How to choose cosmetics online on Black Friday and buy what exactly fits
How to choose cosmetics online on Black Friday and buy what exactly fits

Black Friday and its generous discounts are coming! And you don't have to go to the store and hustle in line with other lovers of profit: you can buy everything online. Even cosmetics! And in order not to be mistaken with the shade of the product and the effect it will have on your skin, follow the rules from this material.

How to choose cosmetics online on Black Friday and buy what exactly fits

We know that the best way to find the perfect foundation or dream lipstick is to go to the store and try the options you like for yourself. During the pandemic, it became more difficult with this: stores were forbidden to test products for customers and now the samples can only be viewed in the hands of a consultant or under display glass. No wonder online beauty shopping is now more common! Especially considering that "Black Friday" is starting soon and it is much more convenient to catch discounts on the Internet, comparing prices at different sites, than running through boutiques in a shopping center.

True, the online purchase of cosmetics for many girls still seems to be an unreliable thing. Especially when it comes to buying new products, and not about "repeating" your favorite jars. Well, tell me, where is the guarantee that the photos with swatches on the sites are not photoshopped and convey the real shade of the funds?

In the store, if you don't test, then at least you see the product. And in this case, there are no guarantees: especially when shopping on foreign marketplaces, where you can find very attractive discounts in honor of Black Friday.

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But don't be in a hurry to give up online discounts! We discussed with an expert all the problems of beauty shopping on the Internet. And they formulated rules that will help to update the cosmetic bag with savings in money, time and effort.

Galina Fedenkova

Galina Fedenkova dermatologist, expert of the online store of natural cosmetics and vitamins iHerb

I note right away that buying new cosmetics on the Internet is a task that requires attention and energy. But if you spend a little time preparing and studying the products, then you will get extremely pleasure - from the more favorable prices and the absence of the need to go shopping.

Define your skin tone and skin tone


Knowing what your skin tone and skin tone is is very helpful. This makes life much easier when choosing a foundation, primer and other joys for leveling and sculpting. Knowledge of these parameters became especially useful when tests for a clear selection of products appeared on cosmetic sites, because some products have 20, 30, or even all 40 shades in the palette!

One of the most detailed tests is at the Shiseido online store asking questions about skin tone, undertones, desired coverage density, finish, and additional properties like SPF, hydration and durability. Such tests are offered by many brands, for example Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Garnier. But in the latter case, we are already talking about hair dye.

When you answer all the questions, a smart algorithm will offer you several suitable products to choose from. Moreover, a photograph of a girl is attached to the swatches, for whom this tool is suitable. Her skin can be compared to her own by eye or using a color swatch in Photoshop if you are a more advanced user.

By the way, you can also sample your own skin tone, and then compare it with Internet swatches. To do this, you need to perform several actions:

  • take a photo in daylight - naturally, without makeup on your face;
  • upload the picture to any photo editor you use;
  • take the color from the lightest spot on the skin with an eyedropper;
  • fill the entire space with the resulting shade and save the image. Voila, the sample is ready!

You can take the printed picture with you to the offline store, so that the consultants will immediately show you the products of similar shades.

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Save the funds you used before


Even if you no longer want to buy cosmetics that you used before, there are special services that will help you choose a new product based on the previous one. You need to indicate the brand, the name of the product that you have used before, and the shade of this product. Based on the data, the service will find products with the same or as close as possible shade.

The most understandable sites for finding matches are Findation and Temptalia. True, they are created for an English-speaking audience, so you have to tinker a little with the translation.

By the way, big brands are gradually embedding a similar mechanism on their websites. This has already been done, for example, at Sephora and Shiseido. You can go to the page of the product you like, indicate what you used before, and the system will select the appropriate shade from the assortment.

However, such sites will not help with the choice of lipstick or hair dye. For these products, the next tool.

Check out the tool in the virtual fitting room

Unlike complex services for the selection of a new tool based on the previous one, only the lazy has not yet made a virtual fitting room for himself. One of the first to appear was Giorgio Armani Beauty, which allows you to upload your photo or take it from a webcam and substitute the desired shade of the product you like. All such services work according to this principle. It is easy to find them - just type the query "virtual makeup + brand name". So you can get into fitting rooms NYX, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Mary Kay, Maybelline New York, Wella. Lancom got a little more confused - their Modiface service has the ability to try on a shade directly on the video, in augmented reality mode. And the Vivienne Sabo brand made a separate application for trying on lipstick shades.

If you're going to look into a couple of these fitting rooms, take a photo in advance that you can use in any of them. Take the photo in natural daylight, such as in front of a window. And preferably in cloudy weather, so that there is no yellowness in the photo!

To check if the lighting is yellow or blue, take a piece of paper or other white object with you into the frame. And in the photo it is better to be with your hair tied up and, of course, without makeup. Then the virtual fitting will give the most realistic result.

Focus on reviews and composition


After reading reviews of real people, you can learn much more about the tool than the brand writes about it. Check if customers are complaining about a strong discrepancy in shades, or about the delivery of expired goods. The more negative comments there are, the higher the risk that you might get caught not what you expect. You yourself understand that.

But the main thing - do not attach too much importance to reviews like “my skin only started to dry more”, “red spots went from this product”, “the shade on my skin looked too yellow”. Everyone has different skin, and there is a possibility that another customer initially did not take into account all the features when choosing a product. For example, girls with problem skin often sin by choosing dense tonal means to mask imperfections. But in reality, such products only exacerbate the problem that needs to be addressed with a doctor.

Buy in trusted locations

Just to remind you in the end, as a mantra: if you buy cosmetics on the Internet, do it on the official websites of brands or in large networks. If you are going to order goods from abroad, there are popular English-language brand websites and large proven marketplaces. There the risk of bumping into a fake or expired product is lower.

Yes, of course, a lesser-known site can attract a price. But it is better to buy a quality product a little more expensive than throwing both the bad product in the trash and the money down the drain.

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