Lucy, go away! How an inner fashion critic gets in the way of experimenting with style
Lucy, go away! How an inner fashion critic gets in the way of experimenting with style

The stylist of Yesdress No Stress, the inimitable Stasya Kulbatskaya, talks about our inner fashion critics who do not allow us to turn around in full force.

Lucy, go away! How an inner fashion critic gets in the way of experimenting with style Stasya Kulbatskaya

Stasya Kulbatskaya Stylist Yesdress No Stress

"They won't understand me", "Are you crazy?" skinny, I'm fat”,“I don’t put on a dress without push-up, I have small breasts”- what did we not hear from this?

How strongly does the opinion of others affect what we wear? How strongly developed in each of us is the “inner critic”, who prevents us not only from trying on everything we want, but also prevents us from growing?

Meet my critic's name is Lucy. She's a creepy bitch, I'll tell you. She's the one who still hasn't given me permission to wear trendy culottes because she thinks my ankles are too thin, makes me lose consciousness before public appearances, laughs at my attempts to look younger, slipping photos of me where I'm just a freak, and makes you compare yourself to fashion bloggers. All attempts to create your own full-fledged online school of style are suppressed, "because everything has been done for a long time, and you have crumbled something there, which, by the way, you don't have at all" …

In general, you understand, Lusya is a harsh and very straightforward woman. By the way, what's your critic's name? Introduce me!


Sometimes in all these moral self-torture there is a certain share (but only a share!) Of truth. And sometimes everything is unfounded. Sometimes a reed woman comes to me for a style consultation, and 50% of the time I try to understand where she is “fat” and why she wears shapeless robes. And this is all because someone somewhere said that she looked bad. And we subconsciously perceive it at the level of "they don't like us" - that's all! Until now, this woman will not wear a tight-fitting pencil skirt, because, of course, she really wants to be loved, to be perceived as a person, appreciated and not criticized.

And some snotty Petya from 5 "B" just once expressed his pubertal opinion, which is no longer relevant for a long time, and maybe it has never been close to reality. But the sediment remained, and the style upgrade does not work out in any way. What do I suggest in this case? Get out your "suitcase without a handle" (it's a pity to throw it away, it's inconvenient to carry it) for such memories, shake it well at last and - throw it away!

Yes, just write down your doubts, find yourself or your inner "Lucy" and throw everything that is not yours into the trash can.

Over the course of a long time as a stylist, I have learned several things that personally support me very much at the time of the arrival of my eternally criticizing lady … I realized this.

There are no bad body types, Karl, you just don't know how to cook them! Seriously though, any figure is calmly corrected with the help of simple visual techniques, so if you suddenly recovered or are simply complex, then while you are working on eliminating the cakes on the sides, learn to hide them with the help of the right clothes (but not hoodies!).

Anyone can learn to look spectacular, and there is a ton of style information on the Internet and magazines to help you. "Seeing" is our everything.

If you don't have enough time to master all the latest fashion trends, just take care of the basics: neat manicure (remember the principle “The simpler the woman, the harder the nails” and don't flirt), clean hair, smooth skin and a benevolent smile.

Even if you have only one dress in your wardrobe, you can look different all week by combining it with something else. Conversely, mountains of things do not necessarily guarantee a variety of images.So parsing your wardrobe and mastering pairing skills can be very helpful.

In general, if you meet my Lucy, tell her that I am on a business trip right up to winter. In the meantime, I'm going to walk my mules.

Your Stasya Kulbatskaya

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