any, but the culottes "build up" are unlikely to work.


Item # 5. Blazer

How can it be without him, especially since we often have cool days, it is easy for them to hide the “hands of the Valley” at a time, and even to stretch out the silhouette - as there is nothing to do.Make sure that this piece of clothing does not work in the "horizontal", and pay attention to the length and where it ends (the main thing is not on what you were going to hide). Also, in cool weather, a leather biker jacket and a light trench coat are suitable.


Item number 6. Skirts

When, if not now? No frills, shuttlecocks, style "I am Esmeralda, where are my castanets?" and lengths to the floor (so that the envious people do not step on the subway! Just kidding). A universal color, midi length - it is put together at times in sets - even with a T-shirt and sneakers, even with a shirt and “boats”.


I also wear shorts around midi length now, and the look of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with long shorts and a blazer is my favorite. Got the hint?

Item No. 7. Accessories

Try to choose the most neutral and versatile. A pair of classic pumps and sandals will allow you to style your clothes in different ways. When it comes to bags, an expensive, classic design bag can last you for many years. On the other hand, inexpensive (but always leather and actual shapes and colors) can significantly decorate the most relaxed image. Here, be guided by your fashion strategy and the size of your wallet.


On vacation, I generally dream of flying away with a T-shirt-shorts-swimsuit and flip flops in a small backpack, but this has never happened (I feel, and will not be).


your Stasya Kulbatskaya

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